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Organizing Songs in iTunes Playlists

Updated on January 2, 2014
iTunes Playlist Songs
iTunes Playlist Songs

Organizing songs in your iTunes Playlists

Have you ever wished your songs were in a different order in your iTunes playlist? I don't always mind what order my songs play in, sometimes really using the "shuffle songs" feature works for me but other times I am feeling inspired and certain songs are just what my heart and mind are looking for. Music and songs are often a reflection of my feelings, plans and memories and every now and then I really wanted to hear them in a certain order.

Now that I have learned how easy it is and I'm so loving being able to do something so cool I can't wait to share it with everyone. Oh and a big thank you to my daughter for showing me how to do it!

This easy technique works perfect on iPads and my iPhone, I have never tried it on any other device so I can't promise it works everywhere. You have to already have an iTunes account and purchased songs that are downloaded to your device. If you already have your own playlists and know how to add and remove songs from these playlists then you are ready to go. This will only work in playlists that you have created, not in the playlists that iTunes provides like "Recently Added", "Recently Played" or "Top 25 Most Played".

Follow the easy steps below in any of your own created playlists to get inspired, feel empowered and sing it the way you like to hear it.

Time required: 10 minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: Free


  • iTunes Account
  • Music Playlists
  • Purchased and Downloaded Songs In Playlists You Created


1. Step one is to find your Music icon. Tap once on that icon and it will open up other options that will lead us to your playlists - you are probably already pretty familiar with this area.

2. All the playlists you have created as well as some iTunes default playlists will be listed. Choose the playlist that has the songs you want to re-organize.

3. Once you open the playlist you will see your songs listed. Over the option to Shuffle Playlist you will see Edit on the left hand side - choose that by tapping it once.

4. Once you enter Edit mode in your playlist you will see the plus + sign on top to add songs to the playlist, the circle with the minus - sign next to the song to remove the song from the playlist and on the right side of the song name and artist you will see three lightly shaded horizontal lines. You want to press and hold those lines of the song you want to move, keep holding it and you will see the song is highlighted and becomes 3D and ready to move.

5. Keep holding those three lines and simply drag the song to the order you want it to be in! Once you are in the right position all you have to do is let go and voila, there it is. Continue moving any and all songs to the order you prefer. Once you are happy with the new song line up, be sure to hit DONE up on top. That's it, play it, love it - if you don't then follow the steps and reorganize it any time you like.

Sing out loud! Did you already know how to organize your iTunes songs within your playlists? Does it matter to you at all which order your songs play in? We would love to learn more about your experience with iTunes and playlists and even your love of music, please feel free to share with everone!

The Shopping List I included is all optional and totally fun. I included everything from Bluetooth portable speakers, a few of which I have all over my house including, yes my bathroom for shower time singing, awesome bluetooth headphones and really neat iPhone and iPad docking stations for home, office and even the car gets a holder for your iPhone so you can rock through your journeys in life. Thank you for stopping by, enjoy the tunes you love and wishing you always have music in your life.


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    • Bonfire Designs profile image

      Bonfire Designs 4 years ago

      @sousababy: I love music too, especially when I'm cooking! Thank you for stopping by and visiting

    • sousababy profile image

      sousababy 4 years ago

      Thank you for such detailed instructions, I love to listen to music while doing things around the house.