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Pacific Rim Movie Review

Updated on September 13, 2014

Pacific Rim is Not Just For Guys!

When I first heard about this movie called Pacific Rim, where people would control giant robots to fight monsters from another dimension, I thought it sounded really lame. I thought it sounded like the Transformers versus Godzilla. There was no appeal to watch that whatsoever.

Yeah Transformers are cool since they are talking machines that can change shape and also look like really cool cars or other modes of transport. But two men inside a giant tin can didn't appeal in the same way and I thought it would strip out all the awesome aspects of Transformers and just be left with some crappy monster that comes in the night, to kill as many people in an over populated capital near you.

So when my boyfriend asked me to watch it with him I did so with a deep sigh, but it was his night to chose the movie. I didn't anticipate having to watch much of it as I thought he would find it shockingly bad as quickly as me and want to switch it off.

Thankfully, I gave this movie a chance as it was way cooler and more fun than the trailers showed. I found this movie surprisingly enjoyable as normally movie trailers show all the best bits of movies, but they seemed to have gotten it all wrong for this film. This also meant most of the key scenes were not spoiled either, as none of them were even really shown in the trailer!

Pacific Rim Synopsis

This movie isn't just about robots and monsters. There's a lot of really cool science in it too and it's about the human ability to survive and to meet insurmountable odds and the fight to overcome those difficulties in order to win.

In the Pacific Ocean, there is a rift that allows monsters to come through. The first three attacks led to the destruction of major cities such as San Francisco and Manila. To fight these monsters, giant fighting robots are built and manned by at least two people. These team members are mentally linked allowing them to operate the machine together so they are in synch, as it's too mentally straining for one person to do by themselves. However, sharing this mental connection comes with it's own serious risks.

No-one has any idea why these aliens are coming through the portal, but they keep coming and the monsters are getting bigger.

Building these complicated robots has become too expensive and instead a giant sea barrier is erected to try and protect coastal cities and towns. However, everyone knows this is unlikely to hold the aliens back forever.

When the most successful creature fighting partnership is destroyed, new robot production slows and eventually halts. These machines are too expensive to produce and too many are being lost or are failing. And there's a rigorous training program to be able to operate them, as only certain people can have the required level of synchronization to operate the weapons together.

Instead, new discoveries have to be made. They have to figure out why these creatures are coming through the rift, but the rift seems to only go one way, as they have never been able to get anything to go through the rift from Earth to wherever the rift leads....

That is until a scientist decides to experiment and tries to "mind meld" with an alien brain to find out what it is they want. The results are startling and set off a series of unexpected events. When he goes to the black market to get another brain to experiment with more information is discovered that leads to a battle plan that could turn the tide in out favor.

This film is really funny in parts yet sad and heartwarming at others. There is loss, but there is also love, friendship, action and of course adventure.

You might look at these robots and think of The Power Rangers, or a great exercise regime, but it's a really enjoyable movie that I would watch again. Without the human elements this movie probably would have been a flop, but those emotional scenes really add to it and make you keep watching to find out how each character will overcome their fears and flaws. And also to see them kick Godzilla's butt!

Pacific Rim Toys

Here are some of the robots and creatures that feature in the Pacific Rim movie. As you can see they are actually really cool and very different from Transformers.

Pacific Rim Trailers

Below you will find a few trailers for this movie. However, it's important to remember the movie is a lot better than these trailers would make you think. If you think these trailers make you want to watch the movie then you'll be even more impressed with the actual movie.


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    • Kalafina profile image

      Kalafina 3 years ago

      I typically prefer documentaries or foreign films and rarely watch a typical movie. But when I read about the Pacific Rim storyline it was me who asked we watch it. My boyfriend is a suspense/mystery/mind altering horror type so he was shocked at my pick but agreed to give it a try. It was a tad weird at first seeing Charlie from it's always sunny in Philadelphia as a scientist but actually got pretty funny. The graphics were good but there were times when both of us got impatient with super long fight scenes which made you wonder when the storyline would return. Overall, I think it was worth seeing just for its unique take on the typical action film. Thanks for an awesome hub. It's great to know another girl found something awesome in Pacific Rim too!

    • tophatpro profile image

      tophatpro 4 years ago

      @zentao: Yeah the funny parts were really funny. Really loved when that scientist dude went to meet the guy who trades in the alien body parts etc.

      Wow a sequel would be good. Wonder how they would do that after what happened at the end of this one...

    • zentao profile image

      zentao 4 years ago

      I thought this was a pretty good film. I also enjoyed the humorous parts. There was far more of those than I thought there would be going into the theater.

      I think I heard they are already working on a sequel too.