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The Real History of Vampires

Updated on October 16, 2011

The Evolution of Vampires

We currently live in a pop culture world that seems obsessed with vampires. From gothic vampire novels, to endless movies, television and art, the vampire archetype continues to grow in popularity and sophistication.

What is behind this seeming obsession with vampires, in our western culture? Why does this archeype endure? What does the vampire have, or do, that makes him/her so attractive and compelling? When did the transformation occur, from foul miscreant to suave tragic hero? Who is the vampire - really?

Vampire culture seems in stark contrast with the current technological age and advances in science. Starting out in the dim and obscure recesses of Eastern European folk tales and legends, the vampire has reached center stage in modern pop culture. From foul revenant of the grave, to super hero status within 100 years of evolution. Why?

Early Vampires

Vampires Fresh from the Grave!

The vampires of folk history were totally repugnant creatures. They were depicted as crude, foul smelling, reanimated corpses, with a single parasitic-like motivation for blood. They are never actually observed in their vampire state, by the living, but their existence is confirmed by circumstantial evidence within the surrounding community.

The evidence for the existence of a vampire was thought to include such things as the sudden deaths of citizenry and livestock, under unclear or questionable circumstances. Also indicative of vampirism, was the sudden onslought of mysterious disease symptoms, especially those causing pale skin coloration and slow physical wasting (like tuberculosis - which was rampant and contagious during the 19th century in Europe and the U.S.).

Along comes a traveling vampire hunter, often a clergyman or other supposed learned person, with a specific knowledge of vampires and vampirism, and the cure.

The only cure of course, for the wretched, eternally damned vampire and for the welfare of the entire community, was to find the grave of the suspected vampire/corpse, dig it up, cut-off it's head and drive a wooden stake through it's heart.

Now the dug-up vampire/corpse would show certain characteristics that would confirm the vampire identity. These vampire/corpse characteristics included such things as long fingernails (supposed proof of continued life), reddened lips, cheeks and fingers, and finally, blood remaining in the heart, demonstrated when the stake was driven in.

There are actually many historical, documented cases in the U.S. and Europe where vampire hunts were conducted, along with the grisly cures. I will provide one such example from the State of Connecticut in the late 19th century.

Vampire: Foul Revenants from the Grave - Happy Halloween 2011

The Bizarre but True Story of a Vampire in 19th Century Rhode Island - Enter the real Vampire Hunters!

The story of the last official case of vampirism in the U.S. is that of 19 year old Mercy Brown of Exeter, Rhode Island, who died on January 17,1892.

The Browns were an upstanding farming family and pillars of their community. Mercy died of consumption (tuberculosis), which had previously killed her mother and sister and which now also seriously affected her brother, Edwin.

Mercy's father, George Brown was now faced with losing his entire family to this then misunderstood and incomprehensible disease. He was frantic and there were no answers available from science or medicine to help.

To save his son and only remaining relative, Edwin gave-in to the folklore suggestions of some of his neighbors, who felt the situation was indicative of vampirism in their community. It was asserted that the deaths and illnesses of his family were caused by vampirism. Son Edwin was slowly wasting away and it was necessary to immediately put an end to the vampirism in the Exeter community.

Mercy had been laid to rest in a temporary above ground crypt behind the Baptist Church in Chestnut Hill Cemetery. The ground was frozen in January and she could not be buried until Spring. On March 17,1892, George Brown and a group of neighbors went to the cemetery and inspected Mercy's body. Finding the body suspiciously well preserved, they cut out her heart and burned it on a rock - later mixing the ashes in a liquid concoction which they gave to Edwin to drink (as a cure). Mercy's desecrated remains were then reburied in a plot next to her sister and mother. Mercy's brother Edwin was not cured and died two months later.

Thus ends this tragic, but true tale of vampirism in the U.S. Unfortunately, due to the prevailing folklore and superstitions in the 19th century and the pervasive spread of consumption, these bizarre practices often occurred in Europe and the U.S.

The Mercy Brown Crypt

The Mercy Brown Grave

Vampire Classics - Keep Your Window Closed at Night!

The Victorian Novel Transforms the Vampire

Bram Stoker Creates Count Dracula, a new image is born

In 1897, with the publishing of his novel "Dracula," Bram Stoker successfully transforms the image and the conventions of the Vampire from lowly sub-human parasite, to that of an intelligent, but somewhat evil superhero. Count Dracula resides in a castle, has superhuman powers and unlimited material wealth. He is a mysterious and genious intellect, who is (almost) immortal.

The new vampire is fantastically seductive and is almost omnipotent in his knowledge and power over humans.

However, he is a tragic hero who's eternal damnation and demise can be hastened by sunlight, and wooden stakes through the heart. He is also vulnerable to the beauty and innocence of attractive mortal women, who he must pursue, corrupt and discard.

Although impressively handsome and lonely, he can no longer experience the love and true companionship of a mortal woman and is surrounded by shallow creatures he has already corrupted and who once corrupted, can no longer be desired or loved.

The new literary vampire is incredibly popular, as the attractive, evil protagonist of the new Victorian Gothic novel. He becomes an enduring symbol of the anti hero.

Some writers have suggested that the Dracula novel represents the underlying sexual repression of Victorian society and the desire for male domination and the subjugation of women.

Clearly the dark lover representing dangerous and forbidden sex would have been a popular character in a society where open sexual expression was forbidden to women. Vampires embodied both forbidden sexuality and escape from death but their wretched form of existence was punishment for their transgression.

Today's Popular Super Anti- hero, The Vampire - Fear and Admiration

I think there are lots of subtle and not so subtle reasons that vampires have become a hit in our popular culture. They have truly become The Anti-hero" to which other anti-heros aspire (this would include other undead and revenant corpse types, such as zombies and those filthy shaggy werewolves). Let's consider the modern vampire myth and what it offers, primarily to the young.

1). Vampires are sexually attractive and charismatic.

2). They have superhuman intelligence and powers, such as the ability to fly and to crawl through tight spaces.

3).They can use mind control and telepathy with humans to get what they want.

4). They inspire fear and nobody messes with them without suffering dire consequences.

5). Vampires have pretty much conquered death and achieved immortality. Modern vampires have even developed a remarkable vaccine which allows them to function as normal humans during the day and to hide their true vampire identity (dude!).

6). Vampires can also use their powers to enslave other lowly creatures, such as wild animals and werewolves to do their dirty work for them.

7). Vampires are really starting to come around and to form loving relationships with humans. It is now the opinion of many, that vampires have been grossly mistreated and misunderstood in the past and that they have endured centuries of cruelty and wooden stakes through the heart, from ignorant humans.

Of course there is also a downside to being a modern vampire as well.

1).The vampire is still a symbol of fear and evil and no one wants to be on their dinner menu.

2). Drinking blood is still considered pretty gross and disgusting and most would cringe at a 100% blood diet.

3). Killing other people, even for food reasons, is unpleasant and still totally unacceptable in modern society.

4). It's also still a fact that vampires have few real friends and have to stay constantly on the move to avoid the zealous vampire hunters wishing to send them to eternal hell!

Vampires are interesting symbols which have truly come alive and evolved through literature and the gothic romance. A great escape from everyday life where real danger and evil are not always so apparent or interesting. The real fear and superstition of vampires has been transformed into an impotent but entertaining media genre in little more than 100 years time.

Vampires, Evil, or Misunderstood?

barnabas collins vampire
barnabas collins vampire

The vampire is a significant character in our folklore and has evolved over the years, from the personification of evil, to a tragic misunderstood superhero.

What does the Vampire represent to you?

See results

Which of these two vampires is the scariest/ creepiest?

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      god and churches should not even be around no way god is real....

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      Sandy Dell 4 years ago from Lenore, Idaho

      @jose-velasquez-54540218: Interesting thought! Church had a great deal of power over the people during the era you sited, so this could very well be where some of the stories originated.

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      jose-velasquez-54540218 5 years ago

      Vampire is misunderstood , a folk tales negative hero , What I believe that It was founded by the priests of the 14th century or nearby .... Per my opinion when they found some peoples who've extra teeth which looks like hell, so to create the church monopoly, they said that these prople are cursed by the god & names them vampire & priest made them to get out from the city & compelled them to stay in the forest where doing regular hunting & doing regular struggle with animals they became a king of physico peoples who started eating raw flesh & bloods of animals ...... This is the way , Vampire was created by chruch authorities as per my opinion ....... But in the present time, they doesn't exists....

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      craftycollector 5 years ago

      Sorry, I don't really go for vampire culture or even the old stories.

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      @issobell: me i really think they are real . !!

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      Very good. Vampires are so awesome

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      Fun lens! Love the early vampires; especially Nosferatu.

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      Echo Phoenix 5 years ago

      I see the vampire is a metaphor... something that sucks the life from you simply because you believe it has power over you.

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      GregKuhn 5 years ago

      I prefer zombies as vampires are just too powerful to deal with. Unstoppable - which makes them a scary "foe". Thanks for this interesting lens.

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      ruthsheelaryder 5 years ago

      @issobell: i think there is supernatural stuff like them but people look at these things in different prespectives like for example some think its scary some think its wicked to have superpowers i guess vampires r representing something something that not everyone knows about

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      issobell 5 years ago

      @clix4ads: do you think they might actually be real?

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      issobell 5 years ago

      Does any one here think that vampires might be real?

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      microfarmproject 5 years ago

      I enjoy vampire stories, but I did not know the story of Mercy Brown. Very interesting lens.

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      The story of Mercy Brown is fascinating. What an interesting lens.

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      Great lense. I'm into all the vampire stuff, everything to Buffy the Vampire to (God help me) the Twilight saga. But the history behind them is just amazing and so fascinating, so thank you for sharing!

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      (if vamps exist) may be they r victm of their vapirism bt they r a danger for humans. we should be realistic . we r humans, vamps food not one of them. we can show sympthy or even love for them bt they can't. i dont think dat humans and vamps should be friend.

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      allycat3477 5 years ago

      @secret11: have you ever seen a real one i have and a real ghost thats right i see died people!!

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      allycat3477 5 years ago

      i am in love with a vampire and i am the most great full person in the world <3

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      alexis-michelle-garcia 5 years ago

      okay sorry to rain on your pa-raid but to me i am a grade-a vampire hunter , not cool , blood sucking demons , never trust them how do i know i hate to admit it but i was one , now the guy i was with is one because of ME!!! now i wish i hadn't im on the run to get him and when i do he will never wish to have toyed with the daughter of a vampire hunter . Its all about gaining their trust and then Bam!! right in the face , if have a vampire problem notify me , i will end them before they end me

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      The man in the photo under your section titled "Vampires, Evil, or Misunderstood?". I remember him. I walked with a cross around my neck for months. It was a rosary. A rosary isn't even meant to be a piece of jewelry. His portrayal of a vampire scared the crap out of me! He was so realistic!

    • PamKeesey profile image

      PamKeesey 5 years ago

      Nice overview! I, for one, think the folklore is so much more interesting than the myriad vampire universes portrayed in film and fiction.

    • profile image

      paige-barnett 5 years ago

      Epic Level TV, a genre and comedy based web channel belonging to the Machinima network, home of James Farrs animated XOMBIE series and the original comedy series Space Guys in Space and Dungeon Bastard, released the first reality series to examine modern vampirism, "Vampires: New Orleans." Big city America meets old world magic here, lending an entertaining and fascinating commentary on society in post Hurricane Katrina. Vampires gives viewers an alternative perspective to the fictitious vampire stories that permeate our storybooks and media screens. The season has 10 episodes and will air weekly on Thursday at

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      I love Vampires !

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      dude my wish im died and im birth a vampire

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      JimDickens 6 years ago

      You would like the history of Flad the Impaler. He was real and did love to draw blood from his victims.

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      honestly theres a lot of weird things in this world not just about that vampire..but i also believe in paranormal. activities.cause i seen it with my own eyes when i was in grade school..and it happened to my say that its a bad spirits...and that's the most scary..moments of my life...when i hear my mom...saying some words..and it sounds a voice of a boy...and her mom change..i don't i can describe..her..but..and she was very strong.and she never open her hands..and then her eyes looks like she angry..with..those guys expert on that paranormal activities...

    • profile image

      secret11 6 years ago

      @love4randomness1: but i dont know if..who killed that guy..because until now....that weird women is always there..every midnight..and theres no one attempt on that weird women because we are all scared......but i don't know if that women is a vampire..or not..cause the only things that Ive been see is that paranormal activities

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      secret11 6 years ago

      @abhishekgopinath: i dont know..maybe ..but i see real one..ill say it if they really drink blood...or they vegetables like us.........

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      secret11 6 years ago

      i don't know if vampires really exist..this time..but there is a man our place ..die with unknown reason...some say he die because of snakes bite..and some people say that..he killed by weird creatures...and they find out the the guy..has a 6 bites on his neck..and one on his hands..and the wound was looks like the blood was being 4 sharps teeth.with a 3 inches long...but before it happened..there is some people notice that everynight,..there was a weird creatures...who was always there in a place where the guy die....there is some teenagers.also notice.that place....that there is weird .women..every midnight...and that place was known here as a dangerous place everynight......its sound curious too if what that's women do in that dark place....every midnight.......

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      fantastic lens! i've always seen myself as having a lot of similarities to vampires, such as burning easily in the sunlight, being pale, and having a sensitivity to garlic. but really there's tons of great info in the lens, and you worded things very well :)

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      Frank Edens 6 years ago

      Oh, you should watch for more vampire movies :) i'm a big fan...

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      That second photo with the old vampire creeps me out.

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      titanslayer 6 years ago

      I have done a little research on various occultic practices and creatures from a christian perspective and I always wondered why people thought vampires were so cool despite their nasty origins, still don't get.

      It good lens.

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      halloweenprops 6 years ago

      Enjoyed reading this!

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      Finally something other than the new "pop vampire" stuff.

      Nice lens ;)

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      Lots of tails and stories of supernatural things started with bad corn. When corn goes bad it can get a type of fungus. This fungus when ingested acts like a acid or magic mushrooms. It can cause mass hallucinations in a town. All of a sudden every one thinks Bob is a monster. Read up on it, because knowledge is power!!!!

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      JackNimble 6 years ago

      So where did the first ideas or thoughts of Vampires originate? Cool Lens.

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      Handytools 6 years ago

      Great lens, they really have evolved over the centuries, and their diversity from old days to modern age is what will continue keeping Vampires an icon, feared or loved, in pop culture. The Vampire is always going to be the type of character one can create a story around to target any audience.

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      anonymous 6 years ago

      Thanks for a great lens. There was a program on recently about real people being buried then dug up and a ceremony as "vampires" by frightened villages, even in the 21st century. Vampires do tend to represent their time, with today's vampires being quite different from the sexually repressed Victorian era

    • modernchakra profile image

      modernchakra 6 years ago

      Thank for the timely historical overview of vampires. Always nice to know some of the reasons or at least "supposed" reasons behind the things we are scared of...and also what we dress up for on Halloween. Thanks for your time and work for this lens, I will make sure to like it.

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      alyssa87 6 years ago

      awesome! thanks for sharing, i thot vampires are just part of stories.....

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      Septamia 6 years ago

      I know another story. In the Middle Ages, when medicine was in its infancy, did not know how to treat people with anemia. These people could not stay in the sun, had a fair complexion. For this reason, they appeared on the street, wrapped in dark clothing, or at dusk.

      These patients are really drink blood (animal) and they got better.

      Well, people have come up with interesting and scary stories about vampires.

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      SAMEPRINCESS10 6 years ago

      I'm not hungry. I don't want to suck your blood right now. So am i Buffy? No! That is kinda mean. When you take their lives. When they don't take yours. I get the point of this whole situation. It kinda hurts to hear it from myself. It does! Thanks!

    • SAMEPRINCESS10 profile image

      SAMEPRINCESS10 6 years ago

      Hi, i am neither one of these. More or, less i should be a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Follower. How about the Angel series? Maybe i can follow him? I dream of zombies, and ghosts slipping through walls. As i follow them through darkness hunting for someone, or something? Seeing at times a glowing sunburst of light. Where something should be? Thanks!

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      LotusLandry 6 years ago from Southern California

      Hello from the Indecisive Vampire. (and Bunnicula) I love your illustrations.


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      Awesome looking lens and I enjoyed reading it. The best Vampires are those depicted by Hammer Horror!

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      toxicgoth040896 6 years ago

      @rwoman: and what would that argument be?

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      toxicgoth040896 6 years ago

      I beleave in vampires and i feel sorry for them to live in a misty darkness not being able to explain themselves.vampires have been misunderstood for thousands of centuries, Just because they lust something so thick and pure and it satifies them but never fullfilly fills them doesn't give the right for people to shove a stake threw there heart... what if animal could shove a stake threw our heart were killing them for food to satifiy us so what is the difference hell there just like us just have cold skin alregic to sunlight and drink sweet vevilty substance blood... just saying =) love you vampires i got yalls back

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      very interesting lens, i quite enjoyed it..I do believe that in the early ages (1900s and before) vampirism did exist but with all the rubbish of killing them because they are monsters has "endangered" them. I do believe that very few do exist, and honestly it is a big dream of mine, it would be absolutely fascinating to meet one and learn so many interesting things, however if they do exist they are hiding themselves, living right among us but cannot show themselves due to the fear stories have created for them. Yes, it isn't very pleasant to have to kill someone to drain them of their own blood for survival but that's what it is- survival, and Im sure most of them didn't ask for a life like this, it is a curse, and one that they must live with...

    • rwoman profile image

      rwoman 6 years ago

      Great lens! Perhaps as a vampire expert you can help my husband and I settle an argument @

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      great lens - i love Nosferatu...having said that, The Lost Boys will always have a place in my heart.

    • SeanVernall LM profile image

      SeanVernall LM 6 years ago

      Very nice lens. Of course it was actually John Polidori's 'The Vampyre' written in 1819 that first established the vampire as the charismatic and sophisticated figure we know today, but 'Dracula' is frequently given more emphasis due to its numerous cinematic interpretations - even though it was written 78 years after Polidori.

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      Stephen Carr 6 years ago from Corona, CA

      Enjoyed a little history. Nice lens.

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