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PLAYING FOR KEEPS 2012 Soundtrack Includes Songs by Butch Walker & the Black Widow, The Lackadaisies & Terraplane Sun

Updated on July 22, 2013

Music by Andrea Guerra

Gerard Butler (Chasing Mavericks) is more than just every soccer mom's dream, charming Justin Timberlake's wife, Jessica Biel (7th Heaven), Catherine Zeta-Jones ( Chicago, Rock of Ages) and Uma Thurman. The movie also includes the always talented Judy Greer (The Descendants, The Wedding Planner) who while featured in the trailer does not seems to have the same billing as the other leading ladies, as The Descendents co-star was bumped off the movie's poster in this romantic comedy ensemble flick.

For the 2012 Playing for Keeps Soundtrack list, director Gabriele Muccino selected his Pursuit of Happyness collaborator, Italian composer Andrea Guerra who also worked on Someday This Pain Will be Useful to You, Hotel Rwanda & Letters to Juliet.

Music Supervisor Selena Arizanovic whose claim to fame includes finding music for Expandables & Expandables 2, selected music by Terraplane Sun, Love Came Here, Trouble and Butch Walker and the Black Widows which are all available as individual song downloads. There's also a couple of songs from The Lackadaisies which include "The World Is Going Mad" and "Masquerade" which you'll find on CD Baby. Additional songs from Ry Cumming, Hailey & Johnny and Dena.

Did you likeJessica Biel in Gary Marshall's movies Valentine's Day & New Year's Eve or when she appeared in the television series Seventh Heaven? If so it will be nice to see her step into the spotlight in what looks like to be a more prominent role. Playing For Keeps also stars Dennis Quaid as the other male lead.

Somehow Gerard Butler gets cast in these roles as a professional broadcaster. Maybe it's his swagger and confidence. In The Ugly Truth Butler played a chauvinistic broadcaster. In Playing for Keeps, Butler plays a former pro soccer player turned sportscaster who pines for his ex-wife played by Jessica Biel.

Playing for Keeps was originally scheduled to be released as Playing the Field in March 2012 but perhaps the movie tested well in initial screenings or looks stronger than was earlier anticipated and was pushed out as one of 2012's holiday movie releases with a release date of December 7, 2012. Blu-Ray/DVD Release Date March 5, 2013.

If you can't get enough of Gerard Butler, look for Chasing Mavericks released on DVD February 26, 2013. Coming soon to DVD Movie 43. Butler starred as Leprechaun 1 & 2 in the "Happy Birthday" story. Olympus Has Fallen with Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman and Aaron Eckhart as President, not to be confused with the other Channing Tatum White House themed movie, came and went at the box office March 22, 2013. We're just waiting to hear when on a release date for when it's coming out on DVD.

Mrs. Timberlake, Jessica Biel can be seen on DVD in the release of Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins Silence of the Lambs, Helen Mirren The Queen, Red 2 and Scarlett Johansson Lost in Translation, We Bought a Zoo which came out December 14, 2012 and on video March 12, 2013.

Playing for Keeps Movie Poster Jessica Biel

Source: Copyright © FilmDistrict

No official soundtrack for Playing for Keeps is being released,

however, here's a list of all the songs in the movie.

Click on any of the songs below to preview.

"Funnel of Love" - Terraplane Sun

"Love Came Here" - Lhasa De Sela

Best song on the Playing for Keeps O.S.T. Have a listen, it's sultry and jazzy. I love in this live performance that Lhasa gets a giggling fit just before she goes on to sing this beautiful, sensual song. Vocals, drums and bass. Simple, yet so good. Other songs you might enjoy from this same live video taping, to hear "Rising" and "Is Anything Wrong", click here and here.

Additional Songs on the Playing for Keeps O.S.T.

Source: | IMDb

"Hello Sunshine" - Dena

"Tobacco Road" - Hailey and Johnny

"The World Is Going Mad" - The Lackadaisies

"Masquerade" - The Lackadaisies

"After the Rain" - Ry Cuming

"The Star Spangled Banner" - John Stafford Smith

The Lackadaisies on the Playing for Keeps O.S.T. - "Masquerade", "The World is Going Mad"

The Lackadaisies on Facebook
The Lackadaisies on Facebook

A couple of the best songs on the Playing for Keeps O.S.T. are not available from traditional music retailers like or iTunes. An indie band from Shreveport, you'll find music from The Lackadaisies on CD Baby.

You can stream the two songs you hear in the movie "Masquerade " and "The World is Going Mad" on the band's MySpace Page but ReverbNation lets you stream all 7 songs online from their self-titled 2010 album.

If you'd like to download any of the songs from CD Baby, just click on The Lackadaisies Music Store on Facebook.

Check Out This Performance of "World is Gone" - The Lackadaisies at Blade Studios

Check Out Even More Cool Music - From the Lackadaisies

Sometimes a great music supervisor opens up a window onto a small indie band that may not get a lot of airplay or attention but they only have room for one or two songs in the movie. But that's the great thing about the internet these days, a lot of smaller bands like the Lackadaisies who can't tour everywhere can at least get discovered with a movie like Playing for Keeps.

I had a tough time tracking down music videos on YouTube from the band until I found these gems on Vimeo. Enjoy these additional two songs from the band that aren't in the movie at all, but I thought you might enjoy them if you liked the other two tracks that did make the cut. Here are "Slow" and "Scarecrow".

Where You Can Buy The Lackadaisies 2010 Album - Preview All 7 Songs on CD Baby

Available on CD Baby

What Do You Think of the Movie's Title?

Originally the movie was to be called Playing the Field which is a cute title. But instead the movie was changed to Playing for Keeps which is a bit confusing because there was already a movie released back in the 80s with the same name.

Which Do You Prefer?

See results

Playing for Keeps Movie Trailers - Starring Gerard Butler

Jessica Biel & Gerard Butler - "You Wanna Come to the Arcade?"

Aside from being two gorgeous people, at first glance it doesn't exactly seem like they would be a couple. Not so sure about the on screen chemistry in that Jessica Biel has always looked impossibly youthful and Gerard Butler isn't one of those Hollywood types who pump up his face with collagen so he's showing his actual age. In fact, I thought he was already in his mid-forties. The two are about 12 years apart and though he doesn't look old enough to be her Dad, he could easily be her Uncle or some older brother. But I haven't seen the movie yet. What do you think of the match? Do they sizzle on screen? Now Catherine Zeta-Jones on the hand seems more his age.

"Have We Met Before?" - Catherine Zeta Jones Flirts With Gerard Butler

"Who's the New Soccer Coach?" - Preview Playing for Keeps

"Anybody Want to Know How To Shoot" - Gerard Butler Soccer Clip

"Here's Your New Coach" - Gerard Butler as Louis' Dad

"I Bet Coach Can Do It" - Dennis Quaid & Gerard Butler

An Inside Look Playing For Keeps - Featurette

Father and Son - Behind the Scenes Featurette

Wanna Know More? - Click Here to Visit the Movie's Official Website

Playing for Keeps Website
Playing for Keeps Website

Gerard Butler & Soccer - Playing For Keeps

Play for Keeps Movie Release Date

December 7, 2012

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

Playing for Keeps Website | Facebook Page

Photo Source: Copyright © 2012 FilmDistrict

Gerard Butler & Aaron Eckhart - Talk About Olympus Has Fallen

It's one thing that Gerard Butler's in this White House themed movie but then you've got the oh so handsome Aaron Eckhart as the President along with Morgan Freeman. In the end, the movie managed to gross over $130 million worldwide.

What do you you think of the Playing for Keeps Movie and Soundtrack?

Playing for Keeps Soundtrack

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      I've heard about this movie, but never watched it. Great lens tho, it was written very well!