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Peter Andre & Elen Rivas

Updated on October 13, 2014

Peter Andre & Elen Rivas

Peter Andre has made no secret of the fact that he was ready to meet someone new and have a relationship again, and it looked like he had done just that when he was pictured leaving London's Claridge's Hotel with Frank Lampards ex fiance Elen Rivas.

The happy looking pair had just been to see 'Flashdance' and looked very close as they left the hotel together where Pete escorted Elen to their taxi before traveling home together.

Elen Rivas spokesperson said the pair have been dating for a couple of months and released this short statement "I can confirm that Elen and Peter are in a relationship, no further comment will be made."

Apparently Elen and Pete met back in November through mutual friends and instantly hit it off. Pete has constantly been gushing to friends about how beautiful and classy Elen is, and now Elen has signed with Pete's management CAN Associates. (what a surprise) I cant help but wonder if this is the real deal or if it is another publicity stunt staged by CAN Associates, after all Pete has been linked to every woman on their books to date.

Meanwhile ex wife Katie Price shows she is not bothered when just hours ago she tweeted "One of my best friends Andrew Gould said Elen was nice, as they ran the marathon together last year xxx"

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Katie Price Tweets about Marriage Crisis

While things are looking up for Peter Andre, things don't look as Rosie for his ex wife. There has been constant stories in the press lately about Katie Price and Alex Reid splitting up but of course the pair have previously denied that there is anything wrong.

Recently the pair jetted of to a secret dessert island in a last ditch attempt to save their marriage. The pair have had a troubled year with the public back lash Katie has received and the constant media circus that follows, the couple have also struggled to conceive a baby and gone through constant IVF treatments to no avail.

When Alex's mum Carol recently said her son and Katie's marriage is as strong as ever and we then saw a happy Katie and Alex posing for photo's at new year we could of almost believed the rumours were false. But today Katie Price tweeted

"To answer my fans questions news of the world did a accurate story Sunday about our marriage in crises ..always look on bright side xx

And with their first wedding anniversary coming up on the 2nd Febuary it looks like the troubled pair may not even make it that far.

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 Peter Andre has recently confirmed his relationship to dancing on Ice Elen Rivas. In his New Magazine column Pete said "I can confirm that Elen Rivas and i are seeing each other and everything is going well, i always said when i found a new girlfriend i would tell you all."

He then went on to say "I am not going to speak about the relationship in detail but i will say we are happy."

Meanwhile Katie Price is said to be hurt when she saw pictures of her ex husband and Elen Rivas, she is hurt that Pete has finally moved on. Katie recently went on a make or break holiday with new hubby Alex Reid but she refused to go without her laptop and kept sneaking of to to the toilet to text her mates, as soon as they got back home the troubled pair when back to living separate lives with Alex sleeping in the spare room.

Katie and Alex are now close to splitting up if today's reports are to be believed, and The Sun revealed today that Katie's advisers are already planning a statement to announce to the news. The source said that the announcement is a formality but the truth is the marriage has been dead for months, unfortunately once the spotlight disappeared they were left with the dull reality of their relationship. Apparently Alex is more cut up about it than Katie as she was his ticket to fame.  Today Alex Reid claimed that he is hopeful that himself and Katie can get through this rocky patch.

While all this will they wont they split is going on in the press Katie is filming her new reality show for Living TV which will air in April, why is it every time a celebrity is having a product or a TV programme out that a big story hits the press? Coincidence? i think not.



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      Martyv25 7 years ago

      Heard about this relationship lately, got a lot more time for Peter Andre than I have Katie Price.