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A Review of the Book Fab: An Intimate Life of Paul McCartney

Updated on January 12, 2013

An entertaining book about the life of Paul McCartney

I have been a Beatle fan since the age of five when my Mom bought the album Meet The Beatles. I have read several books about the Beatles, but I wanted to learn more about Paul McCartney. This book will provide a look into the fascinating life of a man with ambitions early in life which led to his great success in adulthood.

The book Fab was written by Howard Sounes in 2010. It is written in a way that you makes feel you are sitting in the living room with a friend and getting the gossip about another friend. Howard Sounes in very honest in his feelings about McCartney and he takes a few jabs at his personality and fashion sense. The biography of Paul feels like a reporter who has roamed the country side interviewing the people who shared time with rock star. It makes for interesting reading and I flew through the book.

Young Paul

The book begins with a look into the life of Paul McCartney and we can see how great a family he grew up with. In fact at the beginning of the book Paul pays his family the ultimate compliment by stating that “They were just very ordinary people , but by God they’ve got something-common sense, in the truest sense of word. I’ve met lots of people, (but) I have never met anyone as interesting, or as fascinating, or as wise, as my Liverpool family.”

The reader learns that music played a big part in young Paul’s life. His relatives played different instruments and it helped create a love of music that led to great things to come in his life.

Beatle Beginnings

There have been many articles and books written about the beginning of the Beatles, but Howard keeps the story fresh and we learn how Paul met George Harrison and learn that although only 9 months older than George treated him like he was much younger. We also learn how Paul met John after watching him perform with the Quarrey Men. They were introduced by a mutual friend named Ivan Vaughan and he thought his two musical friends should meet and the rest is history.

Beatles Fame

Playing in Hamburg in the Cavern, and the being managed by Brian Epstein this part of the book we find out exactly what went on during those early days leading to their superstardom. There were the pills, the fashion, the enthusiasm, and the families of the Beatles who felt like they should be looking for real jobs. We learn of their conquests, their camaraderie, and how they climbed their way into the spotlight through hard work, love of music and dedication to the music they loved. Some parts the reader may be familiar with but others are new discoveries that make for interesting reading.

Life without The Beatles

In this part of the book we find that splitting up with a band, that had been a large part of his life, wasn’t easy. Paul took the break up very hard and we see that even though he had begun a new life with wife Linda and the kids, he missed the camaraderie of his old mates and it took years for him to recover. This is the side of Paul McCartney the reader knows little about. We learn about the forming of the group Wings and a new career is born. Linda prodded him into forming the group because she knew how much he missed being in a band and performing music. The reader also gets a peek behind the scenes in the creating of the Wings albums and the friction of creating music with Paul who could be overbearing at times with the thoughts on how the songs should be performed.

Paul and personal life

In the book Fab we see how Paul had a love for the opposite sex at an early age and we see him in his young carefree days and then we see him get into serious relationships with Jane Asher, Linda Eastman, and Heather Mills. Later the reader gets to see Paul the family man and the challenges of raising a family on the road with a band.

The reader also learns of the highs and lows in Paul McCartney’s life and the tragedies he has had to deal with. There were times when Paul came off as glib as uncaring when death came first to his Mom, and then to his friend John Lennon, but the reader learns it was Paul’s way of dealing with the grief he was feeling.

Paul McCartney today

Fab lets us get to know the Paul McCartney as son, band mate, husband, father, and friend. The book lets us take a look at the real Paul McCartney flaws and all. You will finish the book and see what impossible odds he achieved and how he has stayed in the hearts of his fans for so many years. It is a good book to read if you want to discover more about Paul McCartney it is as entertaining as the man himself.


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    • cfjots profile image

      cfjots 5 years ago from Conway, SC

      Thanks Alecia. This book lets the reader see things in Paul's life and helps you to see why he reacted to certain life changing events the way he did. It doesn't put Paul on a pedestal you see that he could be overbearing, but he was also shown as being charming as well. It was an interesting book.

    • Alecia Murphy profile image

      Alecia Murphy 5 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

      Nice review. I've read a Beatles biography but it didn't portray any of them as being hurt by the breakup but I can imagine what they faced after being so close and then suddenly splitting. I might read this book. Voted up and shared!