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Review of the board game Ticket To Ride

Updated on January 13, 2014

This new game of the year does not have to hide from its predecessors.

The aim of the game is to gain the most points at the end. Players can gain points by connecting places within their route network. In order to take full advantage of all possible points, players can also score on previously drawn missions that specify two locations to be connected . Depending on the length of the track you can get more or less points. The player who has the longest distance of all will also get additional bonus points.

In order to build rail routes one needs to draw cards of the same color of the corresponding line. Depending on your strategy one can either use a lot of small sections of different colors to assign or "save" on a long single-color section. .

Visually the game is eye-candy , the board represents a map of North America and the cards are stunningly designed, the only disturbing part might be the ugly plastic cars , but after a while you will hardly notice them as you will be completely engulfed by the game itself, busy planing your next routes.

In my opinion the game has a high pedgogic value. The most important prerequisite for victory is prescient planning . Only those who select their missions wisely and build their routes optimally will win the game. Improvisation is often called for, because the more players join, the easier they get in each other's way. Frustration can arise when one player has saved all his cards to build one really long route and another player pulls up his wild card to sabotage all his plans. It makes sense to have several plans at bay while keeping a close eye on the plans of the other players.

A very nice side effect is the fact that one learns the names of the main cities in North America.

I highly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys a good board game especially where skill full planing is needed. The rules are quickly learned within 10 minutes, a game on average lasts for an hour.


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