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Read Music Notes

Updated on August 7, 2012

How to Read All the Music Notes -- With Ease

So you want to read music, but want to know where to start? The first step should be to become familiar with the music notes.

In the Western system of music notes, written music is arranged on two sets of five lines, called staves. The upper stave is called the treble stave; the lower one is called the bass clave.

The music notes themselves are written as small dots, or small dots with ascending or descending lines attached.

To learn these notes takes a few days of intense work (yes, work!); but it is really worth the effort because you will then be able to read music for whatever instrument you choose (piano, organ, violin, trumpet, guitar).

You will also be able to read the sheet music of your favorite music pieces while listening to your favorite pieces -- a real extra dimension for your music enjoyment.

Later you will also be able to use your ability to read music notes if you learn how to play a musical instrument.

How to Read Music Notes - Introduction


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