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Potter Puppet Pals

Updated on July 28, 2014

Harry Potter Videos and Animations

For those who haven't seen them before, Potter Puppet Pals is a spoof puppet show based on Harry Potter, performed by Neil Cicierega and his sister Emmy.

New Videos: Scroll down to see the latest videos from the official channel on YouTube.

These are the only original Potter Pupper Pals videos (animations have been captured by a third party). There are many other tributes / rip offs of these on YouTube, but these are the original Pals.

Note: This is just a fan page - and not the Official Potter Puppet Pals site.

"Bothering Snape"

"Trouble at Hogwarts"

"Potions Class"

This is the pilot episode for a new series of Harry Potter puppetry-- NOW IN 3D! We find Harry, Ron, and Hermione deep in the dungeons of Hogwarts, listening as the ominous Professor Snape teaches the passion of potion.

"Wizard Angst"

Harry Potter feels cranky and pubescent today, and he doesn't know why.

"The Mysterious Ticking Noise"

Snape hears a strange ticking sound. Love ensues.

"Yule Ball" 2007 [Live] - Part 1

Here is the live performance of "Yule Ball", filmed at the Middle East Underground in Cambridge, MA, in 2007.

Part 2

"Wizard Swears" - December 1st, 2007

Harry and the gang learn how to curse. Er, not like magical curses, like swearing. Just watch okay?

"School is for Losers" - June 12th, 2008

Harry Potter is too cool for school.

"The Vortex" - June 12th, 2008

Internal power conflicts in Hogwarts. Who will emerge the victor?

"Ron's Disease" - April 13th, 2009

Ron has a problem...

"Snape's Diary" - July 15th, 2009

Harry Potter steals Professor Snape's secret diary...

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Buy The Official T-Shirts

Here are the Official Potter Puppet Pals T-Shirts, modelled by Neil and Emmy themselves, and sold direct from their website.

Games and Puzzles

in the PPP Playground

Neil Cicierega, the original creator of the Potter Puppet Pals dropped this lens by one day and left this comment in the Guestbook:

"Thank you for advertising my "Potter Puppet Pals" and I might be making more, but it is a lot of work so it might be the end of PPP - keep wishing and me and Emmy might continue it. :)"

September 14, 2007

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