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7 (Free!) Photo Editing Apps to Make Your Instagram Photos So Much Better

Updated on August 12, 2017

Let’s face it, we’re always looking for that perfect photo to post on our Instagram. Whether a selfie, a sunset, or a fun collage of that party last night, we always want our next Instagram photo to look just right.

There are literally thousands of apps out there that promise to enhance our photos and make them better – sometimes it can be a little confusing which to choose.

These seven apps are tried and true, and each one has glowing reviews from companies, tech blogs and users alike. All of these applications are free, or offer paid versions with more unlocked features. All of these can be found in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

1. PicStitch (by Big Blue Clip)

This is by far one of the most popular third party apps used by Instagram members. You can easily create collages and group photos together in many possible ways. Plus, the app has a built in photo editor that allows you to adjust the photos before adding them into the collage project.

The basic app and layouts are free, however if you want to unlock some of the more diverse layouts, you’ll have to buy them by the pack.

Taken with the VSCO Cam app.
Taken with the VSCO Cam app. | Source

2. VSCO Cam (by the Visual Supply Company)

This is one of the more popular photo applications, and has been hailed as ‘the premier way to shoot, edit and share your photographs’. Unlike the basic device camera, this application gives way more options to bring out the photographer in all of us. Factors such as focus, exposure, resolution and white balance are all adjustable, and this widens the creative possibilities of your photos.

This app comes with its own filters too, and editing options such as saturation, contrast, exposure, grain effect and fading, which are all easily adjustable. VSCO Cam is free, but there is the option of purchasing more filters.

Sounds complicated? No worries! The beauty of VSCO Cam is that it’s very user friendly. After playing around with the buttons and options for a few minutes, you’ll be well on your way for amazing photography.

The #VSCOcam hashtag is also pretty popular on Instagram, and perusing through the photos under this tag will surely provide inspiration.

3. InstaVid (by New Leaf Apps, LLC)

This is another collage app, but with a twist – it allows you to combine video clips and images into one collage! Use photos from your image libraries, or use the built in camera option. Choose from a wide array of layouts, add in a colorful border and your favourite music, and you’re set!

4. Flipagram (by Cheerful, Inc.)

Flipagram allows you to create a beautiful slideshow or montage of your favourite photos.

With many customizable options, you can select the sequence of the photos, the speed of the slideshow, add text and filters to the photos, and even set the video to music from your device library. There’s even a built in voice recorder that allows you to narrate your video story!

It’s then uploaded to Instagram as a video, and of course can be shared to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

The more creative side of Instagram has seen artists use this app to create short stop-motion animations, work in progresses of current art projects and even time lapses. With such a versatile app, the possibilities are indeed endless.


5. Instasize (by Munkee Apps, LLC)

One thing that many users complain about is being forced to crop their photos to fit the square frame that Instagram uses. Frankly, some photos lose their effect if they’re cropped or the size is altered. Luckily, the Instasize app eliminates this problem by adding a white border around the photo, saving you from cropping it. Simply open the app, select your photo from the Camera Roll, adjust the white framing to your taste and voila! No more annoying cropping!


6. Split Pic Photo Editor (Easy Tiger Apps, LLC)

Ever saw those awesome photos of people who ‘cloned’ themselves and wondered how they did it? The Split Pic app does just that! Simply snap your photos (either using the in-app camera or using images from your Camera Roll), adjust them so they line up to your choosing, then add one of the optional built in filters.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, this app includes a ‘Featured’ section that shows what other users from around the world are creating. Plus, Split Pic has a ‘Notebook’ feature that allows you to save current projects to work on later, or make various combos.


7. Frontback (by Checkthis)

Ever faced the dilemma of wanting to post either a selfie, or a scenic photo, and not being able to choose which? Frontback definitely can solve that problem, by capturing photos using both the front and back cameras at once! It snaps the two photos together at once, then joins them together in a square framed collage.

Frontback is one of the more innovative apps on this list, and was named by Apple as one of the “Best New Apps”.

An account is required to use this app, which is free, and you can also see Staff Picks, photos that are trending worldwide, and shots that were snapped close to your location.

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