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PG Tips Chimps - Vintage British TV adverts

Updated on August 23, 2017
Mr Shifter
Mr Shifter | Source

The Tipps family - Tea drinking chimps

They were a typical, tea drinking, British family, who advertised PG Tips tea from 1956 to 2002.

Oh, and they were chimpanzees!

So go and put the kettle on, while I warm up the beta-max video player ready to play some funny commercials from my childhood in the 1970s (and the 1980s and the 1990s - I had a long childhood).

OK, I'm ready - Have you got your cup of tea? Good, now sit back and have a cuppa and we'll watch these together. Cosy, yes?

Oi, you! Yes, you with the coffee - thought I wouldn't notice, huh? Clear off!

OK, now the coffee drinkers left, it's just you and me, so....let us begin our trip down memory lane.

Declaration of Legal Stuff


-- Declaration #1 --

All adverts and characters therein are owned by PG Tips.

-- Declaration #2 --

Everyone reading this article is too bright to need telling that.

-- Warning --

These adverts may contain content unsuitable for viewing by those of a politically correct nature.

-- Ramblings --

Adverts made, before anyone had even heard of political correctness, failing to be politically correct! What were the makers thinking? Ignorance of future law is no excuse.

Mr Shifter - "Dad, do you know the piano's on my foot?"

Let's start with the first one I remember ever seeing. This is very 1970s. Can you feel that attack of nostalgia coming on?

Mr Shifter and the Removal Men - Vinyl Record
Mr Shifter and the Removal Men - Vinyl Record

PG Tips Chimps - 12" Vinyl LP Record

Mr Shifter and the Removal Men

There is no end to, Mr Shifter's talents. Did you know he released a record? Well he did, with a little help from Bernard Cribbins.

Stories and music for children on a 12 inch, 33 rpm, vinyl LP record.

List of Tracks










S. Bend the Plumber - "Pass the Monkey Wench!"

If you had a plumbing emergency in 1972 you could rely on Mr S. Bend to handle it calmly. His assistant, not so much.

Tour de France - "Avez-vous un cuppa?"

Cyril the cyclist representing Blighty in that bike thing they do in France.

Names of the most popular PG Tips Chimps - Illustrated using Brooke Bond cards (Complete set shown)

Brooke Bond collectable cards of the 12 most popular PG Tips Chimps
Brooke Bond collectable cards of the 12 most popular PG Tips Chimps

The writing on the cards is a little blurry and hard to read in the picture after uploading, so I'll list the names.

Row 1 - I Bodgit, Jean Pierre Berke, Mr.Shifter, S Bend, Tania, Al B Blowed

Row 2 - The Judge, The Twins, Dolly, Cyril The Cyclist, Brooke Bond, Ada


My name is Bond, Brooke Bond - Here's a Trio of adverts spoofing James Bond

Videogame Wizard

Here's an advert from the 1990s. This surprised me, I don't remember seeing any after the 1980s, but apparently the last PG Tips chimp advert was made in 2002.

Channel Tunnel - "You might even get some Frogs in here"

Digging the Channel Tunnel was 'Bore'-ing work, but made for a very 'pun'-ny advert.

You've watched, now give your verdict!

What do you think of these TV advertisements?

See results

Nostalgic entertainment or Shameful exploitation - Let battle commence!

I'm expecting a generational divide, with the children of the 1970s choosing the former and the children of the 1990s the latter.

Pre-political correctness Vs Post-political correctness.

If you're comfortable doing so, please include your age with your comment so we can test this theory.

What's your verdict?

Official PG Tips Website - Click on the link to visit


PG Tips Cuppa Club - Click on the link to visit


Sign up - Enter the code on the PG Tips packs - Get points - Exchange for teapots and cake-stands and other goodies.

Parting comments, before you leave.

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    • David3142 profile image


      5 years ago from West Midlands, England

      Some very funny memories on this lens. I love it.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Chimpanzee's are an Endangered animal in the wild this means they face a very high risj of extinction in the near future - they are in the same category as Asian Elephants, Bornean Orangutans and the Eastern lowland Gorilla but because of adverts, use in films, circuses as performing animals people don't realise or understand how endangered they are. They also share between 96% to 98% of their DNA with humans, they should be protected and respected as intelligent individuals not made to dress up for so called 'entertainment'

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Go chimp go!

    • dwindhaus lm profile image

      dwindhaus lm 

      5 years ago

      Love this lens


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