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Riviera Maison

Updated on November 6, 2008

About Rivièra Maison

A vision is an idea with the power to become reality. Rivièra Maison's idea is building a successful international interior brand. A brand with a strong perception, a 'way of life' in which the word 'enjoy' a very important aspect is. Rivièra Maison would like to offer an interior brand with a 'feel good'  association to a broad public. Exclusivity, ambiance and service are thereby the core values.

Their exclusivity is being achieved by designing the complete collection - more than 3,000 items - themselves. Inspiration and ideas are there at the 'man behind Rivièra Maison' Henk Teunissen in abundance and are being acquired in large world cities but also in the rural Provence. Putting down a collection that radiates warmth and being exclusive at the same time, remains one of the sounders of Rivièra Maison.

An absolute condition is that our products radiate ambiance. It's also the same ambiance which can be found in Rivièra Maison's shops. That's why they have a team of stylists who are constantly busy arranging the shops with the typical 'Rivièra Maison ambiance' to give inspiration to their customers this way. Each week  they ad new products and two times per year their collection - and therefore also their shops - are completely renewed.

Last but not least, stand service and customer service at Rivièra Maison in a high standard. "Just 'good' is for us not good enough!"

How does the future look like? Rivièra Maison wants to build and become a strong brand and up to one of the most appreciated ventures in the field of interieur, anywhere in the world.

Rivièra Maison wins Global Innovator Award Netherlands

The Netherlands - Rivièra Maison

With a wide range of products and an eye for detail, there is something for everyone. From the entrance hall to the attic, a house can be completely furnished and decorated.

All their home furnishing shops have a comfortable atmosphere with a touch of chic style, an ambiance that makes customers feel at home straight away."

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      anonymous 8 years ago

      did you exhibit at ambiente?