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Rob Dyrdek and the MTV Fantasy Factory Gang

Updated on April 12, 2011

Rob Dyrdek and the MTV Fantasy Factory Gang

Get to know more of Pro Skater Rob Dyrdek and the MTV Fantasy Factory gang, Drama, Chanel, Meaty and more! Rob breaks records (more than 21), makes fantasies come true (Rob mine is to work in your Pulbic Relations Dept.), gives to his community, and is just an all round good guy. He lives life large and to the fullest. He's famous yet humble. But more imporantly, he makes a difference in the lives of children and those less fortunate..

Meet Rob's cousin, Drama, Rob's Fantasy Factory rapping receptionist, Chanel "CC", and his adorable dogs Meaty and Beefy. Updated, photos and vidoes of Big Black too!

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Who Is Rob Dyrdek?

In his own words.

Plain and simple, there is nothing conventional about Rob Dyrdek. He's a dreamer who isn't scared to take risks. He's got the gift to gab and a dangerous knack for persuasion. MTV viewers might know Dyrdek from his starring role in the reality series Rob and Big- -you know, the adoptive parent of Mini-Horse, the man who performs as alter-ego "Bobby Light" or the guy who tried to teach bulldog Meaty to skateboard. Yeah, Rob Dyrdek is that guy, but he's also a professional skateboarder who simply refuses to stop chasing glory and an entrepreneur with quite a knack for business. In his hometown of Kettering, Ohio, at the tender age of 12, Rob picked up a skateboard for the first time. Within a month, he won his first competition and became the youngest member of the G&S skateboard team. Forgoing his senior year of high school, Dyrdek turned professional at the age of 16 while simultaneously becoming one of the founding members of the legendary Ohio based Alien Workshop team. A regular contender in skateboarding competitions and a staple of street skateboarding videos (he's also co-founder of famed DC Video), Rob's legend grew fast. As a entrepreneur, he has contributed game changing shoe design concepts, developed private training facilities for pro boarders and launched companies that include Silver Trucks, Reflex Bearings and Rogue Status, a street wear line that he owns with former blink- 182 drummer Travis Barker. he also has his own sunglasses company (Battle Eyewear), founded the Street League skateboarding league, developed the Wild Grinders cartoon and toy line (based on his childhood skate crew) and formed a charitable foundation to build skate plazas around the country so kids have a safe place to skate. While conceptualizing and building 40,000 square-foot, award winning Kettering Skate Plaza, as a legal place for street skaters to honor their skills, Rob Dyrdek wrote, financed, produced and starred in the feature film Street Dreams, due in May 2009. And, as you know, he starred opposite his friend and personal bodyguard Chris "Big Black" Boykin in three seasons of the hit MTV series Rob and Big. Not one to slow down, Rob continues to think big. With a goal to "mogul up", he's moved Dyrdek Enterprises into a 25,000-square-foot industrial--and fully skate-able-- warehouse and office complex near downtown Los Angeles. That's where we'll see him in Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory, a place to dream up ideas and bring them to life. So, despite his success, Rob Dyrdek won't be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he's just getting started.

Season 4

Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory Season 4 Starts April 4, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Rob Dyrdek - How does Rob start his day?.....check out this video;

Rob's Dogs Meaty and Beefy

Rob's adorable famous skateboarding dogs.

Meaty Skateboarding!

Check our Rob's Famous skateboarding dog, Meaty!

Meaty On A Sugar High

Tour The Fantasy Factory

Rob's Fantasy Factory Tour Video

Who's Your Favorite Fantasy Factory Player?

Who's your favorite?

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Rob's Security - Big Black

Rob Rapping

Drama Beats Tshirts

To order Drama Beats tees, contact Drama at

Rob Breaks Largest Skateboard Record! - Go Big or Go Home

World's Largest Skateboard

During the dedication ceremony of the new, 9,000 square-foot Safe Spot Skate Spot at the Lafayette Park last February, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa got a chance to ride the largest skateboard ever seen in the planet.

Measuring an astounding 38 feet 6 inches long, the gargantuan skateboard is another one of Rob Dyrdek's long list of record breaking accomplishments and reportedly will be soon accredited by the Guinness World Records.

Rob and the Los Angeles Mayor

Rob and the Los Angeles Mayor riding the World's Largest Skateboard.

Rob and Big Video

What Has Big Black Been Up To?

Big Black and Bam Bam are now offering 70+ trips each year to four and five star destinations and have set up shop at and calling it Dream Trips. You too can vacation in-style and hang out with Big Black. No prices were listed on the site, but it does state that they are very reasonable. Although it hasn't been updated in a few, Big Black is still a part of the Chunky Boyz, a fat-man rap group, check out some of their songs, they are hilarious.

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Rob Riding His World's Largest Skateboard In Venice, CA.Drama and RobChanel, Rob's Rapping ReceptionistThis Is How Rob Rolls!Rob with his mini horse and dog
Rob Riding His World's Largest Skateboard In Venice, CA.
Rob Riding His World's Largest Skateboard In Venice, CA.
Drama and Rob
Drama and Rob
Chanel, Rob's Rapping Receptionist
Chanel, Rob's Rapping Receptionist
This Is How Rob Rolls!
This Is How Rob Rolls!
Rob with his mini horse and dog
Rob with his mini horse and dog

Silly Boys....

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Check out Meaty on the Skateboarding Dogs Lens!

Check out Meaty on the Skateboarding Dogs Lens!
Check out Meaty on the Skateboarding Dogs Lens!

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