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The Phantom of the Opera

Updated on August 23, 2017
Nightcat profile image

Nightcat loves everything about Halloween! She’s pretty sure it is a national holiday and if it isn’t it should be.

Give In To The Romance

Enter in and embrace the romance, mystery and horror of the novel and other works.
Enter in and embrace the romance, mystery and horror of the novel and other works.

Phantom Madness

We'll be covering some of the ground I cover in my POTO (Phantom Of The Opera) website. I'll try to add on as things are updated, and have things here that aren't on the site. So let's go!

Hey, don't forget to visit my website.I did a heck of a lot with the few MB I got for free. Think tiny pictures, LOL! But there are 180 pages there.

All photos and writing are my original work. Did you know that in the Chaney fillm they made a mistake? In the end scene he is supposed to be holding a bomb, not nothing. Thankfully they didn't put in the test scene using an orange.


Now with uncensored comments :)

Romantic music, flashes of color, breath-taking spectacles. Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical is often the first thing people think about when they hear the word 'phantom'. But as connoisseurs know, the Phantom owes more of his appeal to his overall humanity as evidenced in Leroux original writings.

The Phantom of the Opera was originally a novel, written by Gaston Leroux in 1910. It was based, some believe, on actual legends of an opera ghost, with a good smattering of Leroux's own background included as Erik's (the Phantom) history.

Erik, the tragic hero of the novel, faces a world hostile to him. Because of his disfigurement he has fled the world, living in a home he himself has designed beneath the opera house. It is from here that Erik rules over the opera, and broods in his solitude. That is until Miss Daaé shows up.

This novel first came out in French newspapers, and for one reason or another, bombed. The French public just didn't like it. For one thing they already had Victor Hugo's Hunchback, and Erik bears a stunning resemblance to a famous Mesmerist character of the time.

Then there's the faction element. Blending fact and fiction used to be seen as lazy and unimaginative. All writers do it to some extent, but Leroux went a little too far (and close to home) to make people happy.

Lastly there's the snipping. Think of Leroux as an obese Kitty Kelly. He used the serial as a thinly veiled attack on many public figures. He used a lot of rumors to set the characters (there was a real singer with too many beaus) and when he felt like it, made up even better rumors.

All of this was happily glossed over or missed when the novel debuted in America. Not a hit here either until Chaney Sr. would make Erik one of his most famous and loved characters.

Vapor Films

Films that just never came out

Oddly there are Phantom films that have never came out. Here are several of them.

Angel of Music (2008) Yes this was supposed to be the newest Phantom film. An American one to boot. But sadly the director/producer flaked out on us and didn't even go direct to DVD.

Phantom of the Porn Set (2005?) Yes, this was going to be one of the numerous adult film versions. It apparently was filmed and...disappeared. Spooky.

Mary Kay's Phantom (?) Happily this one never got to see daylight. Depending on the rumors you believe, either it was filmed and dumped, or never began filming.

French version (?) Yes, somebody thought of filming the film in the original French. Never got out of the starting gate though, due to rumored legal troubles.

Best Phantom slasher flick


Dario Argento's Opera, the uncut version. The horror scenes are amazing. Think of being made love to by a serial killer. The camera comes in close, the music gets horror erotic (to a slasher fan), and a lot of them play our in artistic slow motion. There's a heady realism too. Sure there is blood and glorious gore, but in keeping to realistic parameter. Which is rare as most of the genre is as far away from realism as you get.

The Phantom has that whole sexy, smooth-talking horror vibe going on. I don't think a single viewer would mind being tied up by his as he works on a new masterpiece. The whole bringing corpses and prey to your lover works too. In his way he is showing love the only way he knows how.

The best part has to be the metaphor rich scene where Betty is tied up as a would-be lover is gutted. Think about it what it is really saying. A lot of women would loved to be 'forced' to watch something savage and free. We might not dig duct tape and needles, but oh, what a rush. We all have a feral side that wants a mate, stronger, slyer, and more confident than other males.

The knife is pretty obvious. Look honey! I'm going to rub you all over with a phallic symbol, isn't that sexy? Yeah, it is. So is a male telling you to shrug off society, and become as wild and free a creature as you were meant to be.

Fred and Friends Cake Candelabra

Now this would be most awesome on a cake for any Phantom fan. But why stop there? Think Halloween, on an end table, or as part of your Phantom display any time of year.

Worst Phantom Film Ever

Get your barf bags ready

The honor has to go to Dario Argento's Phantom of the Opera film. It lacks a serious horror theme, has a laughable origin of the Phantom, and terrible acting. All this and the worst opera scenes ever.

I love Argento, so it hurt to see him put out such total garbage. Sands, who was much better in his Warlock films, is terrible. He comes off as a creepy borderline child grabber, not a mature lover.

Also, sorry honey, but your love scenes were the pits. I've seen better on Meerkat Manor.

The worst feature is the Phantom's love scene with a group of rats. Please don't eat before you see it, as you might barf from horror or laughing to hard. I swear to God, he stuffs rats down his pants. Can't we get a barfing icon here?

Then there is the stupid, immature comedy, best left to actors who can carry it off. Did I mention the kiddie snatcher manager? Worst Phantom movie ever. Burn this one.

Did you know?

The only two times in its run that The Phantom of the Opera has closed on Broadway were for Sept 11th, and Hurricane Sandy.

Phan Fiction

There is a lot of it out there. To me the best is written by fans and posted for free on websites. It goes from soft fluff, to slash fiction, to horror. A lot of the adults gems will be hidden on more mature sites, but will still be free.

This fan-based writing follows no set rules. It can be based on any novel, movie, stage play, or even a newly made character. Some writers try to keep to the period of the Leroux novel, but there have been nicely done sci-fi versions.

Due to the nebulous life span you may want to print a copy of your favorites. BTW, pay attention to ratings. Most writers try to give fair warning. So NC-17, X, or mature are not the kinds to read to mixed company or show your coworkers.

Phan fiction yes or no? - Is it worth reading or total trash?

OK, there is a lot of fan or phan fiction out there. Do you think it adds to the overall Phantom lore? Or is it dragging Erik into the hellish abyss? Post on anything, flash fiction, online works, novels, so long as it was made by a fan.

Phan fiction yes or no?

Phantom of the Opera Links - Top Sites to Get you Started

These are hardly the only sites, but they cover a lot of ground.

Post your comments, questions ideas, and favorite Phantom ideas here.

Phantom thoughts? - Favorite items?

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    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @CoolFool83: Thanks so much, godfather25. I'm lucky I went when I did. A vacation is more or less a pipedream now. Thanks for visiting! :)

    • CoolFool83 profile image


      6 years ago

      I've always wanted to go, never got the chance. Another great lense.

    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you WayneDave! I'm always amazed how it holds out in the West End. So many new shows always pop up there. Here Webber has or had at least three running at one time. That is often the kiss of death for all three shows.

      Luckily for him we Americans feel all smart and worldy if the show we see isn't produced here, LOL! My favorite film is either Chaney or Englund. That man has a voice from the Gods.

    • WayneDave LM profile image

      WayneDave LM 

      7 years ago

      I have seen it on the West End (I'm from England so Broadway is not that easy!) and I really enjoyed it. I was unaware of the slasher version so that was interesting to read about. Very interesting lens, truly enjoyable. Thanks for sharing.

    • Nightcat profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Thank you, Supermom! I know, I sat close to the stage one time and that freaked me out! The way it was swaying I though it really woulf fall. When you are up in the balcony you don't get that experience.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I attended the Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. It made you really connect with the Phantom instead of making him out to be a monster. I have to say I really enjoyed it. The crazy part was that the chandelier swings out into the audience during the performance. I was sitting in the second row, right in front of it so it really shocked me.


    • The Homeopath profile image

      The Homeopath 

      10 years ago

      Any serious Phantom page that can honestly slip in a reference to Meercat Manor gets an automatic high 5 from me!!


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