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Piper Halliwell

Updated on September 11, 2014

"What powers? Wait. Our powers?"

Originally the middle of three sisters, Piper Halliwell took on the role of the eldest of the Charmed Ones. Blessed with the power of temporal stasis, Piper is most happy in the kitchen cooking. Married to Leo Wyatt, the couple are proud parents of Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda.

"No problem... for I bear the power of.... One."

Who is Piper Halliwell?

The middle Halliwell sister, Piper was always the peacemaker between Prue and Phoebe. Before becoming a Charmed One, Piper was a university-trained chef with a natural talent for cooking. After receiving their Charmed powers, Piper found she had the power to freeze objects (molecular immobilization) which later grew into the ability to also "explode" them (molecular combustion) as she became more confident in her skills. She is also the best at brewing potions, as predicted by her grandmother.

After Prue's death, Piper took the role of eldest sister to Phoebe and Paige. Her confidence grew as well as her abilities. In addition to her duties she also owned and operated P3, a nightclub, and eventually opened her own restaurant.

Love was always in the cards for Piper, who fell for the handyman/Whitelighter Leo Wyatt. Although opposed by the Elders at first and several other obstacles along the way, eventually Piper and Leo married and had son Wyatt and Chris, along with a daughter named Melinda. Piper became more powerful in order to protect her children, especially with the abilities Wyatt and Chris displayed at early ages.

10 Great Piper Halliwell Moments

Piper's Powers

"Freeze now, questions later!"

Piper's power is molecular immobilization, also known as temporal stasis, inherited from her mother. This gives her the ability to 'freeze' objects in motion by slowing down their molecular movement rate to such a point where they appear not to move. As her power grows, Piper has the ability of molecular combustion. The opposite of temporal stasis, this causes molecules to speed up to such a point that they blow up.

Originally required to use both hands, Piper has become so adept at her powers she can now freeze an entire room, almost any sized object, and most often only uses one hand with deadly precision.

In addition to her powers, Piper is the best of the Haliwell sisters at making potions. Grams predicted this, as Piper is a good cook and the most grounded of the sisters.

Magic hasn't always been kind to Piper and her sisters. Piper has clinically "died" 9 times in the course of the show and has been turned into several magical creatures including a Wendigo and an Amazon.

Charmed: Season 1
Charmed: Season 1

Protecting the innocent vanquishing evil and evil doers and generally righting wrongs are not exactly on the agenda of every twenty-something on the fast track to discovering what life's all about. But for the Halliwell sisters this has become their destiny. Prue the oldest is driven to succeed and dislikes the free-spirited antics of the youngest sister Phoebe. Piper the earthy middle sister mediates between her siblings. Phoebe discovers The Book of Shadows in the attic and their witchly power...


Holly Marie Combs

The actress who plays Piper

Born December 3rd 1973, Holly moved to New York at the tender age of 7. She landed jobs in print ads and commercials which lead to a desire to act. After a few bit parts Holly landed a lading role as Kimberly in TV drama Picket Fences. After the show ended Holly did work in several television movies and auditioned for the roll of middle sister, Piper Halliwell in the WB show Charmed. For eight seasons Holly portrayed Piper, moving into a producing roll as well as acting on the show.

Some of her movies include Sweet Hearts Dance, Born on the Fourth of July, Dr. Giggles, Chain of Desire, A Reason To Believe and a cameo in the remake of Ocean's Eleven. Holly now lives in Burbank with her husband and their two sons.

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Charmed: Season 5
Charmed: Season 5

Piper (Combs) and Phoebe (Milano), now with younger half-sister Paige (McGowan) up to speed with her powers, more or less, and "The Power of Three" all living under one roof at the Halliwell manor, are trying to get their respective personal lives in order. All the while, continuing to battle the worst evils that come their way. Oldest sister Piper and her husband Leo (Krause), the siblings' whitelighter guardian angel, are thrilled at the prospect of the impending birth of their child. Yet, dea...


"Oh, I dare you!" Tell us how much of a fan you are of Piper Halliwell's!

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    • mistyblue75605 lm profile image

      mistyblue75605 lm 8 years ago

      This show was one of my favorites of all time!! Thanks! 5*'s on the highlight of Piper!

    • profile image

      anonymous 9 years ago

      i just love holly a.k.a piper she is my idol and i see charmed every day just to see holly it is my dream to meet holly i just love her so much and my wallpaper and my room is all piper/holly and it alway's will be no matter what