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Most powerful non-legendary Pokémon – Garchomp, Togekiss, Lucario, Snorlax, Scizor and more

Updated on February 19, 2012

In the Pokémon world, legendary Pokémon are known to be very powerful and elusive at the same time. Many trainers are unable to catch a legendary Pokémon in the animation (not the game) and would have to train their Pokémon very hard to compete in gym battles, contests and league battles. This hub lists some of the most powerful non-legendary Pokémon up to Black and White series.

Garchomp – This is one of the biggest dragons introduced in Pokémon Diamond / Pearl. This guy is very strong and is one of the pseudo legendary Pokémon that pack a very serious punch. His stats are very high and can deal some serious damage to many opponents. This big dragon has a massive weakness against ice type attacks. However, other than ice and dragon type of attacks, this big dragon has no other fears. Ash Ketchum's Gible is the pre evolved form of Garchomp.

Togekiss – I used to think that this Pokémon lost its cuteness after evolution. However, it seems to grow on me after watching it in the animation; Dawn received one from a princess. I should have included her in my 20 cutest Pokémon list. Aside from appearance, this flying type Pokémon has very good stats. It also has lots of powerful moves that make use of those good stats. When it comes to non-legendary flying type Pokémon, Togekiss rules the sky.

Lucario – This Pokémon is very elusive in the Pokémon world. It is one of the few non-legendary Pokémon that can use aura sphere as an attack move. Lucario is fighting and steel dual type. It has many resistances thanks to its steel typing. This Pokémon has high stats that go well with its long list of powerful moves.

Milotic – This water type Pokémon is strong as well as beautiful. It is known as the most beautiful Pokémon in the Pokémon world. Its stats are the highest of all non-legendary water types. It can also learn the move recover through leveling up which can help in tough situations. Being a water type Pokémon, it is only weak against electric and grass types. However, it is a very tough Pokémon that can pull out a win in many difficult situations. Ash Ketchum managed to defeat this Pokémon twice with his Pikachu.

Snorlax – This normal type Pokémon was introduced back in generation one. It has remained one of the strongest normal type Pokémon. It has only one weakness, fighting type moves. This Pokémon is a power house with lots of very powerful moves up its belt.

Scizor – This is one of the most powerful bug types in the game. In addition to being a bug type, it also has steel type traits. However, it has a very big weakness to fire type moves because of its unique typing. Other than one weakness, it has a total of 9 resistances. This bug Pokémon can stand up against numerous other powerful Pokémon. It also have a special ability called technician that can double the attack power of moves equal or less than 60. This is a great boost that make Scizor even stronger.

Empoleon – This starter water Pokémon is unique because of its type combination. Because of its typing, it has resistances against 11 different types and immune to poison moves. This makes Empoleon a very good defensive Pokémon because not a lot of moves cause a whole lot of damage to it.

Metagross – This is another pseudo legendary Pokémon that is very strong because of its high stats and good typing. This is one of the few psychic Pokémon that lacks a weakness to dark or ghost type moves because of its steel type traits. It is very strong and has high defense stats.


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    • profile image

      Walker#6580 14 months ago

      AshGreninja, too.

      And Slaking.

    • profile image

      kin 5 years ago

      u guys don't know nothin everyone knows slaking iz d best in stats 2 any pokémon dats non-legendary second iz tyranitar 3rd iz snorlax 4th iz metagross 5th iz lucario and 6th is blaziken on soo on iz dragonite then espeon and more and more if u want more poke facts contact me at my name iz kinyachta toliver on facebook but datz not my real name foolz

    • DeanSexton profile image

      Geofferson Dean Sexton 5 years ago from Nowhere Land, Ontario, Canada.

      Great post, I've been a pokemaniac for years and it's always nice to read posts like this!

      My personal favorites were Dragonite, Aggron, Flygon, and Salamence!

      Voted up!!!

    • thesingernurse profile image

      thesingernurse 6 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

      Your hub has a nostalgic effect on me. It makes me wanna go back in a time when every kid liked and loved Pokémon and Pikachu! :)