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Rascal Sons (Korean Drama)

Updated on December 15, 2012

Rascal Sons is also Known as My Sons

Rascal Sons is about three childish adult brothers who learn about marriage and love the hard way. (Is there an easy way?) The oldest is a single father played by Lee Sung Jae. Ryu Soo Young (Ojakgyo Brothers) acts as the middle child who is in love with his best friend's fiance. The youngest brother, played by Seo In Gook (Answer Me 1997), is married, but he cheats on his wife. Each sibling has his own problems and obstacles to overcome when it comes to love. I am looking forward to watching these characters learn and grow.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Family

Director: Kim Kyung Hee and Choi Joon Bae

Screenwriter: Kim Ji Soo

Broadcast Network: MBC

Broadcast Period: September 22, 2012 to 2012

Air Time: Saturday and Sunday 20:40

Episodes: 50

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My First Impression

I enjoyed the first episode and the most childish men in the family seem to be the father and the youngest son. The two older brothers didn't really seem childish to me, but I have only watched the first episode. The youngest son takes after his father as he puts on shows in front of his wife to get his way. I haven't seen any similarities yet with the other two sons, but I'm sure I will as I continue watching the drama. I think that the father and the youngest son will be the most alike. I also believe that they have cheating in common because the father was seen making plans with another woman online after his wife left for Japan.

My least favorite character is the father because he tries to keep his wife trapped in the marriage while he's making plans with another woman. If he doesn't want his wife anymore, he should just divorce. She is obviously quite fed up with him and refuses to believe his facade any longer. In addition, the children aren't a reason to stay together anymore as they are all adults now.

I really dislike Seung Ki because he's a cheater and liar, yet he is an interesting character. I find his relationship with his wife hilarious and definitely on the crazy side. She seems like a tough and smart woman who can see through his act. For these reasons, I have a feeling that they will be my favorite couple in this drama. Who doesn't like a crazy couple? It's better than being boring!

Would I Recommend This Drama?

I have only watched the first episode at this point, so I can't say for sure. I did enjoy the first episode, but it didn't hook me in as much as Nice Guy's first episode did. I would still recommend this drama, especially for people who are looking for a humorous drama to watch. I need funny dramas to help balance the ones that are more on the heavy side.

I will continue to update this page as the drama continues.

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Cast Members of Rascal Sons

Seo In Gook as Yoo Seung Ki

Seung Ki is the youngest AND the biggest trouble maker of the three. Is it any surprise that the youngest sibling causes the most trouble? He got married at a young age because he knocked up the woman. He cheats on his wife, but she has a knack for catching him. Will he ever be able to commit to his wife? Is their marriage doomed to come to a divorce?

Lee Sung Jae as Yoo Hyun Ki

Hyun Ki is the eldest of the brothers and a single father. Ever since his wife died, this straight-laced man hasn't been able to let anyone else into his heart, until he meets another single parent.

Ryu Soo Young as Yoo Min Ki

Min Ki, the middle brother, has been in love with the same woman for a decade. Good luck confessing his feelings now that she is engaged to his best friend. He also has an interesting career as a martial arts romance novelist.

Han Hye Rin as Lee Shin Young

Shin Young was found by Min Ki and his best friend 10 years ago when she was in a car accident with her parents. Unfortunately, she was the only one pulled out of the car alive. Min Ki's friend was injured in the process of trying to pull her mother out of the wrecked car.

Myung Se Bin as Sung In Ok

In Ok is a widow raising her son on her own.

Yoon Se In as Park Mi Rim

Mi Rim is the wife of Seung Ki and the mother of his child. She sees through his acting and catches him cheating.

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Do you think that Min Ki will go behind his best friend's back and cheat with his woman?

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Rascal Sons Episode Recaps

To be updated.

Rascal Sons OST

OST Part 1

01 Spark Spark by Taru

OST Part 2

01 One Person by Eru

02 One Person (instrumental)

OST Part 3

01 It Hurts It Hurts by Hye Ryoung

02 It Hurts It Hurts (instrumental)

OST Part 4

01 One Person by Jang Hye Jin

02 One Person (instrumental)

OST Part 5

01 It Hurts Because I Love You by Park Jin Hun

02 It Hurts Because I Love You (instrumental)

*Because I Love You English Translation

Because I Love You Romanization and Hangul

OST Part 6

01 You're My Everything by Kim Eun Bi

02 You're My Everything (instrumental)

*You're My Everything English Translation

You're My Everything Romanization and Hangul

Interesting Blog Posts About Rascal Sons

Rascal Sons Teasers

Disclaimer: Rascal Sons and all pictures are owned by MBC. I am merely a fan of this drama and have no association with MBC.

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