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Become successful as a rap producer with these 3 tools

Updated on January 25, 2014

Sonic Producer V2.0


A Music Producers Dream Tool

I have been making music for eight years now and if you are like me when I first started I didn’t know a thing when it came to making beats. I mean I knew what I wanted the beat to sound like but creating it was the hard part for me because I knew nothing about music. Well thanks for technology today which gave me the tools I needed to finally make the cut. I was creating music in minutes and now I am almost completed my second album. This could be you and I mean it because getting into the industry is not easy but with the right guidance and tools you could be on your way to being the next Timbaland, or Kanye West if you are willing to work hard and sacrifice a little to accomplish your goals as a music producer.

I make it my business to help anyone I can succeed because I feel if more people are successful the more balance our society will be in helping one another pulled out of this struggle. So here’s my gift to you as well with all the research and grinding I did to get where I am at now today gives me the opportunity to share these tools to you as I learn about them. So for the thousands of dollars of software I purchase like Fruity loops 2,3,5,6,7, and 10 is what I have now it was ridiculous every year upgrading a program I just purchase. Crazy isn’t it well at least you don’t have to go that far with the new Sonic Producer V2.0 state of the art visual studio for beginners.

Sonic Producer V2.0 features:

  • 4 octave piano
  • Drum Machine
  • Beats save online
  • 16 track mixer
  • One button Facebook post
  • Automatic Exclusive rights on each beat created
  • Etc……….

You can’t beat this anywhere at all plus you get video tutorials to get you started immediately.

Sound Cloud VIP


Marketing and Promoting your sound

Now since you got the tools you need to make that bomb beat it’s time to establish you in the world as a real music artist and the only way by doing this is promoting your sound. You will have people a day trying to hit you up for a one of your beat and you can set your price and value on your music. So invested in this book Sound Cloud VIP it is amazing for in just a few weeks you can have your music listen by over one hundred thousand people worldwide. Sound Cloud is a free website you can join with no fee or credit card needed. You upload albums songs and promote its awesome I advised you to try it as well Sound Cloud. This is for serious producers to really make their mark in the music world it is very easy and not difficult at all. The added bonus is the book that will show you step by step on how to triple your previews which will give you more recognition. Tell me what the most important information you need to get your music in the right hands? Marketing is the largest strategy to use to get recognize and hopefully be on your way to stardom. I believe that with the help of this book you could go far and gain the knowledge the professionals use to make it big in this industry.

What does it offer?

  • Learning the techniques used by professional internet marketers
  • Get more follower, get more plays, and get your track viral
  • Learn how to boost the number of Sound cloud Followers
  • Get thousands of plays and of fans

You could never go wrong with this Sound cloud VIP. Plus the price is very reasonable there is nothing over $50 the price is good isn’t that great to have the best tools at the tip of your fingers to produce the sound you want, with making quality beats as well as promoting your music yourself.

The finish product is the main ingredient you need to get yourself establish as a serious music producer, plus you can read this book as well to get yourself promoted. It takes to know the business to get into a business because believe me its more to the game than you expect but that is another article all together.

Sound Cloud VIP is a incredible book and you will obtain so much very quickly and easily. Each Chapter will bring you closer to your goals and success. As you know nothing is guaranteed but it depends on how much hard work you put in to get the results you want. Peace


Record music at home Professionally

The time is now to produce quality sound recordings at home saving you tons of cash to be able to get the results you need to put down those nice lyrics you have been having in your head for some time. The "Blue Print to Home Recordings" is the bomb I mean you can set up a nice small environment and record your vocals like you was actually in the boot in the studio. How would like to make a complete album in your own home? Well now you can with no problem. This book will walk you step by step to be able to obtain the perfect sound for your environment. So it best you take advantage of this book now and you will receive all the knowledge you need to become successful and to top it off I included the final tool for you the state of the art blueprint on home recording to give that professional edge in the music industry that you can complete a full project at home and it sounds as if you completed in a professional studio. To sound proof and have all the necessary equipment to work on a project to record vocals could run you a few grand, but with the help of Owen Critchley Warner, Loud-thud recording artist/producer has dedicated himself to write a blueprint for future music producers. This could be you to transform your studio into a workstation you can be proud of and to help establish yourself as a professional and that you take your craft seriously. It’s time to take your career to another level utilizing the tools that create successful music producers today.

  1. Blueprint Users Around the World Collaborate with Owen Critchley to Record New Song That Gets Mastered by the Black Eyed Peas Mastering Team.
  2. Songwriter is Now Finally Submitting Songs to Contests and Opportunities with Confidence.
  3. New Blueprint User's Recording Used in Popular TV Series.

These tools are very important to have to make an impact in today’s music industry you know hoe thirsty the game can be these days. I would appreciate if you leave a comment and tell the community about the tools you receive form above and how did it work for you.


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