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pitbull stealing songs

Updated on November 9, 2010

Pitbull has stolen 4 or 3.5 (tell later why the half) songs as his hit so far. "calle ocho" beat/tune he got nearly 100% from "75 street brazil" from nicola fasano & pat rich, which used the horns part from the bucketheads - "the bomb" (this is the half). "hotel room service" he got from Nightcrawlers- "push the feeling on", he just added a few hip beats and got song name from that video. "krazy" he got 100% just added vocals from Frederico Franchi- "cream". last is his remix from "we speak no americano" which i'll say the original is much better, he changed it to a reggaeton beat. what's next? he's going to use Elvis or heavy metal for his other if he get sued it on him.

it reminds me of chemical Brothers hit "galvanize" techno version from a Moroccan female singer Najat Aatabou's song "just tell me the truth".

oninions on pitbull

is pitbull bogus

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    • Adriana Correa profile image

      Adriana Correa 

      5 years ago from USA

      I think if he was stealing he would be bankrupt by now. He does a lot of sampling which is very legal in the music business. I do believe there has to be music clearances signed before he can remix a song and make them his own.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      "last is his remix from "we speak no americano" which i'll say the original is much better, he changed it to a reggaeton beat."

      This is wrong, he actually stole the whole backing track to the song from Alvaro. It was his bootleg rework. If you want to see the comparison, Alvaro made a video himself:

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This last one from Pitbull has me up in arms. In his new song “Feel This Way” he teams up with Christina Aguilera, (who I adore, don’t get me wrong). But did he learn NOTHING from Vanilla Ice? Changing one note does not a new song make. Now I understand that most of the younger generation doesn’t even know what´╗┐ the 80s are, let alone the glory that is a synthesizer. But there is no way I’m not going to notice TAKE ON ME by the wonderfully stenciled A-Ha under nonsense rapping and disconnected warbling from everyone’s favorite diva. Boy, Please. When I first heard the song on the drive home one day I was stunned. This was clearly a beat I knew and could place, even though the radio DJ proudly announced the NEW single. It wasn’t until I found it on youtube and really listened that I realized that Pitbull had changed a note (a la “Ice Ice Baby” and yet another 80s heavy weight The Police) in the last phrase of the very iconic power ballad. Its a long string of “sampling” he does that just really ticks me off. If he was a DJ and was promoting it as a remix or mash up with credit to the original song I would have no problem. But he goes around like this is all from his mind and its infuriating! It sickens me that he can make millions stealing other peoples work while true artists who have original and innovative ideas struggle just to break on to the scene. You cannot get away with this level of plagiarism in academia or even art without serious repercussions and really it should be the same with music. Yes, appropriation is out there and I will not deny that it happens all the time. But I am astounded that no one has truly called him on this egregious habit.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      What about I went from negative to positive- biggie

      And I'm a hustler baby

      He's garbage industry as hell


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