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Pranks, Gags And Funny Gifts

Updated on August 29, 2017

Funny Christmas Pranks, Gags And Gifts

Christmas Pranks? Sure, there are funny gifts, pranks and gags with a Christmas theme. My family has a grab bag on Christmas Eve and the gift limit is 10.00. We used to get calendars and candles, but then we got turned on to buying the funniest and goofiest gifts we could find. Now it's all gags and pranks gifts and we couldn't have more fun! I'm sure you will find some gifts for Christmas that will have the entire family rolling on the floor. Here's a cute Laughing Santa for you to take a look at Tickle Me Laughing Santa

Pranks, Gags, And Gifts - Tickle Tickle Santa Laughing Doll

Halloween Pranks Can Be Funny Or A Little Bit Scary!

I like the brain mold and the rubber rat would make a great addition to your Halloween party buffet. The Toilet Monster might be pushing it a little...someone might really not think that one is funny. Imagine the "Accidents" that thing could cause! The foursome golf balls are perfect for the golfer in your life and the parking ticket might upset someone intially but I think we would all laugh over that one. Once someone gave me a rub off lottery ticket and it was a big winner. Come to find out it was a gag gift!

Here's A Scary Halloween Prank - This Online Scary Video Is The Perfect Prank For Halloween

Wait until you see this's really a freaky example of a Scary Halloween prank. It's pretty great, in fact it might be one the best pranks online. Very funny!

The Toilet Monster...Yes Or No?

Let's talk about the Toilet it a good gag? Is it too scary? Will it freak people out?

Do You Like The Toilet Monster?

Even More Halloween Pranks And Gags

Halloween is the best time of year to pull out some gory pranks and scary gags! These funny, goofy gags are lots of fun, so get ready for October 31st with fun ideas like these.

21st Birthday Party Gag Gifts - Halloween Isn't The Only Time Pranks And Gags Are Fun

So, who is turning 21? Let's find some fun birthday gags and prank gift ideas for that lucky guy or gal! 21 is a big deal, it means you are an adult...officially, so bring it in with a roar!

30th Birthday Gag Gifts - Funny Pranks For A 30th Birthday Party

The Big 3 0! Thirty years old is a big deal, so throw a party and get some funny gag gifts for the birthday boy or girl. Take a look at the fun birthday gifts you can find that will have everyone laughing and having a good time at the party.

40th Birthday Party Gag Gifts - Funny Gifts For A 40th Birthday

Funny Gag Gifts and Pranks for a 40th birthday party.

Photo Booth Prank Ideas - Great Prank Ideas

This just one of the hysterical online Prank Videos I found while making this lens. It would be a funny idea at a birthday or a Halloween would have to make a booth yourself but if you are a do it yourself kind of person, this would be a great prank idea!

You'll connect with your readers. If you type a sentence here about why you love this video.

50th Birthday Gag Gifts And Pranks - I Love A Good Birthday Gag

Get your funny pranks and gag gifts for those Over The Hill birthday parties. Make everyone laugh...including the birthday girl or boy who is turning 50, 60 or 70...

70th Birthday Party Gag Gifts

SO someone is 70 years young...I wonder if 70 is the new 50? And if so, should you get gag gifts that say 70 or 50? HA...get the ones that say 70!

Get Pranks And Gags - Find Funny Gift Ideas

Where can you find gags, pranks and funny, funny gifts? Check out The Prank Place where you can find funny, not always tasteful, gags. Perfect for Halloween and April Fool's Day and everyday in between. The Link Is Here In Blue...

Funny Prank Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween costumes can be pranks and here are some pretty stupid ones, but some of them are also very funny.

Brain Molds Are Always A Fun Prank Idea At Halloween
Brain Molds Are Always A Fun Prank Idea At Halloween

Funny, Scary Halloween Pranks, Gags And Gifts

It's Halloween and a brain mold is a funny and scary prank idea. Find some funny pranks, gags and gifts for that next party you are going to. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Eve and the Granddaddy of all, April Fool's Day, are all great times to pull someone's leg with a funny gag or a scary prank. Just remember it's all supposed to be fun! Start off looking at this online prank shop where you can find The Toilet Monster!

Tell us what you like on this page and what gags you don't like!

Like These Gags And Pranks? - Hate Em?

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