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Celebrities look – Red dress of the red carpet

Updated on January 29, 2013

Red is a bold and statement color that stands out among people. Celebrities love to wear this loud color to make themselves more visible to the camera and fans. For those of us that love fashion, a red dress in the closet is a great statement piece that makes us pop instantly. Even though we are not celebrities, we can still wear a stunning red dress to a fancy evening dinner or romantic night out with the hubby. This hub is meant to give you some good ideas on red dresses.

Heidi Klum's stunning red off the shoulder dress for the red carpet is a statement piece that speaks very loud for itself. Heidi Klum is known for her gorgeous body and beautiful smile. The red dress that she worn here is perfect on olive skin tones. In fact, red tends to flatter most skin tones. Heidi completes the look with matching red peep toed heels. This look is classic yet sexy.

Kathrine Heigl's off the shoulder red dress is stunning, classic, sexy and bold. This is probably my favorite out of all the red dresses listed in this hub. Although it doesn't show much cleavage, this red dress is still very sexy because of the bold color and cut. It is also very classic because of the simple design. It is suitable for many formal events and make you stand out among all of your friends. This dress is especially suitable for those that are tall and slightly curvy.

Blake Lively's deep v red dress is gorgeous. However, due to the low cut of the dress, it is not suitable for most. She pulls off the look with a very shapely body. This dress or something similar is only recommended for a lady with a lean and very shapely body.

Anne Hathaway's strapless red dress is stunning for a formal evening event. This red dress will be the center of attention at almost any event because of its cut and color. This particular style is especially suitable for those that are taller and slightly thinner than average.

January Jones' red dress is different. The design is pretty unique. However, this dress is not classic because it shows lots of skin and cleavage. This bold red dress is best worn by someone that is younger and has a very shapely body.

Mila Kunis' strapless red dress is different. It is not entirely red and looks more like a chiffon material. This dress is cute but not for me. It doesn't look classic but its length makes it a evening dress for formal events.

Joan Allen's red dress with black is very pretty. However, she wore a huge necklace as an accessory that appears to be out of place with the dress. If she had selected another shorter smaller necklace, the whole look would be so much better.

Christina Hendricks' red off the shoulder dress is stunning. This red dress is very classic and with a little cute accessory on her shoulder to spice things up. However, this type of dress looks better on a woman with a smaller hip. Since her hips are wide, it accentuated that making the whole look less perfect.

Miley Cyrus' red dress is simply stunning because it flatters her body so well. This kind of red dress is great for lots of different body shapes and skin tones. It is very classic and works well for many formal events.


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