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A Mom's Review of Nim's Island

Updated on November 30, 2020
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Tawnya is a freelance writer and mom of a tiny gymnast. When it comes to buying gymnastics-related gear, I'm an industry pro.

Find out why This Mom Loves Nim's Island

My daughter loves this movie so much, I have actually bought it twice. The first time, there was an unfortunate accident involving my four-year-old nephew, a peanut butter sandwich, and the DVD player, but I digress. This movie is family-friendly and a joy for the whole family.

Why Everyone Loves Nim's Island

When I was a kid, I grew up watching Jodie Foster, so watching her play an agoraphobic best-selling author Alexandra Rover with an imaginary friend is a joy. My nine-year old loves Abigail Bresnin, the actress that plays Nim and has since she played in Little Miss Sunshine, and we both think Gerard Butler, Alex Rover in the movie, is easy to look at, so that goes a long way as well.

Braving the Elements on a Deserted Island

Nim is a spunky young girl who lost her mother at a young age and is very independent. In fact, she and her researcher father,, Jack Rusoe, also played by Gerald Butler, live on a deserted island all alone. When Nim's dad has to go on a research trip, Nim refuses to go because she wants to tend to her responsibilities at home instead. Unfortunately, things don't go exactly as planned and both Nim and her father end up by themselves, and neither is sure if the other has survived recent events on the island and at sea.

Nim Relies on her Gut and Her Independence

Realizing that she won't survive very long if she doesn't figure out what to do, Nim relies on her gut and her independent upbringing to help her figure out how to adapt to her situation. As a result, Nim reaches out to an unsuspecting person to help, Alexandra Rover, and that person's life is forever changed. However, when Alexandra Rover offers to help, Nim isn't sure if the hero she thought she contacted will be able to offer her and her father what they so desperately need.

To find out whether Nim, her father, and Nim's hero are ever reunited, you have to watch the movie. Don't worry, you will want to watch it at least a dozen times more too. Keep scrolling to learn more about Nim's Island and get other great gift ideas too.

Facts About Nim's Island

  • Based on a children's novel of the same name by Wendy Orr
  • Nim's Island is located in the South Pacific
  • Nim's father told her, her mother Emily, was swallowed by a whale
  • Alexandria suffers from agoraphobia, a fear that doesn't allow her to leave her home
  • Made $100.1 million at the Box Office
  • Filmed in 4 different locations in Australia
  • Patrick Doyle composed the movie's score

Add Nim's Island to Your DVD or Blu-Ray Collection

Nim's Island (Widescreen Edition)
Nim's Island (Widescreen Edition)
Any little adventurer will love her very own copy of Nim's Island.

The Official Nim's Island Trailer on YouTube

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