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Tarantino Film Django Unchained Film Review

Updated on August 12, 2013

Jaime Foxx as Django

Django Unchained Poster

Django poster for the best Tarantino movie
Django poster for the best Tarantino movie

Quentin Tarantino Django Trailer

Tarantino Captures The Heart of Slavery With His Film Django Unchained

My Django Unchained film review contains a synopsis of the cast, characters, and plot for one of the latest films by Quentin Tarantino. He may have brought out one of the best movies of his career. When I first saw the previews for Django I thought this movie looked boring. I thought it might be another typical civil war era movie built around the struggles of slavery and all of the stereotypical scenes that come with a film of this type. Boy was I in for good surprise. This movie was not only entertaining from start to finish, but it was unique in almost every possible way.

This was an awesome portrayal of acting by everyone. I think Quentin Tarantino really shined with the writing and directing in this flick. He captured the combination of comedy and realism of a controversial period in time, and turned it into a masterpiece.

With most of the film built around scenes that were unrealistic and comedic, Mr. Tarantino was able to capture the heart of the slavery issue and portray scenes that were more real than some documentaries of that horrific period. A scene in particular was the black maidservants who were preparing the meal for their master and all of the comedic action that was going on throughout the film came to a halt. I was left in my mind thinking this really went on like this during slavery. The pride the maidservant took in preparing the food for their master was showcased brilliantly, in a serious way. This also told me that Quentin and his team must have done a lot of research on this portion of the film in order to capture such realism that was displayed. Other scenes were able to capture the essence of the harsh reality of the slave era as well: including the castration scene, the punishment for run-away slaves etc.

Django Unchained Cast List Includes Tarantino Himself

Quentin makes a small cameo in this film as he usually does in most of his movies.
Quentin makes a small cameo in this film as he usually does in most of his movies.

Django Unchained Cast

Jaime Fox plays a slave, by the name Django, who witnessed a gruesome murder on the plantation he was working on, turned bounty hunter, delivers a good performance in this film. Even though he was the main character in the film, I did not think he delivered the best performance of the bunch. Leanardo DiCaprio, Christolph Waltz, and Samuel L. Jackson outshined him in their performances, but he still did a great job. I was shocked at how well his character of Django was despite all of the negative comments towards the film prior and during the release. His portrayal of a soft spoken slave super hero was interesting indeed. Maybe his character was not supposed to be as boisterous and flamboyant as the others. His character went about his business through action more than words.

Samuel L Jackson plays Stephen, a bonafide house Negro for Leonardo’s’ character, Calvin Candie. He is the house Negro of all house Negroes. His character is very suspicious when Django and Dr. King Shultz come into the presence of his master. You would think Stephen was one of Leanardo’s son’t the way he acted. Sam acted flawlessly of his portrayal of Stephen and continued to solidify why he is one of the top actors in Hollywood.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s character of an evil Mississippi slave owner demonstrated his superior acting ability. One scene that sticks out is his when he was informed by Jackson that the wool was being pulled over his eyes. Not only did DiCaprio act out a lengthy scene with a southern accent (he doesn’t have one in real life), but also all of the emotional tones and expressions that came with the scene were truly captivating.

Christolph’s character is awesome. He is both calm, cool, confident, with a fiery temper and fierce as well. He can come off sweet as a dove or as ruthless as a cold-blooded killer. The smooth delivery of this wide range for a character really sticks out in my mind.

Quentin Tarantino was lucky to have such a superior cast collectively in one movie. Kerry Washington, Leonardo, Sam, Waltz, and Jaime are all on the upper tier of the acting spectrum and it showed throughout the film. I was truly shocked at how well this movie was not only plot and script wise, but acting as well. This movie should win many awards, especially for directing and writing.

Foxx and Dicaprio Scene in Django Unchained

Jaime and Leonardo in one of the best films of the year.
Jaime and Leonardo in one of the best films of the year.

Django Unchained Dvd

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