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Remarkable Videos (Ted Talks)

Updated on December 28, 2015

18 of the Best, the Most Inspiring, the Most Interesting, the Most Enlightening Videos of All Time.

The 18 videos below focus on psychology, business, motivation, and marketing. They all remarkable great educational pieces, you're guaranteed to learn something with each and every video. And like with anything amazing in life, if it inspires you be sure to pass it along to someone else who may be inspired as well.

Have a spare 10-20 minutes a day? Maybe while you are getting ready? Over the lunch hour? Go ahead and take one of these in, you won't be disappointed!

Keep checking regularly, I plan to put every video on here that we can learn something from, well not every one that'd take way too long, so just the best!

PS: Let me know if there is a video you think is worthy, if so I'll be sure to put it on here for you!

Seth Godin: Sliced Bread and Other Marketing Delights - An amazing talk on how marketing has changed over time and how you can still be competitive, you just ne

I've been using this Seth video in my marketing class for several years now. He just has a way of articulating points like no one else can. It's a must watch video if you want to understand marketing in the future and basically what this "social media" crazed world is really all about.

Marketing begins with the product or the planning of the service, when all you rely on is a mega phone to get your word out there, you might be looking at a long road ahead of you. Watch this one.

Who would you rather see speak at Ted?

Who would you rather see speak at Ted?

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Malcolm Gladwell: Things we can learn from Spaghetti sauce - An intriguing talk on Spaghetti sauce and why we have so many choices in our life to achieve happin

This video is the excuse to never tell anyone your choice is completely right. Mr. Gladwell has a convincing argument on why we should be ok with different options and ideas in our world. Using the example of spaghetti sauce and how humans like 6 different distinct flavours of spaghetti sauce.

Telling something they're wrong and that something taste better is silly. Everyone has their own personal tastes when it comes to, well almost everything. Quit trying to be right and start trying to appreciate that our world is made up of many different and valuable opinions. Watch the video and see for yourself. If anything just to check out Mr. Gladwell's hair do!

How Great Leaders Inspire Action - By Simon Sinek

First Why, than How, then What.

Nobody buys a product or service for what it is. They buy it for why it is. For the feeling they get, for what it means to their ego. No company becomes wildly successful without finding their why, no company in the future will grow exponentially without having a why they exist.

Next is how. The how is how you execute your why. The how is the plan, the vision of how you're going to show the world your why.

What. The what is the actual tangible things you're going to do to execute the plan.

Watch the video, or read the book. Simon Sinek's next book is pretty great as well, "Leaders Eat Last". Recommended.

The next book you need to buy...

Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action
Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

The book on the new age philosophy of business. People love a story, we don't buy products for the price, it's something deeper, start with why is a must read if you actually want to understand your business.


The Golden Circle

Why | How | What
Why | How | What | Source

Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity? - Eye opening talk on why our school systems are failing.

You have to watch this. He's a revolutionary thinker on education and an entertaining speaker. I love what Ken stands for and the way he thinks. Kids need to fail to learn the bigger lessons in life. You can't actually learn until you're allowed to explore the areas that interest you and learn ways not to do it. That's right. As a kid you explore, you fall down, and you get back up. That is an essential process for learning.

Watch the video and then send to everyone you think could benefit from watching Sir Ken Robinson

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do, and how we can do it better - Help me, help you. What this video

Self help guru Tony Robbins talks about why we do what we do, what motivates us. He is a great presenter, it is The Tony Robbins after all but you can apply what he talks about to be more productive and figure out better ways to motivate yourself.

How to Get 5 Million People to Read Your Website by Matthew Inman - If you like creativity whatsoever you're going to love this video

How to Get 5 Million People to Read Your Website is an amazing video on how Matthew created one of the funniest websites on the internet. Matthew Innman is a genius. He understand how to create something hilariously sharable. In the new world of internet everything we all need help on standing out more.

Watch right meow.

Dan Gilbert: Why are we happy? Why Aren't we happy? - The more you know about your brain the better you can navigate our world.

Dan looks into the study of happiness and finds some amazing things. Humans can create happiness, that is if they choose to, watch this and find out how to be happier in life, it's not that hard!

Is this not still the funniest sign ever posted?


You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School - There are a lot of videos where this one came from....

In my fourth year of University one of the best professor's of all time sent our entire sales force management class this video. I loved it instantly, use it before a presentation or to break up a meeting. You can go to Simple Truths (dot) com if you want to see more of these types of inspirational videos.

Don't watch at your own peril.

Lost Generation - Very short but really neat how this video on our generation was put together

A great message with unbelievable animation, it's a must watch in your generation. I haven't seen anything like this ever before. Amazing creative when into this one. Again, a classic you're going to have to watch eventually.

Chris Anderson on Free: The Future of Radical Price - Somebody does what you're doing for cheaper, now what?

A futuristic look at a new fad that is sweeping the Globe, free. Some people will not agree with him and/or not believe him but I think it is a very helpful talk on what to expect in the next few years.

Seth Godin and Tom Peters on Blogging - Very short video on the importance of blogging, if you blog or you want to blog or you know someone that blogs this is w

I've used this one a lot in presentations and explaining writing to other professionals. Blogging is amazing, you need to write, you need to create, you need to write everyday.

Business guru Tom Peters talks about how there's nothing he blames his recent success on more than blogging. Write, write, write. Write every day. Write every week. Publish more often than you should, be more opinionated than you'd think people would want to read. Make it interesting.

More it all make it your own.

Dan Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation - Think cash money motivates everyone? Think again.

Dan Pink offers a well researched presentation on motivation and the result is not what you expect, consider this a must watch. He wrote the book "Drive" and "A Whole New Mind" two amazing reads.

The discovery is that for complex tasks, humans aren't motivated by money very easily, actually quite the opposite is true. Dan takes you through example after case study on why the information on how we're motivated is very counterintuitive.

Mr. Pink is a great presenter, entertaining but he has these moments of brilliance where you can only say, holy $%! ha!

Watch the video. You'll enjoy it.

Free Hugs Campaign

Juan Mann travels the streets spreading his message "Free Hugs". An inspiring clip of how an idea can spread and that some people still do not see the love. Security guards aren't having this hugging movement happen on their property. I think we should start a free hugs campaign in Regina!!

The Future of Water Filtration in Disaster stricken Areas - This one could change the world, very literally.

Michael Pritchard invents a simple state of the art water filtration device that will save thousands of lives. It's a non-chemical way of cleaning water for consumption in countries where clean drinking water is difficult to come by.

I think the Internet is an amazing place where ideas like this can gain traction and solve bigger problems just by the shear number of people that can get behind them. If this video inspired you, send it on to someone else who you think will be inspired as well.

Get Back Up, Nick Vujicic - A truly amazing story of Nick Vujicic, born with no arms or legs gives motivation speeches and hope to thousands World wide.

If you fall 100 times over what should you do? Well get back up of course. This one may bring a tear to your eye in some parts, while talking to students at a school he asks the question above and tells them never to give up hope. If a man with no arms and legs can get back up after falling what do we have to complain about? And why do we give up so easily? We could all take a page out of Nick's book.

Best Short Motivational Video - Just over a minute long this video will surprise you. The next time you fail at something watch this video.

If you ever need a swift kick in the butt for some motivation this video is for you. You can't help but want to take over the world after watching it. Go on Uel Brenner, go get your palace. -From Cool Runnings

What's more important to your education?

What's more important to your education?

See results

Do What You Love (No Excuses!) - Gary is the song bird of our generation

He is the most passionate about what he's doing, Gary Vaynerchuk is someone you're going to see a lot of in the future. Crush It! is a great book, as well as The Thank You Economy. He has an agency now and he got his start making videos about wine online. Yup, he's one of the best.

Thoughts from some Uber-smart people!

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    • QuiltFinger profile image


      4 years ago from Tennessee

      Really good, interesting stuff. I really enjoyed the TED talks that I have watched, but I never have the time! Thanks for putting these in one place.

    • darciefrench lm profile image

      darciefrench lm 

      5 years ago

      Love Seth Godin, anytime there's any kind of upset on Squidoo I go straight to his blog :D

    • strategylab profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeph Maystruck 

      5 years ago from Regina, SK

      @anonymous: Why thanks you!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Very nice selection of videos!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love the videos on the marketing - you're right, very helpful!

    • TreasuresBrenda profile image

      Treasures By Brenda 

      9 years ago from Canada

      Hi, Jeph ~~ Nice to meet you here at Squidoo!

      That's an awfully inspiring list of videos!


      P.S. Don't forget to change the title of your guestbook!


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