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Welcome to Pooh Corner Review

Updated on October 7, 2014

Welcome To Pooh Corner Television Series

Do you remember the television series Welcome to Pooh Corner? The popular children's television show aired for three years, beginning in 1983 and it also ran in reruns until 1997.

Welcome to Pooh Corner was a Disney Channel live-action puppet series featuring real people, people in costumes with radio controlled 'puppetronics' and one 'ordinary' puppet. The animatronic costumes were developed by Ken Forsse and Alchemy II who later developed the very popular Teddy Ruxpin.

Each show was presented by a friendly and warm older man played by Laurie Main. He opened each episode from a comfy chair with a book on his lap and a stuffed toy at his side. He would tell the tale of an event that had happened in the Hundred Acre Wood and relate it to a topic at hand and then he would read a story from Welcome to Pooh Corner. As he narrated, the action was recreated by the Pooh chracters.

Welcome to Pooh Corner featured no commercials as it was created for The Disney Channel before it began airing commercials. Each episode therefore is actually 30 minutes long. After the main story finished, there were two shorter stories. One of these segments was a music video and the other, an arts and crafts segment. There were regular episodes made as well as holiday and educational episodes.

The Welcome To Pooh Corner series was sold on VHS videotape and has never been reproduced on DVD, making the videotapes somewhat rare, much sought after and very expensive. Note that not every episode was released on video.

On this page, read more about Welcome to Pooh Corner and, if you are searching for copies of these shows, you will find links to buy the videos so that you can add these rare VHS videotapes to your collection.

Click here to order your Welcome To Pooh Corner video from Amazon.

Welcome To Pooh Corner

followed the movie,

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Welcome To Pooh Corner Video - This video features the original commercial advertisement for this Winnie The Pooh television show.

Welcome To Pooh Corner Introduction Video - This video features the opening of the show.

Fast Facts About Welcome To Pooh Corner


Hal Smith - Pooh and Owl

Will Ryan - Tigger and Rabbit

Phil Baron - Piglet

Ron Gans - Eeyore

Kim Christianson - Kanga and Roo

  • DIRECTOR: Denise McKenna
  • WRITERS: A.A. Milne and Mark Stratton
  • RELEASE DATE: April 18, 1983
  • RUNTIME: 30 minutes per episode
  • DVD RELEASE DATE: Only available on VHS videotape. No DVD version has been released.


Wikipedia Lists These Differences Between This and Other Winnie The Pooh Shows

  • Piglet always wears a scarf or a muffler and is musically inclined.
  • Tigger is not orange but rather red with black stripes and he is artistically inclined.
  • Rabbit is both a gardener and a magician.
  • Eeyore loves and is a talented dancer.
  • Owl wears glasses and often a pilot's hat and scarf. He also loves to cook.
  • Roo began as a toddler. However, later in the series he was more of a preschool aged child. He always was dressed in red.

Amazon Customer Review

"My words cannot describe how good Welcome to Pooh Corner is. No other children's show comes close to the quality of this series…Every episode had warmth, humor, and charm, and taught good values. It appeals to adults as well as children. The songs were fabulous. The backdrops and scenery were beautiful also. What an amazing bunch of talented people worked on this show! I watched Welcome to Pooh Corner with my sons when they were little and now watch with my granddaughter." ~ Ferrin Sanders

Welcome To Pooh Corner
Welcome To Pooh Corner

Walt Disney Home Video Released Six VHS Videotapes In The United States in the 1980s - (Different tapes were released in the United Kingdom.)

  • VOLUME ONE: You Need A Friend, Doing What I Do Best, The Pooh Scouts and Brighten Your Corner.
  • VOLUME TWO: Safety First, Rabbit Learns to Share, The Great Outdoors and Surprise, Surprise.
  • VOLUME THREE: Piglet Pride, Roo's Great Adventure, Eeyore Talks to Himself and Snow Falls On Pooh Corner.
  • VOLUME FOUR: Hello, Hello There, Practice Makes Perfect, The Old Swimming Hole and Pooh Makes a Trade.
  • VOLUME FIVE: A Bicycle Built for Five, My Echo and I, Pooh Learns to Remember and Wishing.
  • VOLUME SIX: Don't Quit, Holiday for Pooh Bear, Pooh Builds a Bee House and Piglet Lends a Helping Hand.

Holiday and Educational Welcome To Pooh Corner Episodes

  • Because It's Halloween
  • Pooh Corner Thanksgiving
  • Christmas at Pooh Corner
  • Pooh's Funny Valentine's Day
  • Christmas Is For Sharing
  • Too Smart for Strangers
  • Pooh's Great School Bus Adventure

Welcome to Pooh Corner's Too Smart For Strangers Video - The Not-Okay Touching Video

Welcome To Pooh Corner is

"truly 80s and truly a gem.

It was the first Winnie-the-Pooh

show to ever air (even before

"The Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh"

cartoon show) and it had all the

campy charm and wholesome fun,

which appealed to kids and adults..."

~~ Johnny Italian

Welcome To Pooh Corner Episode List

Pooh Borrows Trouble

Handyman Tigger

Pooh Shows Tigger A Bright Side

Eeyore Solves A Problem

Owl Has A Party For His Auntiversary

Kanga and Roo Learn Where Home Is

Pooh and His Friends Take Potluck

Big Little Piglet

There's No Place Like Owl's Place

Roo's Great Adventure

You Need a Friend

A Brand New Sign

Piglet Sings Out

Pooh Corner Singing Society

Pooh Gets a Turn

A House is Blown Down

Singing Helps the Work Along

Be of Good Cheer

The Old Swimming Hole

Practice Makes Perfect

Pooh and His Friends Play Follow the Leader

A House of a Different Color

Piglet Pride

Eeyore Joins the Band

Eeyore's Costume Party

Eeyore's Gift


A Swing for Eeyore

Little Things

Rabbit and Eeyore Do a Good Deed

Piglet Lends A Helping Hand

Do It Now

Pooh Goes Boom

It Must Be Fall

It Must Be Spring

It Must Be Summer

Rabbit's Treasure Hunt

Strawberry Time

Sleepytime Tigger

Eeyore's Tea Party

Safety First


Rules of the Game


The Fastest Rabbit in the Wood

Piglet Cares for a Carrot

Carrots, Carrots and More Carrots

Eeyore's Island

The Pooh Scouts

Let's Pretend

Song of Eeyore

Pooh Corner Carnival

Many Things: Lost and Found

Roo Gets Lost

Hi Neighbor

Happy Birthday, Roo

All Fall Down

Rabbit Wins One for the Tigger


Eeyore Goes Exploring

Pooh Corner On Parade

Tale of a Tail

Iceboat Cometh

Rabbit Learns to Share

Tigger's Day Off

Rabbit's Cousin

Tigger Takes A Fall

Dress Up Day

Bright Idea

Piglet's Secret Place is Safe

The Great Outdoors

Pooh Forgets to Remember

Pooh Learns to Remember

The Great Kite Race

Stay at Home Adventure

Surprise, Surprise

Look Around, Look Around

Fine-Feathered Friend

Pooh Builds a Bee House

Doing What I Do Best

To Be A Friend

Eeyore Talks to Himself

Pooh Makes a Trade

Hello, Hello There

Butterflies Tigger

Piglet Sees Spots

Pooh Scouts Campout

The Man in the Moon is a Tigger

Heat Wave

My Echo and I

Snow Falls on Pooh Corner

The Long, Long Walk

Don't Quit

Mystery of the Missing Tail

Now You See It

Strawberry Time

Pooh Corner School

Poor Eeyore

Piglet's Slumber Party

Piglet Finds Out Who His Friends Are

A Mysterious Noise Keeps Piglet Awake

Treasures Island

When I Was Younger

Very Beautiful Day

Piglet Learns to Swing

There's A Party Going Round

Almost Perfect Picnic

A Bicycle Built for Five

Home is Better

Day for Knights

The Fastest Does Not Win the Race

Brighten Your Corner

Pooh and His Friends Switch Places

Pooh Cleans Up

Tigger Finds A Hobby

Order Your Copy of Welcome To Pooh Corner From Amazon

I have shown here just three of the six titles that were available on VHS video tape. By clicking through to the link shown below, you will find more information about Volumes 1 through 6 available from sellers on Amazon without any obligation to purchase.

Welcome to Pooh Corner
Welcome to Pooh Corner | Source

Are you familiar with Welcome to Pooh Corner?

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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      that prices are too high for tape of the show, unless you got yourself a capture card in your pc, to convert them into dvd not sure about those prices for a tape, aged videos

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      i have an autistic daughter who is 24 and she grew up on pooh corner and still to thiis day begs to see it please disney release all episodes on dvd i beg you

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Oh we loved Pooh when our kids were small and now we are loving Pooh again with our grandchildren!

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 

      11 years ago from USA

      Too darn cute!

    • SusanDeppner profile image

      Susan Deppner 

      11 years ago from Arkansas USA

      Somehow we missed this series, which is too bad since my children were just the right age during the years it was on TV. I can see why Welcome to Pooh Corner tapes have become collectible.

    • profile image

      Dianne Loomos 

      11 years ago

      We have some adorable Winnie the Pooh VHS videos but I don't think it is this set. The kids loved them and so did I.


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