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My all psychic Pokemon team for Pokemon black and white

Updated on July 21, 2012

Ever since the psychic Pokemon debuted in generation one of the original series, they have been very popular with both competitive and amateur players. Since they were powerful in the very beginning, subsequent generations introduced other types (dark specifically) to balance everything out. However, there are lots of people that still love to use an all psychic type team for many purposes. This hub is a list of an all psychic type Pokemon team that I made for myself for the newest Black and White games. Hope you will enjoy it. This team is meant for a trainer to navigate through the Unova region just like the main character in the anime. This list is a mixture of previous generation and Black / White generation Pokemon.

Who can forget the all powerful original uber Pokemon, Mewtwo. He is very powerful when you look at his stats and move pool. With the new move psystrike in Black and White, he can be used to deal with even more foes. If you get a chance to use a few calm mind moves, he will be almost invincible with the three attacks listed below. You can use Mewtwo to deal with very powerful opponents such as dragon types with its ice beam.

Mewtwo – type: psychic

Ability: pressure

Nature: timid

Moves: Psystrike

Ice beam

Aura sphere

Calm mind

Mewtwo's eyes glowing and getting ready to attack.
Mewtwo's eyes glowing and getting ready to attack.
Mewtwo uses shadow ball in the first movie.
Mewtwo uses shadow ball in the first movie.

Metagross is a pseudo legendary Pokemon with awesome stats. He is also a steel / psychic type combination. Because of his good typing, he is not weak to bug, ghost and dark type attacks. In exchange, Metagross is weak to ground and fire. I have to include him in this list because he is so powerful and the shiny Metagross is very cool looking as well.

Metagross – type: steel / psychic

Ability: clear body

Nature: jolly

Moves: Earthquake


Meteor mesh


shiny metagross getting ready to attack
shiny metagross getting ready to attack
Shiny metagross angry
Shiny metagross angry
Shiny metagross battling mime jr.
Shiny metagross battling mime jr.
Shiny metagross meets James
Shiny metagross meets James

Another good team player is Starmie. He is a water / psychic type combination and has very good stats. He can take care of ground and rock types that are so prevalent in the caves. It is also very important to have a water type Pokemon on your team because surf is needed to navigate many parts of the map. Starmie is also able to learn ice beam and thunderbolt; these two offensive moves are very useful in the game. With recover as his reliable hit point re-generator, he will take care of many opponents all by himself.

Starmie – type: water / psychic

Ability: natural cure

Nature: modest

Moves: Ice beam




Misty's Starmie
Misty's Starmie

Flying types are incorporated in most teams. I have included Sigilyph (psychic / flying) on the team. It can learn flying type moves in addition to psychic moves. It can also carry you from town to town in the Unova region and do aerial searches. He does have lots of weaknesses. So you will have to be careful when you use him in battle.

Sigilyph – type: psychic / flying

Ability: magic guard

Nature: timid

Moves: fly

air slash



Sigilyph angrily attacking
Sigilyph angrily attacking
Sigilyph back side.
Sigilyph back side.

Fire type Pokemon are very good offensively. Their moves are strong against grass, ice, bug and the very powerful steel types. I have included Darmanitan because he is a brutal attacker with very high stat in attack. However, he is fragile. So you will have to use him against someone slower for his own safety. He has strength to get you through many parts of the map.

Darmanitan – type: fire or fire / psychic

Ability: sheer force

Nature: adamant

Moves: Flare Blitz




For the last spot, I decided to go with Gallade because he is a psychic / fighting combination. Due to being part fighting type, he has very strong attack stat. All the moves I choose for him utilizes his strong attack. With these moves, Gallade can deal with a large variety of Pokemon (water, normal, ground, psychic, fighting, ghost, rock, steel, ice and poison are all weak to at least one of its moves listed below).

Gallade – type: psychic / fighting

Ability: steadfast

Nature: adamant

Moves: Leaf blade

Drain punch

Night slash

Psycho cut


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    • profile image

      Pika boy 5 years ago

      You do realise that darmanitan sheer force can not be psychic type right?


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