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Peavey Bass and Guitar Amplifiers, P.A. Speakers, Microphones, Mixers, Power Amps and more!

Updated on February 17, 2013

Peavey Electronics Over 50 Years Manufacturing Audio Products

Peavey Has a history of producing long lasting Audio Equipment!

Every musician has had a piece of Peavey gear at some point in their music career.

From Guitars and basses to Full Stack Electric Guitar Amplifiers, Public Address Systems, microphones, and much more!

I have collected personal reviews of Peavey Gear I own and or owned in the past, and select eBay and Amazon sales on Peavey products!

Peavey 5150 Electric Guitar Amplifier
Peavey 5150 Electric Guitar Amplifier

My History with Peavey Gear

Revews of different Peavey musical gear

My first guitar amp my parents bought me was a used little Peavey Decade practice amplifier. Good little amp had it for almost 10 years kicking it around as a practice amp. Even used it survived me trying to power over sized speakers with it, and other naive experiments in the name of rock in roll. Around 15 years old I got on to recording music when I interned at a local home recording studio. When the owner upgraded his studio gear he sold me the old Peavey 12 Channel Stereo Mixing Console, big metal console with the built in re verb springs. It was the perfect first mixer simple controls, durable construction. Only draw back was the spring reverb was very touchy if the mixers table shook or was bumped the reverb would make an insane crashing reverb sound through the system.

While buying microphones to fill up the channels on the mixer I tried a Peavey PVi Diamond Series microphone. It was a cheaper mic cost about $20 new. It sounded good but the windscreen popped off easy so it became my usual snare microphone when doing live sound.

Had it for about 12 years before I sold it and it still worked well.

When i graduated high school i used some graduation money to buy a pair of used Peavey SP115 P.A. Speakers. They where big and bulky but lasted hundreds of punk rock band gigs and practice until i traded them 8 years later for a upgrade to Electro Voice's two15 inch speaker model.

Around 1998 I bought a used Peavey CS-800 from a band mate it's still going strong even after 12 years of powering my P.A. Mains in small club gigs and outdoor festivals. This thing has survived keg parties, tours with 3 or 4 different bands I've played in and a few more bands I handled with my promotions production company and indie record label. So it's survived hundreds of concerts in all conditions, it's performed well every time. I make it a point to clean the amps circuits regularly with canned air and or a vacuum cleaner to keep dust from building up. That's the only time it would over heat is if it got to dusty inside from all the smokey bar gigs and transporting and storing in areas with gravel roads. It's still a great Power amp and i still use it to this day.

I had a 15 inch Peavey Black Widow Speaker put in my Kustom Bass Cabinet it did great for many years of touring, It was one of those amps and cabinets you wish you had never sold.

I had a Peavey Milestone Bass Guitar for a short time it's a inexpensive bass great for beginners or if you just need a bass for song writing.

I recently traded an old beat up drum kit for a used Peavey TKO combo bass amp. Works good, i just wanted a powerful and portable amp for multi purpose use. Seems to work great pots where scratchy but any amp will due that with age and neglect. it cleaned up nice and I use it in my Studio and for small gigs.

Peavey MARK series Bass guitar amplifiers on eBay

One of my favorite Bass amp heads have been the Peavey Mark series peculiarly the Mark IV. Lots of wattage for a low price, great bass amp head!

Peavey Power Amplifiers on eBay

Peavey Electronics makes for great durable Public Address system gear. Notably their CS-800 power amps.

Tell Us about as piece of Peavey Electronics you've used and abused and I'll feature it on here!

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