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Reba McEntire's "Read My Mind" Best Country Album Of The 90's

Updated on June 17, 2014

Oh Reba!

Being a young child in the 90's I had a love for all music, but my heart belonged to Country music! I loved the twang, and stories, that 90's country really embraced. Out of all the country artists in the 90's I have to say the artist who stole my heart was, Reba McEntire. Very few artist were able to tell a story as well as her, with the amount of heart and soul that she poured into her lyrics.

"Read My Mind" has been said to be Reba McEntire's leading album, and I must say I can't disagree. Her ability to take a song about tough relationship issues, and actually make it as raw as she does, isn't the easiest thing to do. "Read My Mind" in my opinion is not only one of the leading tracks put out by Reba, but it is one of the leading tracks that Country music has ever seen.

From Reba's opening hit "Everything That You Want" to the last track on the album "Till You Love Me," Reba calls her listeners attention by providing songs that hit on a multitude of genres and emotions. Each of her songs is radio worthy, which is rare when looking at most artists' albums.

I think that all country lovers should own this album, and really truly embrace the brilliance that went into creating it. "Read My Mind" has provided me with songs for tough breakups and for when I am feeling a bit romantic. It is rare for me to find an album that I can relate to on such a level. It is most definitely my go to album for 90's Country music, and is timeless in it's entirety.


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    • Brite-Ideas profile image

      Barbara Tremblay Cipak 3 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      enjoyed your review, I'll share it of course! Just love Reba's music as well, she has so many magnificent songs