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Real Steel Movie and Classic Robots

Updated on January 6, 2018
Rock'em Sock'em Robots
Rock'em Sock'em Robots | Source

Robot Boxing in the 21st Century

While other recent science fiction movies feature cyborgs (Iron Man) and computer software (Tron Legacy), Real Steel is a story about true robot automatons -- androids that have evolved from early prototypes in the science fiction movies Forbidden Planet and Metropolis.

Find original movie posters, memorabilia and collectibles from Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman, Dakota Goyo, Evangeline Lily and the Atom Robot. Learn more about classic sci-fi movies.

"Real Steel" is an action drama about a former boxer (Hugh Jackman) who, against all odds, gets one last shot at a comeback when he teams up with his estranged son (Dakota Goyo) to build and train the perfect contender for the new high-tech sport of robot boxing.

This is the next generation of robots!

Presenting world-class fighting robots, the greatest mechanical boxers assembled for the World Robot Boxing league.

Noisy Boy shined-up and ready for boxing at the Comic Con (SDCC 2011)
Noisy Boy shined-up and ready for boxing at the Comic Con (SDCC 2011) | Source

Watch robot boxing at home

Buy the Real Steel video Three-Disc Combo with exclusive Blu-ray features, DVD bonus material and a digital copy, the Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo, buy the Compact disc or watch the video online with Amazon Instant Video.

(Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy)

Blu-ray Features
(exclusive to the blu-ray disk)

  • Deleted & extended scenes
  • introduction by Shawn Levy
  • Countdown to the fight: The Charlie Kenton Story
  • Real Steel Second Screen: Ringside with Shawn Levy
  • Simultaniously explore exclusive interactive content with your iPad or computer as you watch the movie
  • Sugar Ray Leonard: Cornerman's Champ
  • plus all the DVD features

DVD Features:

  • Bloopers
  • Making of Metal Valley & Building the Bots
  • Audio commentary by director Shawn Levy

Real Steel robot names - Robot Role Call

Super-Freddy Funko
Super-Freddy Funko | Source

Comic-Con exclusive toys

Each year, toy companies create exclusive collectors items for customers who attend the San Diego Comic-Con and other large comic book conventions. Super Freddy Funko is your guide...

Original Rock'em Sock'em Robots game

These are the original Rock'em Sock'em Robots that started it all, produced by many different toy makers over the years. You can buy the game in England by the name of Raving Bonkers, the perfect gift on Boxing Day - a National Holiday in the UK, Canada and Australia, usually on the day after Christmas, December 26th.

Robot Wacky Wobblers

FUNKO Wacky Wobbler ROCK'EM SOCK'EM ROBOT Bobble Head
FUNKO Wacky Wobbler ROCK'EM SOCK'EM ROBOT Bobble Head

Funko is the first name in vinyl figures and their own brand of bobble head toys they call Wacky Wobblers. See a collection of over 150 action figures in a growing collection of the Funko Pop! Vinyl series.


Real Steel Battle Champions

Review playsets and role playing games based on the popular sci-fi action movie Real Steel starring Hugh Jackman. Play with action figures in 2 different types of boxing rings, or build your own robot to compete in World Robot Boxing.

Courage is stronger than steel

Real Steel Advance Movie Poster Double Sided Original
Real Steel Advance Movie Poster Double Sided Original

Action figure toys from the movie

Real Steel Robot Toys

Two Waves of outstanding Real Steel robot toys created for this sci-fi action film.

Find the best deals online for Deluxe and Basic action figure toys.

Deluxe figures are 8" tall figures with a mechanical "signature move". The basic figures are 5" tall with lights in the chest cavity.

Noisy Boy, Atom, Zeus, Twin Cities and Midas are ready to battle in the first wave of robot fighters for World Robot Boxing.

Zeus Real Steel Action Figure

These are incredibly detailed figures, with full articulation, and each one features the signature move of the robot.

A total of 14 action figures were released in two separate Waves. Set the stage for fighting robots at home with the Battle Champions Boxing Arena and the Build and Brawl Playset.

Real Steel Poster

Hugh Jackman as Charlie in the corner with Noisy Boy
Hugh Jackman as Charlie in the corner with Noisy Boy

Celebrity news - Movie Premiere, Hugh Jackman, Sugar Ray Leonard ...

Hugh Jackman and stewardesses launching a new jet with Atom. © Virgin Atlantic Airline
Hugh Jackman and stewardesses launching a new jet with Atom. © Virgin Atlantic Airline

Real Steel movie trailer - Hugh Jackman & Sugar Ray

Touchstone Pictures released a featurette that offers a sneak peek behind the scenes with former heavy-weight boxing world champion Sugar Ray Leonard coaching Hugh Jackman - which included taking a few body blows from the champ - with commentary from director Shawn Levy, Jackman and Leonard.

Midas has the orange Mohawk haircut
Midas has the orange Mohawk haircut

Real Steel Cast and Crew

Evangeline Lily
Evangeline Lily
  • Shawn Levy- Director

    Director known for comedy movies including two "Night at the Museum" movies (2006 & 2009).

  • Hugh Jackmanas Charlie Kenton

    His career started with the theater in Sydney, Australia in 1995, and the first X-Men movie in 2000.

  • Evangeline Lillyas Bailey Tallet

    A Canadian actress known for her roles in Lost (2004), and The Hurt Locker (2008), among others.

  • Dakota Goyoas Max Kenton

    Max is the one who finds the robot and gets his father involved.

  • Kevin Durandas Ricky

    Kevin played Little John in Robin Hood (2010) and worked with Jackman on X-Men Origins (2009).

  • Olga Fondaas Farra Lemcova

    Born Olga Tchakova, she appears in Little Fockers (2010) and roles on popular TV shows.

  • Karl Yuneas Tak Mashido

    Karl played Kiochi in Memoirs of a Geisha (2005).

  • Phil LaMarras ESPN Boxing Commentator

    Phil is a very popular voice actor who played Cowboy Curtis on the The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway (TV movie).

  • Hope Davis

    Hope played opposite Jack Nicholson as Jeannie Schmidt in the movie About Schmidt.

  • James Rebhorn

    James appears in many films including Scent of a Woman (1992) and The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999)


Promo Posters

These posters appeared on the streets for only one week before and after the movie premiere.

Phone booths and bus stops have fluorescent backlights behind these durable translucent posters to bring out the bright colors. The eyes have a menacing glow at night.

Viral Marketing Poster


A 'viral marketing poster' that was sent to the first users of the World Robot Boxing website. This is my favorite poster with the cool chinese characters and the high-contrast profile view.

I ordered each of these sets and they are all printed thick paper stock. The double-sided posters are my favorite. The shadow of the image on the opposite side does not show through the thick paper. TheNoisy Boy is getting scarce.

Robots version 0.1 - Classic models from the past

Robby The Robot from Forbidden Planet (1956)

Maschinen-mensch from the Fritz Lang movie Metropolis (1927)

Official movie websites - Watch movie trailers and create your own robot

Make folded paper robot models of Noisy Boy, or create your own robot online to play the games at the WRB website.

Wreck-it Ralph

Wreck-it Ralph action figure toys and games

Wreck-it Ralph toys are hot this season and Funko released a set of Pop! Vinyl figures to coincide with the opening of the movie....

Please sign the guestbook - The previews are in...

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      I did not know about this movie until I found your link on RedGage. This looks like it will be phenomenal. Great concept and design. Hey, if Hugh Jackman is featured, I'm in! ;-)