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Real Housewives of Orange County - How Much Money Do They Have?

Updated on April 17, 2013

Making It or Faking It?

So just how much money do the Real Housewives of Orange County really have? As the original county of the Housewives series concept, these girls have had their ups and downs. Read below to see how much they are worth - and how they got there!

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Heather Dubrow

Net Worth: $4 million (with husband: $12 million)

Heather is the newest member of the Orange County gang. A former actress, she gave it all up when she married, Terry Dubrow, a successful plastic surgeon. Combined with his net worth ($8 million), this couple has what none of the other housewives have (except maybe Vicki) - real money. As the newbie, she is not getting rich from the show. Only making $5,000 - $15,000 per episode. But it's not like she needs it.

Vicki Gunvalson

Net Worth: $7 million

Vicki is an original cast member and has been with the show for all 8 seasons. Can someone give me a "woo hoo!!" ? As a self made millionaire, her money is earned from her company Coto Insurance and Financial Services as well as from the 2 books she has written. Of course, her side job is nice too ....additional income from the show itself averages $90,000 per episode.

Vicki has gone through a lot of changes this past season... a divorce, a new relationship (can you say rebound??), becoming a grandmother and ummm...some plastic surgery. Our advice....let that beautiful baby fill up your love tank and cut that free-loader, we mean, Brooks, out of your life.

Wish you could live like a Real Housewife? How about following in Vicki's footsteps and becoming an internet insurance mogul! Check out her tell all, step by step book, "Internet Life Insurance Selling Made Easy."

Internet Life Insurance Selling Made Easy
Internet Life Insurance Selling Made Easy

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Gretchen Rossi

Net Worth: $3 million

Gretchen, Gretchen, Gretchen. It took awhile to figure out what was up with her but she seems at last to be coming into her own. Like Tamra, she started off as a real estate agent. Later, she was engaged to Jeff Beitzel (net worth $3 million). Sadly, Jeff passed away of cancer. Reports have said Gretchen received $2.5 million between his will and life insurance policies.

Gretchen is still dating Slade Smiley who is worth around $100,000 - income which was made entirely from his appearances on the Real Housewives show. It does seem now that he has a radio show gig. Which seems to give Gretchen the security to want to marry him. We hope that she keeps her head about her and continues to build and maintain her own celebrity brand. And we would just like to quietly say - prenup.....

Gretchen has done well for herself by launching a cosmetic line, a handbag line and 2 pop singles. But don't forget about her highest paying gig, the reality show, bringing her about $1 million per season.

Alexis Bellino

Net Worth: $500,000 (with husband: $1 million)

Poor Alexis, she wishes she could sit back and roll around in her cash, but the cash just isn't there (in relative Real Housewife terms). A stay at home mother, Alexis depended on her husband, Jim Bellino, to bring home the bacon. Jim, however, was investigated by the FBI for selling fraudulent sports memorabilia and the couple fell on hard times. They needed to move to a new house - read: downsize, and formulate a new plan. Alexis chose to monetize her new found fame. And why not?! She started a dress line and had a stint on her local Fox news station as a special corespondent. Fluff pieces apparently are popular. Her pull per RHOC episode, $40,000 - $75,000. That helps!

Lydia McLaughlin

Net Worth: $15 million (with husband)

Lydia is the newest arrival to the OC franchise. And, it seems, a hugger. Cute. So who is this girl and how will she fit in with the other ladies??

Lydia grew up with a silver spoon, she is the granddaughter of Canadian business mogul Geoff Stirling. To her credit, she is not resting on her family's money. She has her own jewelry line Lydia M Jewelry. She and her husband Doug McLaughlin own a web design and digital marketing company called Skylab Media and an art gallery, Skylab Modern Art. They also own Beverly Hills Lifestyle magazine.

These OC housewives are a tough group. Lydia is going to have to step up and hold her own. Here's hoping!

Tamra Barney

Net Worth: $500,000 (with finance': $800,000)

Tamra made her money as a real estate agent in the early days. When Tamra married Simon Barney, she took a break from working, and focused on raising their children. In the height of his career, Simon was worth an estimated $2 million (however, in true Housewife style, that all came to a crashing end). After Tamara divorced, she reentered the real estate business working for Ladera Realtors.

She is currently engaged to Eddie Judge who's net worth is about $300,000. (Now if only Eddie would commit to a date!) Not too shabby, but it won't keep Tamra in the lifestyle to which she got accustomed. What's a girl to do? Work the reality fame of course! Tamara started making television appearances and accepting product endorsements. She also is opening a new business - CUT Fitness. What else helps? Her Bravo TV salary - estimated at $1 million per season.

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    • Pro Publisher profile image

      Pro Publisher 4 months ago

      Interesting article but none of them compare with Adrienne Maloof's net worth . Still, great piece!

    • profile image

      Eva 2 years ago

      Alexis Bellino was the show off on the show and yet her net worth is the lowest. Always the show-off.

    • MissRubyStars profile image

      MissRubyStars 4 years ago

      I wish my net worth was that high!