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Peep The Deepness

Updated on December 26, 2015

Depth In HipHop Lyrics (My Tribute To THE-R)

From all the dance rappers, to the so-called Gangsta rappers,not many emcees are putting deep messages into their music. Anyone who "claims to be HipHop" must own two classic albums(Rakim's "Paid In Full" and Nas's "Illmatic").These are two of the Deepest albums in HipHop. Depth is todays most under-rated aspect of rap in the Hip Hop Culture.

Is Rakim The Ultimate "Rapper's Favorite Rapper"WHY/WHYNOT - IF NOT WHO IS?

Growing up I was inspired to step my rap game up by Rakim.Most of those who I politicked with would listen and break down Rakim lyrics.He always had something new that grabbed you in his songs.You always found one more meaning/perspective for the same line in the same song.Is Rakim "The ultimate Rapper's Favorite Rapper" Tell Why or Why not?

Peep The Deepness!!

The Depth Of HIPHOP Lyrics.

I'm asking all the younger generation of "hiphoppers", do you listen to BIG? Now I'm asking, do you hear BIG? There is a difference between listening and really hearing an emcee. Depth is the key to understanding or really hearing the most skilled emcees inner being.

For example Jay-Z's verses on Jigga What-Jigga Who, is way different from his verses on My Presidents Black Remix. Both are deep, with different forms of depth. Ones a battle type depth Jigga What Jigga Who, the other has an esoteric depth or a more charismatic depth. Although both are good, the esoteric is my favorite. I like rhymes that you have to think about. I remember listening to emcee's of old like Rakim and KRS-ONE. Everyday I listened to them it seemed like I learned or heard something new that I didn't hear the last time. The first Rakim Joint I heard was "Eric-B is President" . When it began with "make,make, make,make,makem' clap to this" I knew this wasn't going to be like other rap joints.Rakims "attack" at the start proved me correct when he started by saying "I came in the door,I said it before,I'll never let the mic,magnetize me no more,but its biting me,fighting me,inviting me to rhyme..I can't hold it back,I'm looking for the lines"!He was spittin' rhymes like this, when Run-DMC and others were still forming rhymes with basic type,SUGAR HILL rhymes.I didn't understand his passion until I became an emcee. The mic is very "MAGNETIC" to a Mic Controller or Emcee.I could hear (and feel) a beat and it would put me in a zone that kept my brain creating and developing one of HIPHOP's greatest works of art,HIPHOP Lyrics.I listened to Eric-B is President, but I didn't "HEAR" until I started Spittin'(Rapping). I guess its true that everyone that listens don't always hear.

Hot New Heat-Platnum Status - New Single "The One" (NEO)

Hot New Heat-Platnum Status

Words from Platnum Status :"It's all well and good being able to sing or rap but I wanted to go that bit further and hone in on the music business so I could have in-depth creative knowledge of how the industry worked , I'm always looking to come up with fresh new sounds".

Platnum Status is a 23 year old Melodic Lyricist/Songwriter born in South West London (Tooting).He spent most of his career reppin many areas in London from Brighton to Essex.First handed the microphone at the age of 9 and many summer holidays among senior DJ's and local Artists in Brighton him no stranger to the music scene.

At around age 13, Platnum became a member of the group "Sickness Legion"; where he played a large part in the mix CD "Name Behind The Reputation".

Platnum decided at age 16 to learn the ins and outs of his craft so he pursued a degree in

Music Business/Music Technology..

By the age 18, Platnum had musically matured and released "By My Side" (2007) and "Dance In The Club" (2010) which both had great coastal support and helped to build his fan base immensely

.Having spent the last 6 years seriously writing and making numerous appearances in:

  • Worthing
  • Brighton
  • and Essex London nightclubs and parties

As well as being featured on:

  • BBC Introducing (BBC Essex)
  • PlayVybz FM
  • Upfront Magazine
  • and a recent write up at JamsPhere Magazine

2013 will be a busy year for Platnum Status.

The Video for his new hit "The One"(NEO) can be seen on Youtube

For More Information On Platnum Status follow him on:




Peep Deep Links To Hip Hop

Peep Deepness

Deep Hip Hop Sites on everything from Hip Hop Birthdays to Getting a Low cost "HookUp" on your next Concert tickets.

DJ Kinetick-An Artist Review - Kinetick Bass From B-More To L.A!

DJ Kinetick Sound Cloud Pic
DJ Kinetick Sound Cloud Pic

DJ Kinetick's rhythmic EDM(Electronic Dance Music) style gave him his reputation as a funky producer with an energetic vibe.I recently checked out the material of this award winning and very accomplished artist and found his music to be very hypnotic.I sank into track one "XTERMIN8 (Kinetick Remix)" and was very impressed with the way this remix was built.The sounds and tones all were in sink with a build up of momentum throughout the song that lead to an ending that could transition into your favorite masterpiece with ease.

DJ Kinetick's contest winning remix is soon to be released on Beatport,Itunes under Away Records.

His bass driven sounds of Fidget House and Dubstep can be heard online at .For information and booking visit or visit can also find him on facebook(


Artist Review by JPBTV & Itzyourz Hip Hop Media Writer Keith(The Kool-One)Turner

Sites To Guide You To Lyrical Understanding

There is a difference between listening and hearing.Here are some sites to further your understanding of this musical "Culture" called hip hop first and foremost.You can also view these site for general music info.Thanx to all who read my work.Please leave a comment and/or feedback.

Eric-B is President - Eric-B And Rakim (HIPHOPS FINEST "Spittin Flames").

Rakim is an emcee that "paved" the way for artist like Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac,and even RunDMC by making them step their game up. Rakim (the TRUE G.O.A.T) is one of HIPHOPS greatest pioneers.He developed a lot of the slang and word play used by emcee's today. As a member of The 5% Nation,he helped to usher in the knowledge based rap styles you see in artists from around 1986. Rakim was seen as one of if not "The Innovator" of Complex rhyme schemes with internal metaphores. Listen and Hear the way he makes you internalize the words he say.

Yeah You Listening But Do You Hear!!

There Is A Difference Between Listening And Hearing!!

I'm Feelin' that Maino Piece (All The Above). I guess if you struggled and saw your life change course from "HOOD-ISH"-to-"SOME GOOD-ISH"you would write and sing like this too. As for the connection with live ya life,they were produced by the same producer.To those who dis his concept,or say its a live ya life remix(SO EFFING WHAT)you listenin' to it but "DO YOU HEAR IT"!!...

Really what do you see

When you looking at me?

See me come up from nothing,

To me living my dreams

I done been to the bottom,

I done suffered a lot,

I deserve to be rich,


Reader Feedback


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    • profile image

      aprilmay22 6 years ago

      Rakim is the GOD..greatest lyrical innovator of the HipHop diaspora!Great way to pay homage..Keep up the good work.

    • profile image

      EVELUVGOD 8 years ago

      Great Lens

      I'm feelin' that Maino Joint Hi Hata!!

      Many will be hatin on me when I get my writing going on here.Peace and keep on keepin' on.