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On The Way to the Airport

Updated on July 7, 2019
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Rhona is a freelance writer who waited for years to finally pursue her love for writing -- Oh! She loves Kdrama too.


The story started in the airport where Choi Soo-A (Kim Ha-Neul) works as a stewardess together with her husband Park Jin-Seok (Shin Sung-rok), a pilot in the same airline. She has been in the same routine for 12 years, juggling work as a stewardess and a mom to Park Hyo-Eun's (Kim Hwan-hee). Captain Jin-Seok forced his daughter to study in Malaysia, where she met Annie Seo/Seo Eun-woo, Seo Do-woo (Lee Sang-Yoon) and Kim Hye-won’s (Jang Hee-jin) daughter. A tragic event brought all their lives to be intertwined with each other.

The well-written story plot showcased a slice of life from a different perspective that pinches and flutters your heart at the same time. There is much to learn through unforgettable quotes or lines in the series.

The first time that Seo Do-Woo saw Choi Soo-A descending from the escalator. Anyone can fall in love with a handsome man waiting for you at the bottom of the escalator.
The first time that Seo Do-Woo saw Choi Soo-A descending from the escalator. Anyone can fall in love with a handsome man waiting for you at the bottom of the escalator.

Beautiful lines and lessons from the series

People with different mindset ask different questions.

This was the line of the landlady who looked after Annie and Hyo-Eun. Parents have different parenting styles, yet Do-woo was different. He was concerned about Annie’s growth and well-being, more than their grades in school.

Beautiful things take time. I’m waiting… waiting...waiting…

The story shied away from the niche love affair story where the couple has a burning passion with each other trying to fill in the empty gaps of their current relationship. The slow-paced relationship was built on comfort and trust making it heartwarming and relatable.

In this fast-paced world, everyone appears to be in a hurry to accomplish something. We forego the bittersweet fulfillment of waiting. As such in relationships, they can’t be fast-tracked otherwise it will fall down the haywire.


Know your worth.

Divorce is not easy. You have to deny a part of you. After the break-up, you get feelings that you won’t be expecting. - Do-woo

When Do-woo agreed to give Soo-A some space, this exemplified their trust and respect for each other. Jumping from one relationship to the next will not ease the hurt but can only aggravate in the long run. The essence behind the three-month rule in break-ups. As the cliche goes, time heals all wound. It is through the distance and time that we can finally realize our own worth, that by ourselves, we are enough.

As an individual, we should not measure ourselves based on what other people see us. Otherwise, we will be trapped in the unending attempt to please everyone. We only have to seek approval from ourselves and the One who made us.

Find the happiness within

If you still feel guilty putting your happiness before everything else, we’ll not meet. If you want to make yourself happy, then we’ll meet.

You cannot give what you do not have. Not seeing each other after the divorce while they feel any sense of guilt is a mature approach in life.
When you have been constantly giving in to the whims of the people around us, it becomes a habit. It drains all our energy and love. Everything will be half-cooked. We are tired yet there is no sense of fulfillment and accomplishment.
That’s what love is. You learn to let go of the person until they find themselves. When we love someone, we don’t need them to complete us. We need to complete us first.


Communication is the key. For any relationship to work, we should openly communicate with each other. In this series, Capt. Jiseok has always been giving orders to his wife and child thinking that it’s all for the welfare of his family. Although he meant well, not listening to his wife, Soo-A, resulted in the latter looking for comfort from someone else.

In any relationship, open communication is important. Listening to each other is the secret ingredient that has been missing in most relationships nowadays. Often, we “listen” to respond and not to understand. That is when the relationship starts falling apart.

Trust but do not be abused

“Who am I to you?” Soo-A asks Captain Park. “Don’t ask that question. That is only asked by people who have feelings for each other.”

This scene makes you gnaw your jaw at Captain Park. His respond was utterly cold and insensitive. For a woman, this means they are questioning if their sacrifice and deed has been worth it. The man’s answer will make or break the woman’s trust and loyalty.

Getting married is a decision, staying married is a choice.

There is a thin line between deciding and choosing especially in terms of getting and keeping a marriage. It is a quotation that married people smile and nod to. Just as Do-woo told Hyeo In, he decided to marry her because he loves not her and not for anything else. But, choosing to stay married is a choice he had to make if she is someone he can spend the rest of his life with. This choice surfaced when the person he thought he married has changed. Or maybe, she only showed who she really is.

On top of love, it is respect and trust that binds a marriage. Deception is never a great way to keep a marriage. Jumping from one relationship to another will get you nowhere. Divorce is never easy even if means breaking away from a toxic marriage. The way they (Soo-A and Do-woo) gave each other a breather to find and heal themselves is an ADULT way of handling breakups.

An affair is still an affair, no matter which angle we look at it. Thus, let this be a lesson for everyone that marriage is not a contract that we can break when we do not want to keep it. Even contracts have penalties to pay. And, breaking a marriage has grave consequences, as well. Don’t be in a hurry, choose wisely. Marriage goes beyond who does this and that but sharing the yoke both agreed to from the start.


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