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Romance Animes with a slice of life!

Updated on January 8, 2012

Interesting Japanese Romance Anime`s and Manga`s

This is going to be describing different series of highly recommended Slice of Life/Romance Anime`s and Manga`s. This will show you that anyone can watch these Anime`s or read these types of Manga`s.This will somewhat of a a list of Romance Anime and Manga.

They are available to anyone who is willing to give it a try to this is supposed to open your eyes to see that Romance anime`s and manga`s can even be for guys. You do not need to be sensitive to watch these shows and I believe that this will show you that.

There are many guys out there that are willing to sit down and watch an anime about love, passion, and caring. You will achieve this after reading this and the stories that people have went through in order to feel comfortable and enjoy watching these Romance Anime`s or reading a romance manga once in a while.

It is healthy to take a break from those action anime and manga and slow down the pas that you are usually taking when watching one of those anime`s.

Rumbling Hearts Slice of life
Rumbling Hearts Slice of life

Rumbling Hearts - Anime/Manga Slice of life

Here`s a start!

Rumbling Hearts is a great starting Romance anime for those people who are just trying to get into anime! Now, The storyline gets really deep let me give you the heads up about this but overall this is where you want to be when jumping into a slice of life anime for the first time. The show was put together with a deep, sensitive side of things you be prepared. Funimation did a great job with it all, the characters all had their own personalities and this is what made everything come together.They really knew how to evoke the emotions and send it to the audience in a way that you wouldn`t be able to describe. Some of the scenes you can even have your heart in your mouth, because of how sad and the impact it had on you as the viewer.

My first Romance Anime was Rumbling Hearts also known as "Kimi ga Nozomu Eien" . For this being my first anime of a slice of life it took a lot out of me and well to be honest it got me hooked on it. When it ended, I felt a state of sadness because I was going to miss it and all. I mean I am a guy and all and I am not so much an emotional one, but this Anime really affected me and had an impact on me. So, I believe that you will have the same effect, the anime it self really takes you in and gets you close to all of the individual character`s that you meet. I started rumbling hearts the anime in the summer about halfway through. It was extremely entertaining and well to be honest I recommend this one first to people who want to try out a romance anime. I think that it is important for everyone to at least give this Anime a try, or even read the manga. rumbling Hearts was a light novel and was turned into a anime a bit recent.

I believe that the opening song had the most power in making me feel the way I did when watching this Anime. The opening had such a great song and along with that the opening video content was extremely smooth and made a lot of sense. Sometimes I would just skip the opener because I didn`t want to see that. I thought that the author did a great job with making you feel like you were going to learn a lesson. I also believe that I did learn a lesson in the end. I think it was to appreciated what you have in your life.

Rumbling Hearts - DVD!

Rumbling Hearts: The Complete Series
Rumbling Hearts: The Complete Series

Rumbling Hearts - DvD This is one that your going to want to buy.. its so good If you have seen this Anime before you know what I mean when I recommend this Anime series for buying it is worth buying for sure!

Shuffle! Anime and Manga!
Shuffle! Anime and Manga!

Shuffle! - Anime/Manga Slice of life

Here`s the second!

Shuffle is similar to Rumbling Hearts basically the concept of it, except the fact that it takes place in a fictional world almost like another planet forming with earth. Well, the humans on earth live together with Gods, and Demons. They are symbolized throughout the series with little pointy ear`s. The main character named Rin Tsuchimi which is similar to Takayuki Narumi in rumbling hearts the slice of life anime and manga. Rin from shuffle! is an average high school student that come up with a problem. He has to deal with the fact that their are about 5 girls that are in love with him, or falling in love with him. They are all friends in one big circle but he has to make the choice of which girl he wants to marry one day. The girls go through many emotions such as jealously, sadness, anger and more fighting over Rin. This Anime.Manga is a comedy that makes most people laugh through out the series. I personally found it to be very entertaining and enjoyed the amount of laughing I did in it. For me, honestly it was an Anime worth re-watching and if anyone know`s me I usually don`t re-watch any thing. They go through a whole bunch of experiences from going to the beach , or going to interesting store`s.

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Angel Beats - Anime/Manga Slice of life

Angel Beats, is a short Anime that is a slice of life and some what of a romance anime. This Anime like the other two Anime and Manga that I recommend for Romance , and slice of life takes place in a high school. They have a study body that plays a role in this as well. The story takes place with the main character Otonashi who has lost his memory and is trying to find it. In this world there is a group called the "SSS" these members utilize armed weaponry to battle and fight it out against the angels harnessing supernatural powers. Angel is the enemy of that world and they are trying to take her out of it. They believe that she is the god, and can lead them to find out things about the god.

The things I found interesting about this Anime and Manga was how funny the scenes are. It is very entertaining and comedy is one of their main things that keeps the series so interesting. The series is very short but the amount of comedy involved in it, makes it very exciting to keep with it and to enjoy it. I thought that in each and every episode their was something that I got out of it and something that I could tell my friends about or make them laugh and all. I highly recommend this Anime because of how it all is working out and how funny it is. I also love the characters in it they all have their own memory of their pain that makes it so interesting to watch.

Anime Store

Like Angel Beats? Love it? Well, I think you should at least try and buy it from Amazon. They delivered my copy to me in three days and I use it all the time! I love Angel beats its such a great and funny anime If you ask me! Well, Enjoy guys and girls its really worth every thing.

Angel Beats! Complete Collection
Angel Beats! Complete Collection

Its so important to get the full collection, it doesnt have a lot of episodes so for this price it is a great way to think about things.


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      anonymous 4 years ago

      What's the first picture anime caled?

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      maryLuu 4 years ago

      Very nice lens!

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      karen-stephens 5 years ago

      I looked up the angel...and yes..very interesting! I need to look some more at this topic.. Thanks so much for introducing it to me..

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      what anime is the the very top picture from? on top of rumbling hearts.

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      AmandaTWaH 5 years ago

      Wow, none of those were ones I've seen before... guess they are on the list now!

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      JoshK47 6 years ago

      Wonderful lens, definitely brought a smile to my face!

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      Anime-e 6 years ago

      @fiftysquid: Thank you! I hope she does like it!

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      fiftysquid 6 years ago

      My wife will love this lens! I will show it to her!

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      Anime-e 6 years ago

      @TeeThompson: Its outstanding!

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      TeeThompson 6 years ago

      xD you forgot angel beats as an option!