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Painting For Fun To The Beatles

Updated on November 24, 2014

Painting Inspired By The Beatles

When you look at this picture of a painting I did you might be thinking "What The ...... Is This?"

Well, whilst away on summer holiday in January, my son and I decided to paint a picture inspired by listening to music for an hour, for fun. We chose two Beatle's Albums , namely Revolver and Abbey Road. Our canvasses were the same size and the outcome was completely different.

This lens will cover the process of the painting created and the thoughts behind why I painted what I did. I will post a picture of my son's painting near the end so you can see a completely different painting created the same stimulus.

The Equipment

List Of Equipment Used In This Creation

Here is a list of the "equipment" used in this creation.


We used a canvas 29.7cm by 20 cm by 1.4 cm because I got an amazing 2 for 1 deal at my local Warehouse. But if you are interested in doing this, choose a canvas as big or small as you want.

Paints: water colours, acrylic and oil

I used 1 water colour and acrylic paints and my son used oil paints :

as seen in the photo


As you can see we have a variety of paintbrushes of different sizes.

I probably stuck to about 3 or 4 smaller sized brushes.

Paints and Paintbrushes Anyone? - An Essential Ingredient To This Creation

You can buy these from a variety of local stores or online.

Reeves put out a quality paint which I highly recommend for canvas art work, whether it be acrylic, water or oil based.

More Equipment Items On The List

The following items are basic household items

old newspapers to protect your table or surface whilst painting

cup and

water for cleaning paint brushes

plate for mixing paints * optional

These are not exactly what I used as I was not at home when I did the painting.

The photo is a recreation taken at home

can use newspaper

my son likes to mix his paint colours on newspaper and this becomes an artwork in itself- see picture

The Procedure

1. Prepare Painting Area by

~ covering table with newspapers

~ filling a cup with water to clean paintbrushes between colours.

~ laying out the canvas, paints and paintbrushes fairly close to you

The photo is a recreation with a small canvas

Do You Need A Canvas?

Here are a variety on canvases to choose from for to let out your creative inspirations on.

2. Put on the music eg Revolver and Abbey Road by The Beatles, played consecutively.

3. Paint whatever comes to mind from your listening. We did not pencil an outline first. We just painted our inspired thoughts right from the start.

4. If you still have not finished your painting at end of album 2 ( around one hour in our case ) then either complete your painting in silence or replay album 1.

5. Once painting is completed, clean the paint brushes thoroughly. Use water for water and acrylic paints and turpentine for oil paints.

6. Voila!!! all done.

The Music

We chose two Beatles Albums because my son is in a Beatles craze currently and I like them too.

Revolver was put on first followed by Abbey Road.

Why not get the same two albums which we listened to and paint away . Will yours be like mine?


We played this one first

Abbey Road
Abbey Road

We played this one second


The Beatles were a famous 1960's English Rock Band consisting of 4 main members namely Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, John Lennon and George Harrison. They produced a number of Albums. Revolver was produced in 1966 and Abbey Road was produced in 1969

It is important for you to see a list of the song titles in each album for reference, for when I go over the inspiration behind why I painted what I did, next.

Take a look at the song titles. The * indicate songs which inspired my painting more than the others. Maybe because it takes a while to paint something and you can only pick up a few songs or words from songs and remember so much.


Taxman *

Eleanor Rigby

I'm Only Sleeping

Love To You

Here, There and Everywhere

Yellow Submarine *

She Said She Said

Good Day Sunshine *

And Your Bird Can Sing

For No One

Doctor Robert *

I Want To Get You Into My Life

Abbey Road

Come Together *


Maxwell's Silver Hammer

Oh! Darling

Octopus's Garden *

I Want You (She's so heavy )

Here Comes The Sun *


You Never Give Me Your Money

Sun King

Mean Mr Mustard


She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

Golden Slumbers

Carry That Weight *

The End

Her Majesty

The Inspiration~The Painting

The Start

Revolver was put on. Out roared Taxman. In my mind I saw floating notes of money. I decided I would like to paint dollar sign $ in a shape. I did not want a rectangular shape because to me that would be boring....too much like real money. So I came up with the pointed -roundish shape as seen in the picture. I chose a purple colour because we had plenty of this in stock!! ( other colours I was inspired to try first had dried up ) I wanted to make the $ stand out too and enjoyed making a darker colur for the outline.

It is interesting to note that I created a shape with 8 points - which on reflection after listening to the 2 albums, could be related the the 8 arms of an octopus. There is a song called Octopus's Garden in Abbey Road. But when I was painting at the start I just painted a shape with curves and points.....

with no thought at all about the number of points I was painting.

Listen To Taxman Here

The Yellow Submarine

The Green Bit

By the time I had painted the first shape, a number of songs had passed by my ears ( refer list of songs in above module ). The yellow Submarine started playing. I had the urge to paint green swirly patterns at the bottom left. I was not sure at his stage if I was going to paint green on the other side but I had it in mind. This was probably due to the words "Sky of blue and sea of green In our yellow submarine."

The Yellow Bit

Believe it or not I got the urge to paint yellow at this stage. Out came the yellow water colour. I watered it down a bit and painted the canvas entirely in this colour surrounding the shapes already painted. This was my background colour.

Other songs made reference to the sun. The sun kept on cropping up throughout the hour. I knew I had to do more with yellow. I thought at one stage I should paint in thick sun rays coming out from the top or from one corner. I also knew I wanted to make more reference to the submarine. So eventually I came up with an oval shape to represent the yellow submarine and a darker yellow surround to represent the sun. I painted the darker yellow colour after I completed painting with

Listen To Yellow Submarine Here

Doctor Robert

I like symmetry and so when Doctor Robert came on I knew I had to create a shape similar to the purple shape with the $.

A red colour came to mind as a contrasting colour to the purple.

I filled up the shape with a capital R to represent the R in Robert.

Listen To Dr Robert Here

Come Together

Come Together is the first song in the album Abbey Road.

It has the words "Come together, right now ,over me" at the end of each verse and the words "Come Together" sung repeatedly at the end of the song.

How was I going to represent this?

I looked at my painting and it was right there in front of me. Yes... the two pointed, curved shapes had to be linked somehow. They had to come together. It was more obvious towards the end after I had heard Octopus's Garden and painted some more.

see photo below

Listen To Come Together Here

Come Together - Octopus's Garden

Come Together - Octopus's Garden
Come Together - Octopus's Garden

Octopus's Garden

Much of my painting was inspired by this song which has a very catchy melody line. In fact I probably just continued to paint in reference to this song whilst the rest of the album was being played.

This song inspired me to paint another swirly green section on the lower right of the canvas.

I wanted to paint a garden bed with a flower rising up from it. So I decided to paint an eight stripe effect to represent 8 arms of the octopus and the garden bed. The flower sprouted out from this garden bed between the two shapes.

It was then I could link the two shapes to represent "Come Together" from the start of the Album Abbey road.

see photo above

Listen To Octopus's Garden Here

The Finale

As I said earlier , I painted the darker yellow oval shape after I finished the stripey garden bed and flower from listening to "Octopus's Garden. Then I linked the the two shapes through the flower. Near the end of the album Abbey road there was a song called "Carry That Weight" All I picked up from this song was the word Celebration from the lines ~

I only send you my invitations

And in the middle of the celebrations

So I painted different coloured curved ties, like you see on a present after you have wrapped the gift. After painting 10 of these....5 on each side, my painting was finished.

see my introduction for the completed painting

Listen To Carry That Weight Here


I took slightly longer than the two albums to complete the painting.

I used a yellow water colour background and acrylic paints for the rest of the painting.

As the various shapes took time to paint I could only represent a limited number of songs as indicated by a star in the song lists above.

My main focus points were:

~ Taxman

~ Dr Robert

~ the colour yellow to represent yellow submarine and sun

~ Octopus's Garden

~ Come Together

~ Celebration as heard in the song Carry That Weight.

My Son's Painting

Take a look at my son's picture below.

He painted his as a portrait picture in oil paints.

( Mine was a landscape picture in acrylic/water colour paints.)

On looking at the painting afterwards it was discovered that it can be turned 180 degrees and still look like a picture.

I find it interesting that people can come up with completely different outcomes given the same stimulus. If you did what we did yours would be completely different again. Why not give it a go. We could create a board of Revolver and Abbey Road inspired Paintings on Pinterest!! Wow~ Food for Thought.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
This is my son's painting the way he intended it to be.If you turn the painting 180 degrees the it still looks like it meant to be.Compare his painting to my painting.This is Very Interesting and Very DiFFeReNT
This is my son's painting the way he intended it to be.
This is my son's painting the way he intended it to be.
If you turn the painting 180 degrees the it still looks like it meant to be.
If you turn the painting 180 degrees the it still looks like it meant to be.
Compare his painting to my painting.This is Very Interesting and Very DiFFeReNT
Compare his painting to my painting. This is Very Interesting and Very DiFFeReNT


This creation was a fun thing to do whilst relaxing on holiday. I am going away to the same place again soon and my daughter wants to do the same thing. I wonder what music we will paint to and how similar or different our paintings will look.

The emphasis is on having FUN and not necessarily the amazingness of the OUTCOME!!

Will You Go Forth and Create a Painting to The Beatles?

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