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Extraordinary Peter Pan Wallpapers

Updated on March 4, 2015

Amazing Wallpapers of Peter Pan

Peter Pan has captured the imagination of children for a long time, as he conveys the message that one must retain the faith of a little child in order to believe in Neverland and the use the powers that come as a result of that belief.

That's why when he grows up and forgets who he was, the powers that he had access to fade away to nothing, and he's unaware of the world that he once roamed.

All of that fantasy and imaginative story provides terrific material for artists to create all sorts of works for fans to enjoy. Much of that isn't only Peter Pan himself, but even more so the amazing worlds and views you see from his perspective, and of which he dwells in.

Fortunately, that means there are a lot of wallpapers out there to choose from of which can be enjoyed and viewed on a computer or other screen.

Since these encapulate fantasy images and worlds, it's a great way to feed our imaginations to temporarily leave the practical world we live in, or to inspire all sorts of possibilities and ideas for things we may want to create ourselves, see, or do.

With the Peter Pan wallpapers I've gathered together, there is all of that and more, as most of them include wonderful fantasy scenery, as well as some special moments involving Peter Pan. Let's look at them now.

Wallpaper of Peter Pan Fighting Captain Hook

What's more inspiring than seeing someone good taking on the evil of a powerful villain and succeeding? That's what we see here is this awesome look at Peter Pan fighting his arch-foe.

It's a fantastic wallpaper that deserves a place on our computer or other screens, as it's being fought with the backdrop of Hook's ship while being watched by fairies and other people and creatures.

I like the look on the face of this Peter Pan, where he isn't shown to be afraid at all, although he's very determined.

As for Hook, it's an amazing interpretation of him; one that is about as good as it gets in this form.

How about that crocodile at Hook's side breathing out danger and devastation in the midst of the battle?


Colorful Peter Pan Wallpaper

This is a pretty amazing Peter Pan wallpaper, one that has just about every type of color one could think of crammed into a pretty small area.

The colors are vibrant, and for some maybe there are just too many of them.

But for where Peter Pan is, it actually makes sense to have this much beauty even with the fact that in the distance the ship of his enemy, and his enemy himself, awaits Peter Pan to be dealt with.

In this scene those thoughts are off in the distance as is Captain Hook's ship, as Peter is apparently interacting with Tinkerbell, presumably pointing to the mermaid sitting on the rock near the waters.

The waterfalls in the picture look really good, as do the clouds in the back hovering lazily around the mountain peaks.


Peter Pan Standing in Window Looking at Moon

I thought this was an amazing image of Peter Pan; one that speaks a lot of words and thoughts through the imagery used.

You can see the resolve in Peter from the stance he has taken, with his hands on his hips and his back straight. He has made up his mind about something and nothing will keep him from accomplishing it.

Also cool is the drapes fluttering in the wind, meaning what lies ahead won't be easy. Seeing the moon reflecting the light of the sun and sharing the light with the clouds, suggests his is a just cause, and he's walking in the light, even while the dark, represented by the room, is close behind at his back. Great wallpaper!


Peter Pan Flying into Room

This is an extraordinary depiction of Peter Pan flying into the bedroom.

You can see he's thrilled to be there, as evidenced by the look on his face, and her welcoming, but unsurprised countenance.

The way the curtains are moving gives the appearance of movement, as does the way Peter's body is positioned as he enters the room.

Although she could have easily been missed, there is Tinkerbell arriving with Peter Pan, with a glowing trail confirming her entrance. She doesn't appear to be noticed, but she still looks very cool.

Peter Pan Wallpaper of Him Flying Above the City

Finally we have this terrific wallpaper of Peter Pan flying above the city with his friends and Tinkerbell.

It implies he sees things from a very different outlook, and views life from a higher perspective than most do.

The scenery is beautiful, and the clouds they're flying over are magnificent. Seeing the mountains way off in the distance is another majestic scene that makes this such an awesome wallpaper.


Peter Pan Wallpapers

To me it doesn't get much better than this for wallpapers, and the inspiration and imagination involved in producing these fantastic scenes will surely pass on to those who look upon them too.

There is so much to enjoy about these Peter Pan wallpapers, including maintaining a childlike outlook on life; fearlessness in the face of great opposition; and seeing life from a view that few others obtain to, among many other important lessons from life.

This is why Peter Pan continues to inspire people, as there are many qualities that are important that we lose in life because of circumstances which can make us cynical, which results in abandoning the wonderful possibilities life offers us.

He is a reminder that it's never too late to be inspired and embrace life in the midst of life's difficulties.


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