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Retro Cartoons I used To Love

Updated on September 1, 2015

List Of My Favorite Retro Cartoons

While I may not be the oldest person in the world, I still love some of the older cartoons that used to be on television. Trying to think of them was a little hard at first but it got easier eventually after a little brainstorming. It brought me back to the good old days of waking up on a saturday morning before anyone else and just becoming a zombie until the afternoon.

So here is a list of my favorite retro cartoons in no specific order. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did, make sure to comment your favorites below as well.

Retro Cartoon Thundercats
Retro Cartoon Thundercats

Thundercats-Snarrrf Snarrrf

From the corny characters to the famous one liners, this classic action/adventure cartoon is sure to get a little laugh from an audience nowadays. This television show had everything from morals to suspenseful villain capers. There was even the annoying cat mutant thingy named snarf and you quickly come to realize how he attained such a moniker. I joke about things this cartoon introduced me to still to this day.

You definitely got to give this one a shot, I believe there are episodes on netflix that you can watch anytime. These guys are still nothing compared to the super heroes we have come to love in this day and age.

Extreme Ghostbusters Cartoon
Extreme Ghostbusters Cartoon

Extreme Ghostbusters - Slimeless Classic

This was a cartoon ahead of its time considering the graphics and story lines. I couldn't wait to get up for school in the morning so I could watch a half hour episode before I left home. It never really caught on mainstream for more than a year or so. And I am still searching for them to this day.

Everyone I have ever asked says they never heard of it so you probably never heard about it. I miss this cult classic and hope that one day I stumble upon it again.

One of my favorite episodes is the one with a banshee that sucks the life out of people with her supernatural ability. And of course there are elements included from the original movie series , so this one should impress you also.

Toxic Crusaders Cartoon
Toxic Crusaders Cartoon

Toxic Crusaders - Mutants Saving The Environment

Is there something on my face?

I always got a kick out of watching this awesome retro cartoon. I am recently coming back and seeing that I put this in the list. Got busy with grownup things and forgot my passwords.

There were a bunch of crazy characters and villains to go with em'. Every one of this shows heroes has a different mutant ability caused by toxic pollution and they fight bad guys that are trying to hurt the environment on a global level. Similar to captain crusader which was another popular cartoon about keeping the environment clean.

This television series was based off the motion picture called "Toxic Avenger". How they decided to base a cartoon off the movie and let kids watch it was beyond me since the motion picture movie was rated for adults. But I guess they toned it down enough to be a hit kids show worth airing. There are some pretty gross characters so a word of caution has been given to you.

Bucky O'Hare Retro cartoon
Bucky O'Hare Retro cartoon

Bucky O'Hare

Bugs Bunny Aint Got Nothing On Bucky

This retro cartoon managed to capture my attention for a short time before I grew out of it. Although it was still pretty dang cool!

This show featured a green bunny with a laser beam gun and tons of epic space adventures for him to stay busy. And what a classic wouldn't be without all the token characters. I would check this one out for a quick laugh or for the little dudes in your family.

Give me a little shout out about your faves so everyone can see them here. Thanks for reading my hub and remember to share this with your friends on social networks.

If you have any information on some background that would help add to this hub then I would love to collaborate with you to make this an awesome resource for retro cartoon lovers.

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