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Review of the Bruce Willis movie Hudson Hawk

Updated on September 9, 2014

Hudson Hawk, an Epic Failure or just misunderstood Cinematography? Hudson Hawk came out just after Die Hard 2 and I think the public was expecting another "Die Hard" like adventure movie. In addition, TriStar marketed it as an action film when it should have been treated as a comedy. I believe TriStar's miss-marketing of this movie led it to be a failure at the box office and critics to give it "raspberry" awards.

The movie revolves around Eddie "Hudson Hawk" Hawkins (Bruce Willis) an ex-convict cat burglar who is trying to go legit relax and have a cappuccino but is blackmailed into stealing several Da Vinci sculptures. Each sculpture he steals contains a piece of a crystal used in a fictitious Da Vinci alchemy machine that supposedly turns lead into gold. Darwin and Minerva Mayflower, psychotic owners of a large corporation want to use Da Vinci's machine to turn lead into gold and flood the market making it worthless thereby destroying the world's gold standard based economy. Add to the mix an eccentric team of CIA agents with candy bar code names trying to catch the persons responsible for the thefts and an undercover Nun (Andie MacDowell) working for Vatican trying to foil the robberies and you have a great comedy!

Hudson Hawk is a great comedy filled with adventure, show tunes, slapstick comedy and cartoon like sound effects, what else could you ask for? Forget the professional critics negative reviews and buy or rent this little comedic gem from Amazon and start your own cult following!

Other great movies from the early 1990's

The Shadow [Blu-ray]
The Shadow [Blu-ray]

This is not a comedy but a great action adventure film about The Shadow, a comic book and radio hero from the 1930's.

The Rocketeer: 20th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray]
The Rocketeer: 20th Anniversary Edition [Blu-ray]

This is another great light hearted adventure movie from the early 1990's. Like The Shadow it takes place in the 1930's.


Original Trailer for the Hudson Hawk movie! See how they marketed it as an adventure movie when it really is a comedy


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    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 

      5 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      I actually enjoyed Hudson Hawk. I think Bruce and Andie had a fun chemistry. I also see a lot of his Moonlighting personae in this one. Even though the movie was made in '91 I think it is still an enjoyable watch today.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      OK, maybe I'll watch it now : )


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