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Planet 51

Updated on September 17, 2014

Welcome to Planet 51

Find a Planet 51 character list, Planet 51 trailer, Planet 51 movie memorabilia, Planet 51 books and much more for this alien movie.

Planet 51 is an animated movie that explores the universe and examines the perspective of what is alien. This movie follows an Astronaut from Earth's journey to a inhabited planet, Planet 51, and his struggle to get back home when he is thought to be an alien capable of mind control.

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Planet 51 Movie Stats

Rated: PG (for action and suggestive humor)

Length: 96 minutes

Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott and Jessica Biel

Favorite Planet 51 Movie Character - Share your opinion

When it comes to Planet 51 I have to say I am partial to the green skinned Lem and Rover the astronauts pets. I love when Rover does a homage to singing in the rain when he is out collecting rock samples? What about you?

Whose your favorite character from the movie Planet 51?

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Planet 51 Movie Trailer - A quick look at this alien movie

Find out what makes this animated movie, Planet 51, shine with this brief trailer.

Discover the Beauty of Planet 51 - About the animated film Planet 51

Planet 51 (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
Planet 51 (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

It's a twist on alien invasion when a human lands on Planet 51, thinking he's the first to set foot there. But he discovers an entire white-picket-fence world of little green people, who live in fear of an alien invasion. Befriended by a young resident named Lem, the astronaut - Capt. Charles 'Chuck' Baker - has to avoid capture in order to recover his spaceship and try to return home.

The title is a pun/reference to Area 51, a disputed storage and examination site of UFO material supposedly recovered from Roswell, New Mexico after the 1947 Roswell UFO incident.


Capt. Charles 'Chuck' Baker

Voiced by Dwayne Johnson

Chuck Baker grew up dreaming of being a florist, but since he had hay fever, he had to settle for astronaut. He's brave, dashing, confident and looks good in a big puffy white spacesuit. What Chuck lacks in brains, he makes up for in boldness.


Voiced by Justin Long

Lem is a nice, typical kid, your basic goody-two shoes. He's never late, does his homework on time, and always drinks his Galactic Goo from a glass, not the container. On the surface, he's a shy geek, but beneath the green skin beats the heart of a hero.


Voiced by Jessica Biel

Neera is your typical girl next door: smart, pretty with clear green skin and the cutest sensory antenna poking out of her forehead. Don't be fooled by her demure looks though. Neera speaks her mind and on Planet 51, everyone has a jumbo-sized brain, so her mind is really loud. Neera is like a lot of boys her age: she's torn between being a rebel and playing it safe. And if you tell her what to do or who to hang out with, well ... you don't want to be you.


Voiced by Seann William Scott

Poor Skiff. He's Lem's best friend, which wouldn't be a bad thing if Lem was a really cute girl who was into conspiracy theories about alien life and governmental cover-ups, but Lem. Skiff is looking for that special someone who loves and understands him. The good news is that he finds that special someone. The bad news is that special someone is a robotic exploration vehicle named Rover.


Rover is part space exploration robot, part Labrador retriever. If you like your pets to have petroleum gas sensors, then Rover is for you. If you want a cute companion that can fetch your slippers and collect carbon nanomaterials for spectrometer analysis, Rover is your guy. He works for Chuck, but becomes Skiff's loyal pet, proving that while dogs may be man's best friend, robots have better taste in owners.

Planet 51 Movie Toy Mini Figure Lem - Bring home some animated movie magic

Planet 51 Movie Toy Mini Figure Lem
Planet 51 Movie Toy Mini Figure Lem

Figurine of Planet 51 movie character Lem. This toy is listed for children 4+ and is not suitable for younger children because of small parts.


Planet 51 Mini-Figures - From Chuck to Rover discover these toys

Planet 51 Video Games - Planet 51 games for Wii, Nintendo DS and more!

The Art of Planet 51 - Posters

Planet 51 Movie Comments - What did you think about the animated movie Planet 51

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    • profile image

      Eullicis 7 years ago

      Planet 51 is a very clever movie. I just hope there will be a prt two on this flick! Nice lens. Ã

    • profile image

      julieannbrady 8 years ago

      Wow -- Planet 51 looks very cool -- a terrific lens -- I love the animated films.