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Roseanne - Television Mom

Updated on May 10, 2016

Roseanne is a television mom who seems like a real parent. This is a mother figure most of us could relate to. She isn't perfect. She doesn't work at a prestigious firm. She has a normal job in a diner in many episodes. There is nothing glamorous about her. She has a sarcastic sense of humor. Many of us were brought up in households like this. Our parents might knock us down to show their affection.

Roseanne is overweight. This is the norm for most women in North America. Roseanne looks more like the realistic mother figure that many American people are brought up with. She is not idealized. She doesn't try very hard to make things work. She is somebody who is comfortable with herself. She does not need to be picture perfect.

She might not be the mother we dream of. She's the sort of mother we would live with if she were our parent. We might want a nicer mom. We might wish we were born in a richer family. The children in this program seem satisfied with Roseanne. They don't rebel very often. The family fights are minimal. This is not common for most households. In television land there are fewer fights within a family. Most families fight frequently. There are ongoing issues which last for a long time. On Roseanne the conflicts are typically minors. They do not run over into future episodes. This makes television unlike real life. This program is a lot more realistic, but still presents an idealistic family. The children do not run away from home. There are no major problems. Nothing worse than birth control pills and premarital sex. These are the tough issues this show confronts. These issues aren't very uncommon. This show is a little bit easier to digest than some with more serious content.

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