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R.I.P.D. Soundtrack & Trailer Song "Tonight is the Night..." by Macklemore

Updated on August 10, 2013

Score by Christophe Beck

Looks like a mash-up of Men in Black meets True Grit with Jeff Bridges filling in for Tommy Lee Jones as the crusty experienced law enforcer and Ryan Reynolds as his reluctant recruit but instead of fighting aliens their beat is to trounce the walking dead otherwise none as "deados". It looks like a fun summer buddy movie. And by the way, instead of Rip Torn, it's Mary Louise Parker who seems to be the boss of sorts initiating Ryan Reynolds into the R.I.P.D. or Rest in Peace Department.

They're calling forth the big guns for his mid-summer movie release with veteran composer Christophe Beck composing the official R.I.P.D. Soundtrack. Beck's extensive filmography includes scores for the first two Hangover movies, Crazy, Stupid, Love, The Watch, Pitch Perfect and the upcoming Vince Vaugh release The Internship.

When he's not in Hollywood, Jeff Bridges other passion is singing and he's lucky enough to have worked with the award winning producer T-Bone Burnett The Hunger Games & O Brother, Where Art Thou?. In R.I.P.D. you'll hear Jeff Bridges on the song "The Better Man" in a collaboration with award-winning producer T-Bone Burnett on a song written by Bridges, Burnett, Phil Hay, Matt Manfredi and Robert Schwentke. Bridges and Burnett worked together on the movie soundtrack for Crazy Heart.

Backlot Music just released the official soundtrack on July 16th but it just includes the score and Jeff Bridges song that was produced by T Bone Burnett but not any of the songs you're going to hear in the movie from Steely Dan, Robyn, Marvin Gaye and The Hives.

The music in the R.I.P.D. movie trailer is not a ready to purchase song. Rather it's from music production house Superhuman. The track is called "Lawless". If you're interested in hearing more tracks from Superhuman, check out their YouTube channel or website. They also produced music for the trailers to Star Trek Into Darkness and Olympus Has Fallen.

However, the latest and greatest R.I.P.D. movie trailer #4 features rapper Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' number one single "Can't Hold Us". It's the song with the lyrics "tonight is the night, we'll fight 'till it's the ceiling can't hold us" along with the chorus of "Na na na na na na na na" from their album The Heist.

Kevin Bacon also appears as part of the cast and I didn't notice him in the movie's trailers but then again, I may have been sidetracked by Bridges and Reynolds alternate bodies when they return to Earth. It seems like that's the standard convention, isn't it, in all these come back in another body type resurrection movies and Bridges and Reynolds make a hilarious midmatched pairing. R.I.P.D. was released July 19, 2013.

R.I.P.D. Movie Poster


Soundtrack to R.I.P.D. - Source: Back Lot Music & Universal Pictures

Soundtrack to R.I.P.D.
Soundtrack to R.I.P.D.

Source: PR Newswire

22 music cues from Christophe Beck are on the official R.I.P.D. O.S.T. with one additional song by Jeff Bridges "The Better Man" on an album that is being released by Back Lot Music, available as an MP3 download on iTunes.

RIPD Soundtrack iTunes
RIPD Soundtrack iTunes

Additional Music in the Movie - Source: Universal

Additional Sources: Song On Lyrics & Soundtrack Mania

You'll also hear four additional songs in the movie by Marvin Gaye, The Hives, Robyn and Steely Dan which are not on the official soundtrack but available as individual downloads on iTunes and Click on any of the songs below to preview.

Try It Again
Try It Again

From the Hives 2007 release The Black and White album.

Let's Get It On
Let's Get It On

Marvin Gaye's classic seduction song.

Hey Nineteen (Album Version)
Hey Nineteen (Album Version)

Originally released on the album "Gaucho", the song is also on the classic greatest hits album "A Decade of Steely Dan" which also includes the songs "Babylon Sisters, Do It Again, Reeling in the Years, Peg & Rikki Don't Lose That Number."


You Wanna Rumble in My Jungle? - Cute Rap Song by Robyn

Robyn at Bonnaroo 2011

Every era has it's cute girl rap. In the 80s it was Debbie Harry in Blondie. With the 90s it was Fergie in Black Eyed Peas. Then in the 2000s, there was the 2008 grrrrl rap from Robyn with "Konichiwa B!tches". The version used in the movie is the Trentemoller Remix.

The Hives Perform In Formal Wear - Live Performance of "Try It Again"

If you search YouTube there are a lot of great live performances of "The Hives" performing this song but is one is exceptionally good because it was capture on video by KEXP so it's more professional quality than someone's iPhone.

Donald Fagen Still Performs Live - "Hey Nineteen" Still Holds Up After All These Years

Christophe Beck Filmography

Source: IMDb

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Songs in R.I.P.D. Trailers




Macklemore & Ryan Lewis



Source: AdTunes

The Latest R.I.P.D. Movie Trailer #4 - Features the Song "Can't Hold Us"

Check out rappers Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on the song "Can't Hold Us". Preview on, click here.

Song in Latest R.I.P.D. Trailer - "Tonight is the Night"

If you're looking for the song with the lyrics "Tonight is the night, we'll fight till it's over", look no further, I found it for you. It's "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis featuring Ray Dalton. What's unreal is that there's an unofficial video posted on YouTube that's just got homemade stills and the audio and that has over 68 million hits. Here's the official video that's over 7 minutes long and it alone has over 69 million hits. Click here.

Learn How to Play The R.I.P.D. Theme Song - "Can't Hold Us" Piano Tutorial

Learn how to play the main piano riff that you hear in the music video. This tutorial breaks it down in two minutes. But if you can't quite catch on in that short amount of time. Marcus Veltri reveals it's in the key of Em. For his extended tutorial, click here.

R.I.P.D. Trailer Music - From U.K. Production House Superhuman

Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges
Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges

R.I.P.D. Movie Trailer - Starring Ryan Reynolds & Jeff Bridges

The movie's official trailer.

Video Gallery: Bonus Features - Behind the Scenes & More

Car Destruction

A Look Inside

Casting Session for Avatars

Mary Louise-Parker Talks About About Her Quirky Improv - On Putting Jeff Bridges Beard in Her Mouth

In this interview, Mary Louise-Parker (Weeds) shares how she got the part and then although she looks relatively youthful, the interviewer puts her in an uncomfortable position by asking her about today's pop culture references in reference to Ke$ha, Jay Z and Kanye West. But the veteran actress doesn't even blink an eye and fully admits she doesn't know what he's referring to at all which makes her all the more cooler.

R.I.P.D. Release Date

July 19, 2013

Source: BoxOfficeMojo

Jeff Bridges Talks About Wanting to Be Called "Dude-Pa" - Interview with Jimmy Kimmel

Jeff talks about life as grandpa.

Check Out This Summer's Other Buddy Cop Movie - Sandra Bullock & Melissa McCarthy

Bridesmaids director Paul Feig admits he was inspired by movies like 48 Hours & Beverly Hills Cop but why not have women laying down the law instead. Given he's had great success working with women on his last movie, Feig says he'd be more than happy to build his future career on only working with women.

What do you you think of the R.I.P.D. Movie and Soundtrack?

R.I.P.D. Movie Soundtrack - Based on the Books by Peter M. Lenkov

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