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The real Master Chief crashes Star Trek convention

Updated on October 20, 2012

And the Trekkies love the Master Chief

The Master Chief heard about a Star Trek convention near his home town and decided to armor up and crash the party, so to speak. The venue is the Sheraton Vancouver Wall Center, a massive structure of concrete, steel and glass. Pictured to the left is the Master Chief landing out front of the hotel, before making his grand entrance. I must admit the Chief received a warm welcome with many people recognizing the iconic Halo character, I heard the words awesome, sweet and so cool many times over. The most asked question was "where did you get that?" and everywhere the Chief went he was stopped for pictures; the Trekkies loved it, the Vancouverites loved it, and we had lots of fun. Goes to show that Star Trek is timeless, sort of like William Shatner and crew, you still see Leonard Nimoy in TV comercials today.

October 21, 2012

Greetings - Master Chief Style

master chief
master chief

Star Trek Mascot approves the Master Chief - And wanted his photo taken too

master chief and trekkie
master chief and trekkie

Master Chief enters the convention area... - The Trekkies soon notice and want to get a photo with the Master Chief

Geek Salad - Phaser vs Power Shield


PS- I love this photo, it's just grainy enough to look like a shot from an old school Star Trek episode, prior to digital remastering.

Could a phaser take down the Master Chief?

See results

This fan was uber happy to see the Master Chief

This fan was uber happy to see the Master Chief
This fan was uber happy to see the Master Chief

Geek Salad

What is Geek Salad?

It's a situation (mostly in your head) where you take 2 or more different sci-fi and/or fantasy settings and portray the hypothetical outcomes (or dream and drool)

For example, in the following video we have the Master Chief (Halo) making lightsaber noises and gestures (Star Wars) dueling with a trekkie (Star Trek)

Does the Master Chief emerge victorious? Does someone lose a limb? Watch the video to find out!

The Master Chief heads downstairs to go outside for some fresh air

When the Master Chief took a stroll outside

master chief in vancouver
master chief in vancouver

He was stopped everywhere for pictures

Click thumbnail to view full-size

At Tim Hortons, lunch was interupted by more fans wanting photos

At Tim Hortons, lunch was interupted by more fans wanting photos
At Tim Hortons, lunch was interupted by more fans wanting photos

Costume Parade

Unfortunately due to the real world (work) we were unable to attend during the costume parade and contest. We did find out who won, a blonde girl in a skin tight 7 of 9 costume and we managed to get a picture of a picture. From what this scribe gathered she had an entourage of young boys following her around wearing drool bibs and frequenting the little boys room. I won't repeat a couple of the comments I heard, suffice to say she was a huge hit with the Trekkies.

Master Chief's biggest fan

Master Chief's biggest fan
Master Chief's biggest fan

Master Chief at the end of the day - He came, he saw, he conquered

master chief
master chief

What else is there to say? This photo says it all, a postcard from Vancouver, Master Chief style.

"Dear Sarge, kickin @$$ in Vancouver, wish you were here"

Pictures and Videos taken by Dave

Pictures and Videos taken by Dave
Pictures and Videos taken by Dave

Mater Chief & Star Trek Comments

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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      What a BLAST!!! You guys must've smiled for a month....Master Chief would have won the costume contest, 7 of 9 would have been no competition! Delightful!!!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Cool, I learned about what a Geek Salad was! lol I would have loved to have been there when Master Chief arrived, I bet it was unforgettable!


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