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Spring Love

Updated on April 8, 2011

Puppy Love

In the Spring time a young mans fancy turns to love and rebirth. He can become engrossed in a relationship or stare for hours at the lawn with thoughts of how to make it greener. Which is what I do. When you are a dog it seems your time is consumed with new odors and colors especially in Indiana where the winters sometimes seem gray and frozen. My Basset hound Wacker has a new yard to explore since we moved last September. A large area fenced by a six foot wooden enclosure with lots of new things. At the end of the year most of the flowers in our new yard had already bloomed and died out by the time we got settled in. Now we have crocuses and daffodils along with tulips. I know this because he came romping into the house with a red tulip hanging out of the corner of his mouth like a Spanish dancer. If only he had a pair of canasstas in one paw we might have made it on Letterman. He guards the yard as if it were his own Wacker World. From as far as he can see upward to the ends of the yard each side is his own to protect. God forbid a beautiful Robin or Cardinal dare to fly over the no fly zone. He is on it and tracks its path over the domain ready to attack. Don't get me started on the occasional cat or the absent minded squirrel. He scared a squirrel so bad yesterday that the poor thing left his nuts behind. The exception is the neighbors dog. We seen her on our evening walk when we moved in. His last love was a Toy Poodle. She moved away before we did and he was broken hearted for two months. This dog is also a Poodle but she is mixed with a Schnauzer. I think she looks like the two breed ran into each other at high speed and merged. I see a train wreck, Wacker sees love. When she is out they stand at each side of the fence and whimper at each other. My neighbor Fred and I have decided to take walks at the same time. She prances along looking at Wacker and he tries to do the same, but at thirteen inches tall and thirty inches long weighing in at seventy pounds he can't pull it off. Still he tries. Love is blind.

  After our walks we always go in and settle down and watch Katie on the evening news. I want to stay on top the news and current events and watching her inform me makes my day. Wacker I know feels the same for he watches her too and then lies down for his evening nap after she signs off. Now I hear she is leaving the news. I know I could get the same info elsewhere but it just would not be the same. I just can't picture Brian William in a knee lenght skirt sitting with his legs crossed with soft lighting playing on his lower half nor Jim Leher. We will have to try out Diane Sawyer but she just isn't as perky. I may just go into a two month depression like Whacker did when his Poodle left him. Somebody told me to watch Stephen Colbert. It is worth a shot. Comedy news I'll try it.



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    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 

      7 years ago from Great Britain

      Wonderful read. l like your style.

      Thank you.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Very fun read...

    • tmckim profile image


      7 years ago

      Katie Couric is a tool.


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