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Rome Total War Imperial Campaign Day by Day - Part 1

Updated on June 12, 2010

Errrrrr - Make that "Year to Year"!!

CNCGuides here taking on a new genre than the straight RTS games. Rome Total War is a great combination of RTS and turn-based strategy. After playing through the Imperial Campaign on medium/medium difficulty, I was thinking of playing it through on a harder setting -- but after a bit of thought, I just want to see how much more efficiently I can play through the mission a second time around. So this difficulty setting will be medium/medium again!

I had a heck of a time getting through the first time. The Civil War was a stalemate for decades until I cranked up the firepower and had like 15 cities non-stop cranking out troops. It may not have been necessary to go to such extremes if I would have gotten "a jump" on my former Roman allies by more efficient game play.

My goal is not to convince you I am an expert -- I am not -- but to openly comment on my errors in gameplay early on, so you don't make the same time-wasting, time-consuming, gut-wrenching errors.

Wish me luck! And I hope we both learn something along the way!

This is on Medium Campaign/Medium Battle. I initially started out at a more difficulty but I was more interested to see how "improved" strategy shortened up and streamlined the game play.

I emptied out my troops from Arretium and combined them with my two Generals in the field.

Segesta is already conquered after Year 1. Hey, that was easy!

A trade agreement and Map information has already been exchanged with the Gauls, so you can see the green areas in the mini-map representing the Gauls territory.

My Diplomat is on the boat down to Sardina to make a trade agreement and exchange map information.

Notice you cannot even see the city of Caralis just a few feet from the Diplomat. This is why I feel it's a great idea to get map info, so you can find your way around the map! (That's a Carthagian ship parked in the area, not the city!)

Trade negotiations with the Carthagians for a trade agreement and map information.

Wow! Day 2 and already a marriage proposal! Feel free to turn down suitors who don't have Command, Management or Influence under their belt. Another suitor will come along shortly!

Carthagian cities are now visible on the map after trading for map information. Yea!

Laying Siege at Mediolanium.

Mediolanium is going to have a riot on its hands since the Public Order is at 40 percent - way below the 70 percent necessary to keep the peace. This is a central theme to this game, keeping conquered cities conquered. The Cultural Penalty (the black and white faces), Unrest, (the crossed swords) and Lack of Governance (the 3 red X's) all add up to make this a powder keg situation. Peasants are now being trained and Roman buildings will be built to help "Romanize" the city.

Unrest will go away with time -- but it definitely takes a while.

Ah, stumbled across the Numidian capital for trade agreements and map information! I made a straight trade - trade agreement (both ways) and map information (both ways.)

Agents, once recruited, stay "hidden" in the "Agent" section of your city. Click on the "Agent" tab in the city to locate your Diplomats. It's easy to forget about them!

An overview of the four cities. Governors are in three of the four cities -- with building projects going on in all four cities, designated by the yellow symbol next to the governors. Public Order is above 70 percent in all cities.

Going for trade agreement and map information with Germania.

Map info and tradement agreement from Numidia. Heading to Egypt across barren North Africa.

Getting ready to ferry my General to Sardinia to take over Caralis. I was NEVER attacked by sea on my first play-through, so I want to cheat Scipii of this super trading port!

The Senate offered me a mission to conquer Narbo Martius, but I may not bother with it. Last play-through, it was constantly agitated by Rebels and Gauls. Hmmmmm.

Adding a few newly recruited Hastati infantry to the General's army.

Diplomat runs into Britania army. Perhaps we can make a trade agreement with him next turn.

Segesta is such a small, dinky town, it takes forever to grow! Add a Ceres shrine to help aid the cause!

Getting ready to attack Coralis!

The Gauls offered a ceasefire. It was accepted. Ceasefires can be broken at any time.

Caralis went down with a whimper. One one to ten men were lost on the battle map, or about 45 on auto-battle.

This Rebel wanted about 15,000 for a bribe to disband. I said no, thank you.

Landing at Lilybaeum. In the long run, I am hoping I will isolate a larger part of Northern Europe all to myself, yet stealing away valuable regions from the other Roman factions first. I hope it works!

Not sure what I am going to do with this Senate mission to Salona. It is a ways off and my main General is busy right now.

Gallic family member attacks Mediolanium. Didn't I just make a peace treaty with the Gauls? Peace treaties don't mean much in this game.

I left this three-star General parked in a city. He will join the forces I have recently recruited to help repel this invasion!

I wasn't so sure this was going to work out, but Lilybaeum fell, losing a few hundred troops in the process. Camp out your General here for a few turns until you can get the Public Order above 70 percent. You don't want to lose the city to Civil Revolt. Patience!

Ah...the first Spanish settlement in faraway Spain. After getting this trade agreement and map information, you will have northern Europe covered!

First time around, I didn't build Forts. I have heard this helps discourage incursions from the north, so I will give it a shot.

Very small Gallic force. The only reason you would not auto-battle is to try to kill the Gallic general. He can often run away in auto-battle and come back stronger at a later date.

The Rebels in the region are not that aggressive, but they interfere with trade routes. Might as well dispose of them!

A second and third Fort are built to the west. I noticed this may affect trade. I need to double-check on that!

This is a major development. It is possible to bribe Salona to your faction for a bit over 9,000 denarii. Quite a deal, I would say! The goal is to cut off rival Roman factions from northern and central Europe.

I jumped the gun a bit on Salona. They are going to riot like crazy until I get more Peasants over there to settle things down. I destroy all of the Barbarian structures I can to bring down the Culture Penalty.

I went ahead and built a road so the Peasants can arrive quicker, but I am also sailing over General Flavius to aid the cause. Let's see what happens on Year 10!

The newly built roads improve the ETA for the Peasants.

After a few bouts of rioting, General Flavius arrives to the city and bring Public Order way above 70 percent! That was exciting!

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