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Rare Michael Jackson Songs

Updated on May 9, 2011

Thriller, Billie Jean...but what about the others?

Everybody knows about Michael Jackson's Thriller, the song that still holds the record as the biggest-selling album of all time. Most people know about Billie Jean, Beat It, and Black or White.

But what about Michael Jackson's more unpopular songs? The unreleased songs that never made the charts?

Read on as I discover and share with you some of Michael Jackson's most beautiful music that most of the world has never heard.

Fall Again

A beautifully gorgeous song recorded by Michael Jackson, he recorded it for his 2001 "Invincible" album but the song never made it on there. It was later included on the 2004 album "The Ultimate Collection" but still remains unheard by many,

On the Line

Also released on "The Ultimate Collection", this is another amazingly beautiful song recorded by Michael Jackson. It was originally recorded for the 1996 Spike Lee movie "Get On the Bus" but the song never made it onto the soundtrack.

However, it did end up featuring on a Columbia Pictures Promotional CD, and was a potential Oscar nominee for Best Original Song. Despite all that, it still remains one of Michael Jackson's most rare songs.

Someone in the Dark

"Someone in the Dark" was recorded by Michael Jackson at the same time as Thriller (1984), however it was first released in 2001 on a special edition issue of the album Thriller.

Although only few people have heard this song, it is actually a Grammy-winning track that was used for E.T The Extra Terrestrial Storybook.

You Were There

In 1988, Michael Jackson wrote a song called "You Were There". He wrote the song specifically for Sammy Davis Jr. and performed it in front of a live audience on Sammy Davis Jr's 60th birthday.

Michael Jackson's live performance of this song received an Emmy nomination, however, it was never officially released. He only ever performed the song once.

Scared of the Moon

"Scared of the Moon" is another of Michael Jackson's rare songs that was previously unreleased until the album "The Ultimate Collection" was released. One of the most beautiful and relaxing songs written by Michael Jackson, it is also one that not many people have had the pleasure of listening to.

Someone Put Your Hand Out

"Someone Put Your Hand Out" is a song recorded by Michael Jackson and first released in Europe as a Pepsi-supported cassette single to promote the Dangerous Tour (1992).

Although not as rare as the others, "Someone Put Your Hand Out" is definitely a song that was never one of MJ's biggest hits.

Beautiful Girl

"Beautiful Girl" is another song recorded by Michael Jackson that was first released on "The Ultimate Collection" album in 2004. It was never released as a single, but is still a beautiful song recorded by Michael Jackson.

Monkey Business

A more upbeat song than the others, this rare Michael Jackson song would probably have been a popular song if only it had been released. Featured on "The Ultimate Collection" album in 2004, this song would get anyone singing along!


"Whatzupwitu" (What's up with you?) is a 1993 song which was included on Eddie Murphy's album, "Love's Alright". Michael Jackson thought the lyrics had a "positive message", and as Eddie Murphy had recently appeared in Michael Jackson's music video "Remember the Time", Murphy invited Jackson to participate in the song with him.

This song was released as a single and has it's own music video, however, few people recognise it as being a "Michael Jackson song", even though MJ plays a big part in the song.

Fly Away

This rare song can be found on the more recent special edition of the "Bad" album, and is undoutedly a beautiful and lyrical song that seems to contrast with most of the other songs on the album.

Lisa, It's Your Birthday

Definitely one of the most rare, if not the most rare song ever recorded by Michael Jackson, this short 1 min, 30 second track was used on an episode of "The Simpsons" as a Happy Birthday song for Lisa Simpson.

Some people have speculated that Michael Jackson wrote the song for Lisa Presley, who he was married to for a short time, however, it is quite clear that it was recorded for Michael Jackson's guest appearance on "The Simpsons".

For All Time

Another of my all time favourite Michael Jackson songs, this rare track was first heard when it was included on the album "Thriller 25". It was the 16th track on the album and the only song that had not been previously released.

Elizabeth I Love You

My personal favourite, this song is very like "You Were There". It was performed only once by Michael Jackson, and on the 65th birthday of a celebrity that inspired him, Elizabeth Taylor, in front of a live audience.

This song was never recorded, and was only performed once in 1997 for Elizabeth Taylor's birthday.

Got The Hots

This song was actually recorded during the time of Thriller, but wasn't heard until years later.

Unfortunately this song is not available to download from iTunes.

We've Had Enough

This rare Michael Jackson song, first released in 2004, shows how Michael Jackson wanted to tell people that he really had "had enough" of the state of the world.

The Ultimate Collection
The Ultimate Collection

This extremely popular album from one of the greatest pop stars that ever lived is a must-have in any music collection. This item has over 200 reviews from satisfied customers who bought the album from Amazon. It includes 57 songs on the CDs and an extra 20 performed live on the DVD.


Is this a good list? - What did you think of the songs?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Wow, I actually know all these songs except for Beautiful Girl. LOVE MICHAEL! HAVE ALL HIS ALBUMS SPENT A BOMB COLLECTING THEM!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you very much for this list! Really rare and marvelous songs, especially the birthday ones. It's beautiful... the more we know about Michael career the more we realize how extraordinary he was...

    • JoleneBelmain profile image


      7 years ago

      I was a huge, huge fan when i was a child... had all of his tapes. He was blessed with a beautiful voice :) ....thank-you for these wonderful songs!

    • LisaMarieGabriel profile image

      Lisa Marie Gabriel 

      7 years ago from United Kingdom

      Thank you for some lovely MJ songs! :) Sprinkled with angel dust today :)


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