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"Outbreak" In My Opinion One of the Top Ten Movies of All Time

Updated on September 8, 2012

Fact or Fiction, You Must Decide

Before I get into my review of this great movie, I would like to highly recommend that before you watch this movie you should read the book "Hot Zone" by Richard Preston. Reading this book will give you a great deal of insight into this movie. This is kind of a rarity in publishing sequence, as the book "Hot Zone" was first off the presses, then came the movie "Outbreak., " and after the movie came the book "Outbreak." Most of the time, you will find that the book will precede the movie, and the movie will be based on the book. Not so in this unusual case.

"Outbreak" on DVD

"The Hot Zone" a MUST Read Prior to Watching the Movie "Outbreak"
"The Hot Zone" a MUST Read Prior to Watching the Movie "Outbreak"

From "Hot Zone" to "Outbreak"

As I mentioned earlier the "Hot Zone" is a highly recommended read prior to watching the movie "Outbreak." The movie is frightening enough on its own, but when you read the "Hot Zone" as a background before you watch the movie, and recognize that all of this is based on fact, it will send a chill down your spine.

Not only do the book and the movie highlight the dire consequences of what can happen as a result of the illegal smuggling of exotic pets into this country, but it also highlights at what great lengths certain agencies will go to to cover up an "almost disaster." The "heroes" of this movie are Dustin Hoffman, Cuba Gooding Jr., and Rene' Russo and the "Bad Guys" are Morgan Freeman and Donald Sutherland. You might think early in the movie that Freeman and Sutherland are just doing what is in the best interest of National Security, but it soon comes to light that they are engaged in a massive cover-up attempt.

The basic premise of this story is that extremely deadly virus is unleashed on a small Southern town (a virus more deadly than Ebola), and the only way to stop the epidemic and make a vaccine against the virus is to capture the host (a small monkey that was smuggled into the US), and make the vaccine from the virus cells that the monkey is carrying. This movie is sort of a cross between real science and science fiction, because a vaccine will not cure people that are already infected with a virus, it will only prevent those who don't have the virus already from contacting it.)see LinkList for info on vaccines and what they can do and can't do) (Of course, we can't let the hero and heroine of the movie die, now can we?)

I may be prejudicial, but in my opinion Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding Jr., put on perhaps the best acting performances of their careers. Of course, I think Dustin Hoffman is the greatest American actor that has ever walked the earth, but others may have some differing opinions. (check LinkList for Dustin Hoffman's Bio) Cuba Gooding Jr., although he plays a slightly more minor role than Dustin Hoffman is a crucial figure in the success of their mission, just as Freeman and Sutherland are crucial in the attempt to thwart Hoffman's and Gooding's success.

If you enjoy a reality-based story, thrillers, science fiction, science fact, mystery, and drama you most certainly will enjoy this move (and the book................DON'T FORGET THE BOOK!!!!! I have watched this movie multiple times, and If I could give it a 10-star rating out of a possible 5, I would. This is movie that is worth buying and keeping, rather than just renting or watching on NetFlix. Also, the book as a book worthy of keeping in your library, because it is worth reading more than once.

"Hot Zone" by Richard Preston

A Very Scary Novel Based on a True Story

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