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Rosario Vampire

Updated on March 16, 2013

Want to go to...

...Youkai Academy? Perhaps you will get to meet your favourite ogre, vampires or draculas? If you are scared, no worries as they are all in their human form. But do not stay too near to them, you will never know when you will be eaten! Let's hope your stay at Youkai Academy is enjoyable and not t forget the bus that lead to the real world only comes once a month. So do not miss the schedule!


Tsukune Aono,a normal high school student was unable to get into any private school due to his disappointing results thus he was glad that Youkai Academy was willing to accept him as a student. On the first day of school in the homeroom, the teacher told them about the school is a monster school whereby they as monsters are learning how to live peacefully with the humans. Tsukune-kun was stunned by this news however he felt better when he saw the friend that he make earlier, Moka Akashiya who will always follow Tsukune-kun no matter where he goes. They could be found going anywhere together as Moka-san always wanted a friend but she is quite shy in doing so, thus when Tsukune agreed to be her friend she was really happy about it. Moka-san was the second person to find out that Tsukune is a human thus she always tried to protect him and his identity.

Life for Tsukune -kun studying in Youkai Academy had been going on smoothly,he had also made friends with the monsters who seems to be in love with him and they are Kurumu Kurono,a succubus who in order to pass on her generation, control the guys in the school by using a spell called Charm. Yukari Sendo,a 11 years old magician who is the smartest student in Youkai Academy,as witches are not really considered as monster, she is often bullied by people of which Moka helped her once against the bullies from then on she had a crush on Moka and disallowed guys who are not up to her calibre to get near her and this included Tsukune-kun. Mizore Shirayuki,a monster who specializes in using ice, she treat Tsukune as her soulmate and wanted very much to make friend with him. Ginei Morioka, the president of the newspaper club, who could be found having a camera and taking pictures of the female students.

I find this anime hilarious as it is funny to see monsters living together in the Youkai Academy especially in the morning time where most of the students revert back to their monster form.You get to see all kinds of monster form, besides that the friends that Tsukune made are all very pretty and it made us look forward in watching the next episode^^


I love this character as he is simple-minded in the way that as all the monster are in human form he tend to treat them as human and tried to save them in times of danger where he himself is in the most dangerous situation. However. his actions makes me like him as he is very brave and i can feel his concern for all the female characters although there is a lot of blood being shed in the anime when he was shielding them from attacks.

Moka Akashiya

A very beautiful lady when she is being bound from turning from a vampire, but i love her vampire form more. I adore her blood-red eyes and silver hair that only vampires have and the great monstrous aura that all monsters are afraid of.It is exciting to see the monsters that challenged her being beaten far far away. I like her normal form too as it is innocent and she is real cute when she blushes because she cannot resist the smell of Tsukune's blood. I think the most enjoyable scene is watching her complaining that she has not ate in the morning and bite Tsukune's neck, she will say "Capu...Chuuuuuuuu~"

Kurumu Kurono

Attractive girl who decided that Tsukune is the "Destined One" for her to continue her generation line, she always use her body to attract Tsukune who blushes easily. I find her character interesting as she is one of the girls who wanted Tsukune to be with her forever thus it is fun to see them fight over him. I love her monster form though as wings will grow out of her back and she can fly i would love to fly with those wings.

Yukari Sendo

I love her intelligence especially for her age, the way she had a crush for Moka is so cute especially when she disallowed Tsukune to get near Moka-san as she feel that Tsukune cannot met her standards. Even though she may be small size and at a young age, the way she thinks and behaves is definitely of a mature teenagers,i look forward to seeing her in every episodes as i know that as long as she is around, it is always fun.

Mizore Shirayuki

I admired the girl for her skill of stalking, it definitely send chills down the spine especially since she had the power of turning things to ice, i loves to see how she loves Tsukune until she will watch him from far apart. I love to see her abilities increase when she is facing her love rivals which are Moka-san, Kurumu-san and Yukari-chan.

Succubus x Vampire x Witch

Succubus x Vampire x Witch
Succubus x Vampire x Witch

Ice Lady^^

Ice Lady^^
Ice Lady^^



Vampire Form - Tsukune

Vampire Form - Tsukune
Vampire Form - Tsukune

Youkai Academy? or Monsters Academy?

Match-making Time ^^

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