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The New Exercise Trend: Pole Dancing

Updated on December 6, 2012

Pole Dancing Classes

There is an exercise craze and trend for women that is sweeping across the US and other countries. Pole Dancing classes have actually been around at least since 2007, but it was not that popular. I first heard about pole dancing classes as a form of exercise from a co-worker at a Christmas Party.

Pole dance class is indeed the new exercise routine as of 2011, and many women including stay at home moms, housewives, single women, and single moms are taking up pole dancing as a means to tone they’re body, work up a sweat, relieve stress, try something new, and burn hundreds of calories.

The mention of pole dancing definitely perked my interest when I first learned about it. Secretly, I think it’s every woman’s fantasy to know how to pole dance. I was indeed intrigued by the idea.

I have always been the type to work out at the gym at least two to three times a week, but sometimes the routines, the treadmill, the elliptical, can all become redundant and a little boring. Don’t get me wrong, working up a sweat is always my goal, and aerobics classes in general can be exciting at times, but pole dancing? Now that’s what I call taking your exercise routine to a whole different level with a touch of sexy.

Within a week of learning about this new phenomenon, I was automatically hooked and signed up for my first class: Pole 101. I was surprised to learn it was only five minutes from where I lived.

I walked in nervous, and wearing a T-shirt, leggings and held a pair stilettos in my hand. I was glad to know that stilettos were optional and you mainly workout bare foot. (Just in case you were wondering, you will not be taking off any clothes during pole dance classes.) The set up was similar to a dance studio, except there were seven poles lined up, not to mention other ladies who were obviously advanced and some who were newbie’s like I was at the time. The classes are normally for women only, but during my research on this subject, a few studios allow men. At several of these studios, you are even able to schedule your own private parties where men/couples allowed. You can also schedule your own bachelorette, birthday, and girls night out parties, and private lessons.

What To Expect At Your First Pole Dance Class

Pole dancing is probably not what one might expect. It’s hard work and it really gave me a fantastic work out. It’s a given that you will tone up and probably lose weight at these classes if you keep them up. I left the studio my first day of pole dance class with extremely sore arms and legs the next day, not to mention some a couple of bruises.

The classes are fun, and most are from 1 to 1 ½ hour in length. It’s more than about swinging around the pole. It’s different. It’s a new experience. It’s liberating. You kind of become one with the pole and with your own body. It is such a riveting experience. Your body will definitely become more flexible and stronger. I personally fell in love with pole dancing as a form of exercise.

The various classes really do teach you about building self-confidence, looking good, feeling good, and most importantly, loving yourself and the body you’re in, and working with what you got. Pole dancing definitely works every inch of your body. I will attest to the fact that none of my aerobics classes at the gym have ever worked me out like pole dance classes have. I think the reason why pole dancing as a form of exercise is becoming so popular is because it’s just so much fun, and at the same time you are working up a serious sweat and not even realizing it. Some of the women enjoy pole dancing so much that they are installing poles in their homes. There are even removable/portable poles you can purchase. You can learn more about purchasing these poles here at: "Lil' Mnyx" or "Chrome Secret Dancer Pole." Interested in signing up for your first pole dance class? Well just go to my profile and visit my website. Click on 'Pole Dance Classes' to learn where one is in your area. I have it listed by city/state/website/phone number.



At the beginning of 2008, USPDF was formed, otherwise known as the United States Pole Dance Federation. It was founded by two women – Anna Grundstrom and Wendy Traskos. It’s the first organization in the US to host professional pole dancing competitions where women compete from all over the country. You can go to the site and download an application to compete, view photos, and watch videos of other women competing. Just imagine, will this become a new sport for the Olympics? Watch the video below.

Watch Pole Dance Moves

Types of Classes Pole Dance Studios Offer

(Also known as Pole Fitness/ Not all studios offer all these types of classes - names and styles will vary)

1. Pole Dancing - Beginner Pole 101, Pole 201, Intermediate Pole, Master Pole – Learn the basic and advanced pole dance techniques. Learn how to grip the pole with your hands, legs and thighs, even flip upside down and sideways. Learn various techniques on how to swirl and turn around the pole.

2. Burlesque – Learn flirty and fun burlesque choreographed moves and dances. Pole techniques are included in some classes.

3. Cabaret Style Belly – Solid techniques, performed with power and self-expression. Class includes warm ups/cool downs and other dances.

4. Cardio Gogo – Fun and booty shaking movements.

5. Look Good Naked – Melt away and tone up in this slow and sensual version of Ad Addict/Booty Botex. You will feel the burn in this class.

6. Pole Sin-Sation – Beginner level pole techniques.

7. Sexercise – You will sweat. Learn sexy styles to get you looking and feeling bedroom ready. This class is sexy and naughty.

8. Sexy Flexy – The class is designed to take your natural flexibility and go above and beyond to reach your personal goals. Practice deep stretching and enhance full body flexibility.

9. Spin Pole – The poles actually spin in this class, so it gives you that extra momentum, drive, and spin.

10. Strip-Hop – Learn strip in a hip-hop style. Definitely bring your heels. You will feel like you’re a music video for sure, looking good, sexy, and shaking that rump.

11. Zumba – Fusion of Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves. Even a bit of salsa thrown in as well. You will get a sweaty work out and you will get hooked.

12. Ad Addict/Booty Botox – Melt away and tone up. Begins with a cardio-based warm up.

13. Belly Dancing – This class will focus on posture, movement, and drills to strengthen and tone your entire body, and flatten your abs. Move your waist around and around like you never have before.

New Found Passion - Pole Dancing

I must say I’d never thought I find a new found passion in pole dancing classes. I’ve since been to several classes. The instructor knows me on a first name basis.

If you have never tried pole dance classes, I highly recommend you go to one, especially if you’d like to take your exercise to the next level. For those of you who don’t work out, once you try a pole dance class, you’ll be a fan forever. And for those of you who are way too conservative, (you know who you are) what about taking a Free E-Class to pole dancing? Yes you heard right. A woman located in the state of Vermont offers Free E-Classes for pole dancing. Her blog is entitled: PoleSkivvies.


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    • profile image

      DoveFreexrolo 21 months ago

      Do you know any ways to help prevent content from being ripped off? IÕd truly appreciate it.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 4 years ago

      You can now take pole dancing classes in St Louis at Pink Lemon Studio!

      My pole studio offers ongoing progressive training, drop in classes, conditioning, and workshops.

      We provide students with safe, comprehensive pole training, and teach them the art of pole.

      We also offer pole dance parties in St Louis for any occasion; Pole bachelorette parties, pole dance birthday parties, Girls Night Out, theme party nights, etc!

      Our location:

      2182 East Pitman Avenue

      Wentzville, Mo, 63385

      Our contact info:

      (636) 896 - 5855

      For more information visit

    • FreezeFrame34 profile image

      FreezeFrame34 4 years ago from Charleston SC

      Great, informative hub!

      Pole fitness can really give you a total body workout like no other fitness class can!

      Thanks for sharing the information!

    • Natashalh profile image

      Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii

      It makes me happy every time I see people discussing pole dancing for fitness as the legitimate workout it is. It is flexibility, cardio and strength all in one, fun package! I would recommend trying it to any woman, no matter her current size, fitness level or confidence level. It's life changing awesome.

    • profile image

      tammy / pole dance fitness 6 years ago

      pole dance fitness llc

      medford, oregon 97501

      541 840 2830

    • tinisha12 profile image

      tinisha12 6 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Hello Marisa --- Yes you can definitely wear leggings or long cotton pants. I've seen a couple of ladies in classes where them, or even capri's. Glad you are liking the belly dancing.

      Yes Alicia a portable pole for your home is definitely a great piece of equipment for your home :)

    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 6 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      Pole dancing looks like it provides a fantastic workout! The women in the video look extremely strong. I didn’t realize that we could buy portable poles for home use. A portable pole would be a useful piece of home exercise equipment.

    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Marisa Wright 6 years ago from Sydney

      Very thorough treatment of the subject, Tinisha! I was interested to see the photo of women learning to pole dance in long pants - I was always told you must wear shorts because you can't grip the pole with fabric-covered thighs. That's why I've never tried it - if you'd seen my thighs, you'd know why I don't want to reveal them in short shorts!

      I do belly dancing these days, where I can be more modest - but I must correct you, belly dancing isn't that good for flattening your abs. You only use your abs in advanced moves, and you need to learn the specific exercises. It's a great workout though!

    • profile image

      keescampstudio 6 years ago

      Thanks so much Tinisha -- again, thanks for the great article :)

    • tinisha12 profile image

      tinisha12 6 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Thank you Scott, I will be sure to update this list. Thank you very much for that info.

    • profile image

      keescampstudio 6 years ago

      Hi Tinisha, I enjoyed reading your article: The New Exercise Trend for Women: Pole Dancing Classes.

      I did want to mention, I am co-owner (along with my wife, Jennifer Kees) of Kees Camp Pole Fitness Studio in West Des Moines, IA.

      I saw that we were not included in the directory of pole studios in Iowa. We are Iowa's original, nationally certified pole fitness studio -- certified through PDIC Las Vegas via Fawnia Dietrich as one of a handful of Level 6 pole fitness studios nationwide. Also a member in good standing with the PFA.

      Our studio has been offering certified pole fitness since 2007 and is the area's most experienced and attended pole fitness authority. I was hoping you might be able to include us in your directory.

      Please feel free to contact us at 515-779-5337. Our web site is & you can find us on facebook, twitter and YouTube as well.

      Thanks for your great article on pole fitness, I just hope that we can be a part of it as we have a large, loyal client base in Iowa, 2 decades of group fitness & choreography experience, and bar-none some of the strongest pole fitness in the Midwest.


      Scott Kees

    • tinisha12 profile image

      tinisha12 6 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Yes Ashantina isn't it? Talk about strength. Glad you're inspired.

    • Ashantina profile image

      Ashantina 6 years ago

      Amazing video!! The core strength of these women is unbelievable. Just yesterday I was browsing the internet and came across pole dancing classes! It looks like sooo much fun.. feeling? Inspired!! ):