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Murder Mystery Plays

Updated on September 16, 2014

Playing Dead

A look behind the scenes at and what the fuss is all about. Are they Party Games? Are they cheesey Do It Yourself Dinner Theatre things? Well? What is a Murder Mystery play and what can be done with them?

Murder Mystery Plays

Not a Game and Not just for Dinner anymore

Many people may hear the term "Murder Mystery Play" and think "Oh that's one of those Dinner Theater deals". One of those events where you walk in and they hand you a script and force you to be a character and participate, whether you want to or not. Some loosely scripted skit with everyone overacting and hamming it up. Well, sure there are events such as those and there are Murder Mystery Games which you can role play at parties, but really what I am talking about is an actual "play". You know, with actors and a script. A script in which the actors perform, not the audience.

The plays at Play-dead are actual plays for actors, not skits or games. Also they are not confined to a "dinner theater" format. The plays have been performed on regular stages, churches and even basements as a straight theatrical production and no one was offered any sort of meal. O.K. Maybe a dinner mint or a stick of gum that was it.
My scripts can be adapted for any type of venue and performed for any type of reason. In fact, Kristi S. did one of the plays as a fund raiser for her softball team. I got this email from her: "That was the most successful fundraiser our softball team ever had. Plus it was the most entertaining."

The point is that murder mystery plays can work on the stage without a dinner and can be used to raise money for any type of event. But of course, they can work "with" a dinner as well. In fact, in these days of High Gas prices, if someone can have dinner and see a live show, all in one location, without having to move from the table, except, you know to use the restroom, what a great deal!

And another thing, sometimes people hear the term "Murder Mystery Play" and immediately picture a dreary drawing room with snooty characters snifting Brandy, speaking with English accents. That is not the case with Play-dead plays. In fact, one the scripts, Death of a Doornail actually makes fun of the stereo-typical English Drawing Room Mystery.

Another play called " I'm Getting Murdered In The Morning" takes place at a Wedding Reception. In fact, the "audience" of the play also doubles as the "guests" of the reception. No previous acting experience required. But knowing how to do the "Electric Slide" is a plus.

Bottom line is that Murder Mystery Plays have come a long way since "The Mousetrap" opened in London over, 200 years ago or something?

They are not just for dinner, nor are they your 3rd Cousin Trevor from Croyden's cup of tea, anymore.

Murder Me Always - Murder Mystery Promo

Very creative promo on Youtube created by a theater group to promote my play "Murder Me Always"


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