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Penn Jillette Gets Fired From The Celebrity Apprentice TV Show for Bad Slogan

Updated on April 18, 2013

The TV Episode

There are episodes of humour, tension, and egos in Season 5 of NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice. On the show that aired on April 22, the tension and ego were present among the celebrity contestants; two out of three isn't bad. Speaking of bad (yes Mr. Trump I can segueway), magician Penn Jillette got sent home for creating a slogan that was not very popular.

Penn Jillette

Magician, comedian and actor.
Magician, comedian and actor.

Penn Jillette Failed At the Task

Each TV episode pushes the two teams of celebrities against one another as they are challenged to get the task assigned by Donald Trump completed better than the other, for a prize of money to the team leader's designated charity. The specific task for the April episode was for each team to compose a marketing display for Trump's new cologne "Success".

As his team Unanimous sat around brainstorming, Jillette almost immediately came up with the slogan that would later get him fired in the boardroom by Trump. Jillette eagerly pitched the line "You earned it" as the tag line for Trump's cologne for men. The rest of the group members agreed, including the team leader or project manager Clay Aiken.

The displays of both teams were judged by two executives who work in association with Macy's retail store, which will sell the cologne. In the boardroom, when Trump sat the contestants around the table to discuss which team won the challenge, he explained to Jillette that the executives did not like the team's slogan for "Success".

Mr. Donald Trump thinks about the decision.
Mr. Donald Trump thinks about the decision. | Source

You're Fired, Penn Jillette

Donald Trump explained to Jillette and his co-team members that the executives thought the slogan "You earned it" is too pompous in relation to the "Sucess" product name. They did not think that the slogan fit the image of the men's cologne at all or the Trump name.

Jillette sat stone-faced as Trump talked and then he defended his choice of wording. Jillette also explained that while he had come up with the original idea, Aiken was the project manager of Unanimous and had to sign off on all of the decisions made.

Trump explained the executives picked the other team, named Forte, instead as the winner of the task for the week. One member of Unanimous would be sent home.

Jillette, Aiken, and third team member Dayana Mendoza were brought back to the boardroom to determine who would be fired. Trump explained that Jillette pitched the original idea for the slogan and thus the blame rested with him. Part of the reason the team lost the challenge was because the executives did not like the slogan.

Trump said to Jillette, "You're fired."

Keep watching... Who will be fired next?
Keep watching... Who will be fired next? | Source

The Send-Off

Jillette left the Trump Towers with his head held high as he sat into the private car to take him away from the show.

There are now six contestants left on the show. With four weeks left until the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice, we will see who comes out on top as the winner!

Do You...

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    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      @teaches, I try to watch the show each week and I got caught up in this episode. I like that Donald has his three children helping him on the show, they all seem so intelligent. Thanks for the comment!

      @Jack, I actually thought Clay would go home and then Donald fired Penn instead. A bit of an upset!

      @Lvidoni5, oooh those time zones! Next week perhaps stay away from the computer when the firing is about to happen :) Sorry about that!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I caught this the other day, it was quite intense at times. I still love Donald's approach to business, it is quite amusing. Thanks for the share on this one.

    • profile image

      Jack 5 years ago

      Claynshould of gone home not penn

    • LVidoni5 profile image

      Brian Loewer 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Lol, Dang it! I was just about to watch it. They hadn't announced who got fired here on the West Coast yet. Darn time zones!

    • ChristyWrites profile image

      Christy Birmingham 5 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Hehe thanks Sooner28. Now let's see who goes home next!

    • profile image

      Sooner28 5 years ago

      Haha wow. This was an entertaining read. I personally kind of like that slogan. I'm not sure how it would come off as obnoxious. Great hub Christy.