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A Review of Nicole Scherzinger's Single 'Boomerang' Released March 2013

Updated on August 27, 2013

Nicole Scherzinger's new single, Boomerang, is due for release in the UK on 10 March, but it has already received some radio airplay. After a hugely successful stint as a judge on the most recent series of X Factor, Scherzinger is at her most popular in the UK right now. Her fun catchphrases and slightly bonkers approach brought her many new fans. We've even learned a few new words. Boomerang will likely do well when it hits the charts - but what is it all about and is it any good?

If you thought that a song about a boomerang - or even a song about a woman referring to herself as a boomerang - must be three minutes of nonsensical babble, then you'd be wrong. Boomerang makes perfect sense. What's more, it is a song that we could all do with blasting out first thing in the morning - every morning. As a motivational tool, it could be as effective as that first cup of coffee. After all, in life we are exactly like boomerangs. This song is all about bouncing back when life gets you down; about getting up after falling. And we all fall, there's no doubt about it. We all have times when we get 'stuck', when we feel uncertain; lost; unsure of where we're going. This song is about coming back and being stronger than before. Boomerangs always come back. Sometimes they have a long way to return; a lot of ground to cover. Other times, not far at all. But they do come back. And, as the saying goes, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'.

Boomerang doesn't wallow in a deep, emotional well. It is a happy, dynamic mantra, with an accompanying beat to keep the mood light. It is also an extremely catchy track. You might not appreciate this on first listen, but tune in a few more times and it quickly becomes entrenched in your head, whether you have invited it or not. The energy behind it is great - Boomerang is an instant 'pick-me-up'. You can run to it, dance to it, work out to it, clean the house to it, or simply sing along with it. It can change your mood, leaving you believing anything is possible. My four-year-old likes it. He doesn't get the message but is bemused by the word 'boomerang' - plus the fact there is now a song about the curved stick we took to the park last year.

When we absorb lyrics like 'there is no ceiling to my sky, just open space to fly', we take the feeling that the only person who can hold us back is ourselves. Real freedom comes from within. Even when life 'spits us out and spins us around' we really can rise above it. We might take a hit, a knockback, we might feel pain - but we are still the same person underneath and we can fight. Even when we think we can't get up and carry on, we really can. Boomerang reminds us of this. It gets us on our feet, ready and raring to go. It tells us that, when the bad days come (and who doesn't have them?), we just need to focus on the positive and come back up. This is both an empowering and inspiring song, encased in a melody of dance-pop.

Nicole Scherzinger really is a great vocalist. Does Boomerang showcase the full extent of her talent? Not really, but then it isn't that kind of song. This is a woman with a wide vocal range who can sing anything from classical to opera to pure rock. When singing ballads, she is a strong conveyor of emotion. We often don't get to see the true extent of her ability through her own songs, simply because they don't stretch her voice enough. None-the-less, she still sounds good on Boomerang. We all need songs that pick us up and help us move along, no matter who we are. This is a song for everyone.


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    • carter06 profile image

      Mary 4 years ago from Cronulla NSW

      This is a fantastic review Polly, love why you love it!!..haven't heard the song before but did know she was a judge on XF over's not the greatest song but am def going to buy it on ITunes because of the lyrics and it's upbeat tempo..I'm really into songs that make me feel alive these days or make me wanna dance..thanks for letting us know about it..VUAF & shared..cheers